Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Happy Spring!

Greetings Matey! Oh I love this oldie - it's from 2008 and we went on a Disney cruise with some cousins! What a fun time that was!
Happy Spring --I wish it was spring -- but we seem to be having to wait and wait for a real warm up. You know what makes me kind of jealous lately??? When I'm watching the news and I see reporters with GREEN lawns and trees blooming in the background! Here it is still brown, brown and more brown. OY!! The forecast isn't looking great for a green-out for a while yet. I suppose this gives me time to rake up the 5,000,000 leaves that have drifted into our yard. But really -- who wants to do that???
And so, while I dream about warm temps -- you know what else I'm dreaming about -- Disney World! We've often taken our trip in the spring during spring or Easter break, so I've had a little fun looking back at some favorites!
Here's an old favorite of me and Maddie with the Mayor of Disney!! Counting down the days until we visit again!

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Going to the Chapel - Dan & Alina

Remember that song -- Going to the Chapel and I'm gonna get married!? Well, my nephew Dan and his bride did just that in early February! Their wedding was in St. Augustine, Florida - a gorgeous location. Both Dan and Alina are working in Kansas City, but family is in Florida, so that's where they picked for the wedding. Imagine this -- they were going to get married during Covid year - but had to reschedule a couple times and finally tied the knot. Siblings Dan and Grace below. And my sister Amy with Grace and Alina.
The wedding was beautiful and I know my sister Amy and her husband Todd were so proud of the young couple. Unfortunately, the weather request was ignored by the weatherman, so the sunny warm temps were not around and it was gray and chilly and rainy on and off. But even the dreary weather couldn't dampen the spirits! And we were so busy having fun and chatting that I didn't get a ton of photos.
It was a reunion of sorts for my sisters and me and some nieces and nephews. We also got to see Connor who moved to Jacksonville earlier this year. Gosh, we miss him a lot. We had such a good time being together even thought it was a very fast weekend. Some of our cousins were also there and it was such a blessing to get together at such a happy occasion! There was a photo booth and we had a blast getting photos done.
Due to Maddie's school schedule, we didn't get there until Friday night and then had to leave early, early early on Sunday morning. There are not many good flights to Jacksonville, Florida!
Congrats to Dan and Alina!!

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Pizza Pizza!!!

Do you have a favorite pizza? Pizza Hut? Dominos? Papa Johns? Those are all excellent pizzas in our area - but the very best is one that is local to Omaha! I grew up going there with my family and it's still around-- you know it must be good if it's survived that long! It's called LaCasa's Pizzeria! There a couple locations now to make it easier for those of us who don't get all the way into midtown Omaha very often. Last time I was there, I asked them to open a location in Lincoln!
I call it one of the first flatbread type pizzas and they use Romano cheese on it. It is simply delicious! We stopped there a month or two ago when we were in Omaha with Maddie. Rickster went craZy for it! He now says the only thing he wants for his birthday (in July) is a large LaCasa's pizza. We can manage that! What's your favorite pizza place??
We LOVE LaCasa's!

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Happy End of February Update!

Hello Friends!! It's been awhile, hasn't it! Oh my word, I got soooooo far behind. I had been trying to post once in a while, but as we know, that hasn't happened. (I am including some random photos from fall/December to break up the paragraphs as I still haven't figured out this newish blog system!)
I have a few excuses for my absence --- in December, I was working two jobs -- my regular job at Jenny Craig and then also as a gift wrapper at Von Maur. Crazy I know, I set my own schedule for Von Maur and worked way too much - some days working 5 hours at Jenny C and then another 5 or 6 at Von Maur. I was totally confused sometimes as to which day it was and where I was supposed to be working! But, I do love doing the gift wrapping, so even though tiring, it was fun. Miss Maddie also worked there over her break and that's always super to be working with her. We have so many gift wrap friends that it is a treat to go to work.
We went to Zoo Lights at our local zoo - so beautiful and amazing! And COLD!
And then, that darn January came around and it was cold and ugly out and I seemed to hibernate! I do not like the month of January at all. Also, Maddie moved into a new apartment in Omaha. The apartment at her university was fine and in a good location, but the roomie!!! Roomie seemed to believe there was space in the apartment for 3 of them, Maddie, Roomie and Roomie's boyfriend! UGH!!! Not a good situation and so stressful and unfair that M was basically stuck in her bedroom a lot of the time as Roomie and BF were hanging out in the living room. And he was staying over and using their tiny little bathroom and shower! Ewwww -- not good! The whole situation got my blood boiling! Maddie checked and found that the Newman Center (Catholic organization with a dorm in Omaha) had a space open up in January. It is a 4-person suite with 4 private bedrooms, kitchen, living room and 2 bathrooms. One girl moved out over the Christmas break. Maddie nabbed that opening fast! My sister Judy and I moved her over there and we all felt a big sign of relief with some stress floating away with the change. The new girls are super nice and the location is great. Maddie often went to the Newman Center to study and it's perfect that she can be in the study rooms whenever she wants. It's in a very convenient location and only about 10-15 minutes from Maddie's classes. Bonus - Starbucks is around the corner! We are keeping this advice with us into 2023!
Trying to remember this and think positively every day!
Well, I better save some blog material for future posts! Stay tuned friends! I've missed you!!

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Hello Waldo; Hello November!

Well, here we are at November!! Oh my word -- how did we get here so quickly when sometimes the days seem to drag by?? As usual, I meant to post earlier and more often, but I screwed up. Some day I hope to catch up and be on a more timely schedule!
Anyway, Maddie was home the weekend before Halloween and said her radiology teacher said EXTRA points for students wearing costumes to class, so we quickly set out to find one. We found a Where's Waldo costume still in the bag from probably 12 years ago! Does that mean I'm a hoarder??? I don't think so, do you?? The only thing needed was a pair of glasses, and we found those at a party store and, and voila - her costume was ready. It was such an easy costume and looked so cute. Probably some folks don't even remember the Where's Waldo books, but my sons loved those and drove me crazy challenging me to find Waldo as quickly as they did! That never happened!
I also wore a costume that day to work at Jenny Craig. I was a baker! Another easy and fun costume that included my love for Disney! See Mickey on my apron!
We had 700 trick or treaters according to a neighbor who counted! That meant there was no candy left for me when I got home from work. Oh well, you know me, I probably had some chocolate hidden away; yes - of course, I did! Hahaha! Hope you all had a good Halloween too!

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Hello October; Hello Fall

Well, here we are - mid-October already!! The days and months are going by way too fast!
This past week, Maddie has been on her fall break from school. That did not mean no studying as she has two mid-term exams as soon as she returns - tomorrow and Wednesday in addition to a load of other assignments! College is hard! But, we did manage to have a few outings and some fun!
We went to the Outlet shopping one day -- it's weird to shop on a weekday as the outlet is usually crowded and it was so empty! So, it was strange, but nice to have the stores to ourselves! Corn mazes are popular around here! Do you see me?
One day we went to the movie, Lyle Lyle Crocodile! :) I've seen those books but have never read one! The movie was so good. We both enjoyed it and laughed and laughed. It was very touching too. So glad that we didn't think - that's a kid movie and not go see it. Plus, Shawn Mendes singing -- awesome!! :)
We also went to our local pumpkin patch known as Roca Berry Farm. For Halloween, they call it Roca Scary Farm. Wow -- that place has expanded sooooo much! Going on a nice warm Saturday may not have been the best plan as it was very crowded, but still lots of fun! An oldie but a goodie from 2011 at the Pumpkin Patch
And, of course, the weather is changing around here. This week some mornings are expected to be in the 20's with highs only hitting 50! But, next weekend maybe 80s! That's the way it is in Nebraska and I'm hoping for more warm days than cold ones. A couple more photos from the Pumpkin Patch!
Enjoy your fall - we know what is coming next around here and kind of dreading it!

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Fall Sunrise!

Enjoying some absolutely lovely fall weather and beautiful sunrises! Hope you're having great weather too! This is a photo with our lovely capital. Praying for Florida.