Friday, September 22, 2023

Happy Fall and Happy Foxes!

Happy Fall Y'all!! But seriously, how can it be time for fall to be here??? We do love fall around here - but dread what follows -- W I N T E R! But for now, we will put that season out of our minds! A few trees are just beginning to turn color here. The bigger sign of fall is all the acorns falling and the squirrels everywhere! Frannie wants to catch a squirrel, but she is not quick enough. Our sweet Scottie, Muffy, did catch one, but it screamed so loud, she let it go. Totally fine with me as I wouldn't have wanted to have to dispose of it! Ewww!
Anyway, I wanted to show you the foxes that reside in our neighborhood! I see them on walks all the time. We don't live out in the country. We are in the middle of the city. Earlier this year, Maddie and I saw the baby foxes (called kits I think) running and jumping and playing tag. Foxes don't seem to be scared of humans - they don't want you to get too close, but will engage in a staredown and then saunter away. Why is it that foxes are so adorable when so many other critters are scary and disgusting - opossums I'm talking about you! One of the neighborhood foxes did catch a little dinner last year just down the street from us!
Husker football has started around here and tomorrow is the second home game. Hoping for another win for the new coach. Go Big Red! I don't really follow football very much, but so many in Nebraska are obsessed with it. For me - home football games provide the best time to go shopping - not much traffic! :)
Did I tell you my Jenny Craig job ended?? Sad day as I loved the clients and the food, but the corporate company filed bankruptcy earlier this year. The franchise I worked at continued through August, but then Nutrisystem (who bought JC in bankruptcy) took away the ability of the franchise to continue to sell food and clients dropped off. Anyway, I've had a ton of interviews looking for a new part-time job. I am one of those optimistic people and believed I would be offered jobs after each interview I had! Silly me - no such luck. Except that I am a substitute para at a local Catholic elementary school taking over for paras who take a day off or are sick. So far, I've worked 2 mornings. I miss working. Not that I want to go back to full-time, but I like part-time and getting out of the house and chatting with coworkers!
Until next time, Happy Fall!!

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Happy Birthday to Me and my Twin!

Hi all -- this is a bit of a late birthday post as my (our) birthday was in July!! But since we celebrated together, I wanted to be sure and post about it!
My twin, Judy, was born about 10 minutes before me - so she is the oldest! That used to bother me, but no more -- I'm always younger than her!! :) For every single birthday, our birthday cake had her name first since she was oldest! Fair???? I thought I should get first billing once in a while!! ;) We had a fun birthday and a marble cake! Growing up, there was a bakery not too far from our house that had marble cakes - and they were super yummy! The one we had was too and I love me a lot of frosting! We went out to lunch with Maddie and Judy's daughter-in-law and grandson. It was a fun lunch together and the cake was soooo good!

Friday, September 1, 2023

Happy September 1st!

Happy September 1st and the first day of meteorological fall! Who do you think came up with this meteorological fall stuff? I think probably a weatherman -- I really don't think it's fall until the REAL fall comes about on the Fall Equinox - September 23rd this year! We are nowhere close to leaves turning color - unless totally brown and dead due to drought! We are starting to see acorns falling which is a sign that fall is coming, but it is not here yet.
Last time (I know it was a while back) I started talking about our trip to Disney in May -- yes, I am certainly behind! One of our favorite places to go - especially in the evening - is to Epcot! Even more than usual this time, as Maddie is 21 and can have a little drink! She and Connor had a special pink martini! Reports are that it wasn't that great. She had a little Mimosa with me, but we are not big drinkers, so that was about the extent of our drinking!
The grounds at Epcot and everywhere at Disney are simply amazing!! Wish Rickster could figure out how to do these at our house!
We also enjoyed the food - Epcot has the best food especially in France! Croissants, creme puffs, quiche! Yum!
And the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM at Disney Springs is not to be missed!!

Sunday, July 30, 2023

Summer Is Going FASSSSST!

Hi Friends! Well, that was quite a little break I took, wasn't it! :) I have lots of updating to do, so I'll start back in May and go from there and try to catch up! :)
Sooooo, in May after Maddie finished her spring semester of Rad Tech classes, she and I and Connor went to . . . our favorite place -- Disney World! Connor lives in Jacksonville, Florida now, so not too far for him and he drove to meet us there. Flights were crowded and we did Carry On Only! We learned from our last trip!! We evidently picked the most perfect time to visit! It wasn't too hot, not humid, no rain and it was not even crowded! We had THE. BEST. TIME!! We stayed at one of our favorite locations -- it's a moderate resort that feels like a deluxe - Coronado Springs - Grand Tourismo Tower. I even went on rollercoasters that had scared me previously - like the one at Animal Kingdom where that stinking Yeti comes out to scare riders!! We loved the new ride - TRON! It was like riding a very, very fast motorcycle! There were so many rides we went on with the help of Genie+ and Lightning Lanes. So much Fun!
Go figure that one of the wildest rides was the Teacups! Seriously - they made us all so dizzy this year! Fun, but I wobbled off that ride!
Of course, I attempted to take some selfies here and there - but failed terribly. However, Connor got one of us that turned out. More Disney updates to follow!

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Happy Confused Weather?

Hello Friends!
Once again we've been having confused weather here on the plains! We've had record highs and this morning a record low of 26 degrees!! What the heck is going on? Rickster already turned on the AC a couple days, but now we're back to the furnace! Go figure! Plus the wind!! It's been crazy and usually it's windy as you go west on I-80 - but lately super windy here. So, there's your weather forecast. Party Sunny with a Chance of Snow, Rain, Strong Wind, record highs and record lows! [photo above from Easter 2022] [photo below from 2023 - didn't get all the kiddos in the photo - sorry Gloria and Helen]
So, we had Easter celebration at my son's house with their kiddos and that was lots of fun! I'm the Mimi (grammy) who gives the kids bubble wands for Easter - and after they opened them (outside, of course), the bubbles get spilled all over the driveway and probably themselves. Oops -- at least the driveway got cleaned! My son put this on his IG post last week --yes, that is one of the bubble wands I gave the kiddos! :)
Maddie has been soooooo busy this semester with doing clinicals and getting her comps (required x-rays of body parts they've already learned) completed in addition to regular coursework of writing papers, taking tests, etc. It's been a little bit of a struggle as the locations she was assigned ended up having very few patients with x-rays that she could do. Students have to have completed learning how to do the x-rays and demonstrating they could do it, before actually doing the comp. So, 6 comps really means 12. She was able to complete the required number last week which was what we've been praying for. She will be in classes over the summer too. Her first clinical rotation is a distance one, so she'll be driving 1-1/2 hours each way to a trauma center in Iowa twice a week for 5 weeks! Pray for her safety driving please. She's a good driver, but people tend to speed in Nebraska and Iowa! The speed limit is 75 and most people do 85. Slow down already! :) Trying to find and send encouraging blurbs! Here's one I just found from my friend Jodee!
Some heartbreaking and sad news. My very best friend died last month. She and I met on the job in 1985 and became fast and best friends. She was an amazing and loving mother and wife and just recently became a grandmother! Cancer hit her a little over a year ago and she fought like hell. She was able to see and snuggle her first grandchild and that was a huge goal of hers. I'm so happy she was able to meet that goal. She and I talked and texted and visited a lot and we were able over the past year to tell each other how much we meant to each other. Maddie often visited her with me and texted her too. We miss her so much. Her birthday is coming up at the end of May and we will surely toast her with her favorite drink- a Margarita! Love you sweet Marcia!

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

This or That?? The Spring (?) Edition

Hi friends! Well, the calendar may be saying that we are officially meteorologically in spring now, but we're having a difficult time getting there in Nebraska! We've had more snow and wind and downright chilly, dreary weather than some winter months! Just last weekend, we woke up on Sunday to snow AGAIN!!! So, would you rather have THIS?
Or would you rather have THAT? I sent a photo to my son in Florida and look what he sent back! First day at the pool and temps at 87! Wowzer! I think those palm trees are calling my name! You know my choice!
Plus, Rickster had been in Seattle for a client the week before and was anticipating chilly, dreary, rainy weather. Nope, he had sunny skies and warm temps while the chilly, dreary, rainy weather stayed here! Praying for a warmup soon!
Seattle during the day and at night!
How's your weather?

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Happy Spring!

Greetings Matey! Oh I love this oldie - it's from 2008 and we went on a Disney cruise with some cousins! What a fun time that was!
Happy Spring --I wish it was spring -- but we seem to be having to wait and wait for a real warm up. You know what makes me kind of jealous lately??? When I'm watching the news and I see reporters with GREEN lawns and trees blooming in the background! Here it is still brown, brown and more brown. OY!! The forecast isn't looking great for a green-out for a while yet. I suppose this gives me time to rake up the 5,000,000 leaves that have drifted into our yard. But really -- who wants to do that???
And so, while I dream about warm temps -- you know what else I'm dreaming about -- Disney World! We've often taken our trip in the spring during spring or Easter break, so I've had a little fun looking back at some favorites!
Here's an old favorite of me and Maddie with the Mayor of Disney!! Counting down the days until we visit again!