Sunday, September 12, 2021

Move-In Day!

Left a very big part of my heart in Kearney, Nebraska at the University of Nebraska! Maddie started her sophomore year there as a transfer student in the Health Sciences field. It was a bit of late sign-up, but she was able to get her classes and a dorm room -- so that was a huge relief. On a tour the week before school started, the tour guide (a student) told us she had a transfer student the day before and she wasn't able to get into a dorm! Even though the rooms are small, it's such a great experience to live in the dorm. UNK was super organized and had lots of student helpers there to move boxes and gear to the rooms and even bump up her bed a bit! Such a huge help! Her room reminds me a lot of my room in Heitz Hall at Bradley University my freshman year -- many, many, many years ago!
Her roomie is from Grand Island, Nebraska, about 40 minutes away. She works at a local hospital part-time so goes home most weekends to work.
Maddie joined a sorority and is busy with classes and studying and getting the whole college experience -- including that the food is often a bit questionable - but at least, the cookies and desserts are generally yummy! I'm sure Maddie and her roomie are going to have the BEST experience there. Lucky for me, she is taking the advice on the pillow I got for her to heart and texting and calling me! Love and miss that sweet girl!
Study hard. Have fun. 💙💛! #UNK #GoLopers

Monday, August 30, 2021

Catching Up Again -- University of Nebraska Kearney!

Hi Friends -- Oh my goodness -- how did I get so far behind again??? I pinky-promise to be a better blogger, but not sure anyone reads it anyway. So much to talk about, but only have a few minutes today, so it will be a quick update!
Some of you may have heard from FB or Instagram that my sweet Maddie decided to go away to college! Yep! She decided she wanted to go to University of Nebraska at Kearney (a couple hours away). UNK's mascot is the antelope so they are called Lopers! They have a very interesting tradition of "throwing lopes." I don't think I've mastered it, but Maddie has. She's a sophomore transfer student and her major is Health Sciences with plans to go into the Radiology Tech program. It's a really nice campus and nice size - about 6,000 students. UNK is said to be a little bit city and little bit country -- how perfect is that! Of course, it's fastest to get there on the scary interstate, but can also get there by some highways that are simply lovely - though it does take longer.
Maddie just decided to apply the second week of July, so it was a bit of a race to get everything done on time and be signed up for classes, the dorm and a roommate. So far, so good!
These photos are from our official visit day -- which was only 1 week before move-in day! The campus was lovely! BUT . . . there was no food to be found except vending machines! Once again, we proved how non-technical we are as we couldn't get the credit card option to work to get some chips. Finally figured out that good old dollar bills worked. Our lunch was Cheetos and Doritos - oh yum!
We had a great tour from a wonderful tour guide who had also been a transfer student. She gave Maddie lots of information and tips! Best of luck to my sweet girl! More to follow about UNK and hope to get some posts about our summer trip to WDW!

Friday, June 25, 2021

Five on Friday Again!

Hi friends -- Hey look, it's time for 5 on Friday! Are you enjoying summer? I know we definitely are loving it after such a LONG, COLD and SNOWY winter!! I could do without some of the humidity - but "big hair" is my name so am accepting the frizzy look - until it really starts to drive me crazy! So, here's my 5 on Friday today!
1. Sunrise! I've been getting up early to walk in the mornings and love seeing the sun pop up!
2. Balloons! I saw a yard with these balloons all over for a kid's birthday! So cute! Service was called "Balloon My Yard!" I know "Card My Yard" is popular here in town, so maybe Balloon my Yard will catch on too???
3. Pool Time. We are loving going and relaxing at the pool this year. Last year even going to the pool was a bit stressful. This year is much better!
4. Speaking of Pools. Here's an oldie but a goodie of a fun pool where we are headed soon!
5. Another Hint. Going to the happiest and most magical place soon. We cannot wait!! However, I've been a bit of a nervous wreck worrying that I have our reservations mixed up. I sure hope they are all correct! See you when we get back!

Monday, June 14, 2021

The Graduate!

Maddie's cousin graduated from UNL (University of Nebraska - Lincoln) last month! As with so many things, there was a lot of uncertainty about graduation in the pandemic age! But, it worked out well - Yay!
The graduation was outside; the graduates walked and picked up their diplomas and it was a happy occasion - even though it was a bit chilly that weekend. I'm sure Grace got used to the crazy Midwest weather though I think the minus 30 degree winter and excessive snowfall may have convinced her that Nebraska, while nice and all, does not have the best year-round weather!
Before she graduated, she got together with Maddie so Maddie could take some photos on campus! Grace and David both graduated. Grace's boyfriend, Clayton, has one more semester and will graduate in December.
The blooming trees on UNL campus were gorgeous for graduation photos!
And those columns you see in some photos - are called The Kissing Columns (not sure why) were removed the day after graduation so that the football training area can be expanded. Of course - football! So happy to have these photos before they got moved!
We had loads of fun celebrating Grace's graduation! She's back in Florida now working at Ernst & Young. Those 4 years went by so fast!! Congrats Grace! We'll miss you!

Friday, June 4, 2021

Five On Friday - Happy Meteorological Summer!

Hi Friends -- from the dreary, rainy and chilly days we endured last weekend, we have jumped into Meteorological Summer with temps hitting over 90 this weekend! I say - BRING IT ON! I'm ready for warm temps and being outside and seeing people and shopping without masks! It's time to get back to our new normal and doesn't it feel good!! So, let's quickly do a 5 on Friday! And because I LOVE these photos, I'm including 5 different ones!
1. Even though I just said it's now summer, these are some spring photos of M from when the gorgeous trees on UNL campus were blooming! So pretty this year and I think a reward for getting through the last year!
2. Our Keurig broke already! WHAT THE HECK? We didn't have it too long before it decided to increase the amount of coffee going into the cup no matter what selection we chose. Choose the smallest, itty-bitty selection and it still overflowed! On to a new one and I hope it will last longer and this time I will keep the box and receipt for a while in case it needs to be returned! We must have our coffee!
3. Speech Class. Maddie is taking a summer school speech class. It's one of the required classes and she wanted to get it completed. It's a lot to condense 16 weeks of work into 5 weeks - so she is busy with that! Practicing her speeches on the dog - who sometimes is a good listener!
4. New Grandbaby. I'll do another post about her -- yes it's a GIRL! She was born on May 26 and weighed in at 6 pounds 14 oz. She is a little bitty thing and so sweet. Her name is Helen Marie. Photos to follow.
5. Shopping! I am enjoying doing some shopping this year and have even bought some shorts! People - I do not usually wear shorts - ever! BUT . . . we are going to Orlando at the end of June after summer school ends and I beieve it will be a tad bit hot there - so bought some shorts! Kind of wishing I could get a spray tan, but afraid I'd turn out like Ross in Friends when he did a spray tan! Did you see that one? Hilarious and one of my favorites! So, that's my quick update. Have a wonderful weekend!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Jumping for Joy - School's Out!

Yay -- Maddie finished her first year of college the other day. She's had a busy couple of semesters and has been taking required courses and some Health Sciences courses. She's learned a lot and has worked so hard. We're so proud of her and her efforts!!
She's going to be taking three courses in summer school too. And volunteering at one of our hospitals with the activity cart. Only one of the hospitals is allowing volunteers currently and they must have a LOT of volunteers! While she offered to be there 2-3 days a week, they are only allowing one day a week for 2 hours. She'll be driving the cart with toys, games, magazines around to patients.
And I may recruit to help out in the office getting rid of old files, etc. Add in some pool time and it should be a busy summer!

Thursday, April 29, 2021

End of April Update!

Hi Friends -- how in the world did April zip by sooooooo fast???? I guess we were busy thinking about nice weather, enjoying nice weather, cleaning the yard and who knows what else. I need to put myself on a blogging schedule, but then I'm afraid you'd all know that I am a bit lazy and don't have a whole lot going on! My most fun things lately are watching When Calls The Heart and Hallmark movies!
Maddie and I have been taking our goofball doodle, Frannie, on walks and while she runs from the leash initially - we know that she really enjoys being out on a walk . . . especially since I take along a few cookies (treats) for her.
I have also been assisting Mads in some photo-taking -- i either advise on location, angle, sunlight and about anything else I feel like might be of assistance. Not sure I'm really helping! :) She has been getting some fabulous photos of friends, a favorite college graduate and a simply adorable prom couple. I'll share later so that I don't take away from anyone else's photos and posts. And this photo below is of her birthday cake -- isn't it fabulous!! Yes, it was totally edible and delicious and I wish I could say I made it myself -- well, no one really knows - so let's say I DID make it myself!!
So, that's what I've been doing besides still working in the office until 3 PM most days. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Happy May Day to all!