Friday, September 22, 2023

Happy Fall and Happy Foxes!

Happy Fall Y'all!! But seriously, how can it be time for fall to be here??? We do love fall around here - but dread what follows -- W I N T E R! But for now, we will put that season out of our minds! A few trees are just beginning to turn color here. The bigger sign of fall is all the acorns falling and the squirrels everywhere! Frannie wants to catch a squirrel, but she is not quick enough. Our sweet Scottie, Muffy, did catch one, but it screamed so loud, she let it go. Totally fine with me as I wouldn't have wanted to have to dispose of it! Ewww!
Anyway, I wanted to show you the foxes that reside in our neighborhood! I see them on walks all the time. We don't live out in the country. We are in the middle of the city. Earlier this year, Maddie and I saw the baby foxes (called kits I think) running and jumping and playing tag. Foxes don't seem to be scared of humans - they don't want you to get too close, but will engage in a staredown and then saunter away. Why is it that foxes are so adorable when so many other critters are scary and disgusting - opossums I'm talking about you! One of the neighborhood foxes did catch a little dinner last year just down the street from us!
Husker football has started around here and tomorrow is the second home game. Hoping for another win for the new coach. Go Big Red! I don't really follow football very much, but so many in Nebraska are obsessed with it. For me - home football games provide the best time to go shopping - not much traffic! :)
Did I tell you my Jenny Craig job ended?? Sad day as I loved the clients and the food, but the corporate company filed bankruptcy earlier this year. The franchise I worked at continued through August, but then Nutrisystem (who bought JC in bankruptcy) took away the ability of the franchise to continue to sell food and clients dropped off. Anyway, I've had a ton of interviews looking for a new part-time job. I am one of those optimistic people and believed I would be offered jobs after each interview I had! Silly me - no such luck. Except that I am a substitute para at a local Catholic elementary school taking over for paras who take a day off or are sick. So far, I've worked 2 mornings. I miss working. Not that I want to go back to full-time, but I like part-time and getting out of the house and chatting with coworkers!
Until next time, Happy Fall!!

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