Thursday, November 10, 2022

Hello Waldo; Hello November!

Well, here we are at November!! Oh my word -- how did we get here so quickly when sometimes the days seem to drag by?? As usual, I meant to post earlier and more often, but I screwed up. Some day I hope to catch up and be on a more timely schedule!
Anyway, Maddie was home the weekend before Halloween and said her radiology teacher said EXTRA points for students wearing costumes to class, so we quickly set out to find one. We found a Where's Waldo costume still in the bag from probably 12 years ago! Does that mean I'm a hoarder??? I don't think so, do you?? The only thing needed was a pair of glasses, and we found those at a party store and, and voila - her costume was ready. It was such an easy costume and looked so cute. Probably some folks don't even remember the Where's Waldo books, but my sons loved those and drove me crazy challenging me to find Waldo as quickly as they did! That never happened!
I also wore a costume that day to work at Jenny Craig. I was a baker! Another easy and fun costume that included my love for Disney! See Mickey on my apron!
We had 700 trick or treaters according to a neighbor who counted! That meant there was no candy left for me when I got home from work. Oh well, you know me, I probably had some chocolate hidden away; yes - of course, I did! Hahaha! Hope you all had a good Halloween too!

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Hello October; Hello Fall

Well, here we are - mid-October already!! The days and months are going by way too fast!
This past week, Maddie has been on her fall break from school. That did not mean no studying as she has two mid-term exams as soon as she returns - tomorrow and Wednesday in addition to a load of other assignments! College is hard! But, we did manage to have a few outings and some fun!
We went to the Outlet shopping one day -- it's weird to shop on a weekday as the outlet is usually crowded and it was so empty! So, it was strange, but nice to have the stores to ourselves! Corn mazes are popular around here! Do you see me?
One day we went to the movie, Lyle Lyle Crocodile! :) I've seen those books but have never read one! The movie was so good. We both enjoyed it and laughed and laughed. It was very touching too. So glad that we didn't think - that's a kid movie and not go see it. Plus, Shawn Mendes singing -- awesome!! :)
We also went to our local pumpkin patch known as Roca Berry Farm. For Halloween, they call it Roca Scary Farm. Wow -- that place has expanded sooooo much! Going on a nice warm Saturday may not have been the best plan as it was very crowded, but still lots of fun! An oldie but a goodie from 2011 at the Pumpkin Patch
And, of course, the weather is changing around here. This week some mornings are expected to be in the 20's with highs only hitting 50! But, next weekend maybe 80s! That's the way it is in Nebraska and I'm hoping for more warm days than cold ones. A couple more photos from the Pumpkin Patch!
Enjoy your fall - we know what is coming next around here and kind of dreading it!

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Fall Sunrise!

Enjoying some absolutely lovely fall weather and beautiful sunrises! Hope you're having great weather too! This is a photo with our lovely capital. Praying for Florida.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Someone Really LOVES Chicken

Maddie has always loved chicken -- especially chicken nuggets, chicken strips and chicken sandwiches! She was one of the first to visit Chick-fil-A when one opened in town! She told me recently she ordered personalized license plates. I wondered, hmmm - what would they say???
Of course . . . CHIKIN. I think she needs to be a Chick-Fil-A influencer with those plates!!
Who wants to join us at Chick-fil-A??

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

End of Summer - Pool Pics Through the Years!

Dear Summer: How did you zip by so quickly?
It seems I waited forever for you and now you're gone - almost as fast as the years since Maddie was a little bitty girl enjoying the pool!!
Can you tell I'm very sad!
Thank you for the warm and humid days and nights that have made me long for cooler temps!
Summer frizzy hair days (and there have been too many to count) help me appreciate winter and low humidity!
Low humidity = better hair days for moi! And, as you all know, it's always about my hair!
It is now meteorological fall. Why did we have to come up with that term? Can't we just wait for "regular fall??" There are great things about fall too- most importantly - my less frizzy hair, sweaters, hot chocolate!! The pool closes next week -- bring it on fall! But, we will be enjoying the pool until the very last day!

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Happy End of August and Meteorological Summer!

HI friends! I really do have the best intentions of blogging more - but how is it the month gets away from me ??? I don't know - except time is flying! So, here's the August update! And it's the end of meteorological summer with meteorlogical fall to start tomorrow! I knew summer would zip right by and it's been so hot, I'm looking forward to cooler temps, but I sure don't want to see meteorological winter coming up so fast! ;)
So, in August, Maddie moved to Omaha and started at Nebraska Methodist College of Nursing and Health Sciences. She's in the health sciences category and her major is Radiologic Technology. It's a two year program for an Associates degree with a third year resulting in a focused area and a Bachelor's degree. It's her third year of college, so she's a junior. Her apartment is right on campus and that makes getting to classes easy and fast. She has a very nice roomie who is a nursing major. The campus is SO DIFFERENT than Univ of Nebraska at Kearney! Kearney has a lovely spread-out campus with a big fountain, outdoor seating areas, a football/sports field and complex and in a lovely city where it takes about 5-10 minutes to get anywhere. Methodist is in the middle of a busy city -- the campus is at a busy midtown intersection. Definitely takes longer to get places, but there are more shopping and eating places, so those are all a plus. AND - it's only about an hour away from me! Nice to be close to Mommy! :)
In addition, Omaha has a thriving Newman Center (Catholic Organization for college students). They have a new dorm and she plans to live there next year as it is not far from Methodist. They are having way more activities in the first two weeks than the Newman Center in Kearney had in 9 months, so that's providing a nice bit of social activities. So far, S'mores Night; a trip to the Omaha Amazing Henry Doorly Zoo; outdoor movie; BBQ and I'm not sure what all is coming up next. I think they should do a Lip Sync contest - and/or karaoke - wouldn't that be fun?? Maybe I can be the Activities Director!?!!
I'm still working at Jenny Craig Diet Center and enjoying that. Also walking a LOT! You'd think the house would be totally organized and cleaned up, but I often go out for a walk instead and chat with one of my sisters. We are all missing Connor who moved to Jacksonville, Florida. He'll be gone for his birthday next week and I don't know if he's ever been away for his birthday (sniffle, sniffle)!! I hope he goes to the beach to celebrate.
Rickster is doing ok and planning to attend his high school reunion next month. It was postponed due to lack of interest last year and year before due to Covid. I hope he has fun, but doesn't see his high school cheerleader girlfriend!! Hehehehehe!
Our favorite photographer took these awesome photos of M for her half-year birthday in June. Her full year birthday is right before xmas and that's a tough time due to cold and snow for photos! ;)
Hope you all Have a great Labor Day Weekend!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

July Update

Well, here it is the end of July already!! I just had a feeling that summer would go by fast and it sure is -- way too fast!! As usual, it got HOT, really HOT and HUMID here - but you know I do love summer, so I haven't minded too much. But -- of course -- my hair has been a disaster! Isn't it always!!! :)
Summer time is pool time, am I right? It's been a bit different this summer with me working part-time 3 days a week and Maddie being in class 3 mornings a week and studying a lot! Her class ends with the final final tomorrow! Two finals - one for lab and one for lecture! She's killing that class and I have a learned a little going over review questions with her! Her goal was an A and she's getting it! In other news, she went to the nearby outlet mall one day to meet her new roommate. She said they had a good meeting -- even though they couldn't find the Scooters that is right in the middle of the outlet mall and we've walked by it loads of times. But, anyway, her roomie is from Omaha and a nursing major. Maddie is a radiologic technology major so I think it will be a nice blend of two awesome majors. My roomies in college (back in the dark ages) were all nursing majors.
Wait -- did I tell you that she's transferring to Nebraska Methodist College of Nursing and Health Sciences in Omaha?? No -- well she is! She planned to stay in Kearney and do the program at the UNMC (Univ of Neb Medical Center) in Kearney, but they required more prereqs so she would have had to have another whole year before she could even start the program. She looked around and found the program at Nebraska Methodist and applied there. She was accepted (competitive to get in) and decided to go there since she could start the program right away.
Even though she loved Kearney and hates to leave her friends there, this seems like a very good fit and excellent program. Bonus- she'll only be an hour away instead of 2 hours. Classes start at the middle of August. She'll be living in their housing (see above) - apartments just across the parking lot from the classroom buildings. She is excited and we are thrilled for her!
In other news, We took Jane (oldest granddaughter) mini-golfing one day! So fun and guess who got a hole-in-one?? Moi! Go me! We also introduced her to Starbucks and Chick-Fil-A -- yes, we are good influences! We saved McDonald's for another day!
Maddie and I also made a couple meals with the help of Hello Fresh! Yummy!!! Seems like pork tacos are a favorite of Hello Fresh and ours too. This was a sheet pan chicken and roasted veggies dish! We LOVED roasted carrots -- who knew how to make those??? Not me! But, now I know. I see a lot of roasted carrots in my future!
Frannie has demanded our attention a lot of the time and although she hates her leash, she does like going for a walk! She actually runs away when we get the leash out. Weird dog! She's getting a shorter haircut today as running after bunnies in the yard has resulted in lots of little nettles or some such getting stuck in her fur and a nightmare to comb out. Am afraid she's gonna look like a naked mole rat when she comes home later. I think she was laughing at us the last time she had a haircut! I have a feeling we're gonna be laughing at her later today!
Well, I guess that's July for you! Hoping to post more, but as you can see, I'm not always successful! But, here's a fun photo of me shopping. WHen I don't have an assistant (Maddie) with me, I take photos and send to her for approval!! HA HA -- she thinks I'm crazy!!
Hope your summer is going well! Enjoy every minute! xoxo