Friday, June 25, 2021

Five on Friday Again!

Hi friends -- Hey look, it's time for 5 on Friday! Are you enjoying summer? I know we definitely are loving it after such a LONG, COLD and SNOWY winter!! I could do without some of the humidity - but "big hair" is my name so am accepting the frizzy look - until it really starts to drive me crazy! So, here's my 5 on Friday today!
1. Sunrise! I've been getting up early to walk in the mornings and love seeing the sun pop up!
2. Balloons! I saw a yard with these balloons all over for a kid's birthday! So cute! Service was called "Balloon My Yard!" I know "Card My Yard" is popular here in town, so maybe Balloon my Yard will catch on too???
3. Pool Time. We are loving going and relaxing at the pool this year. Last year even going to the pool was a bit stressful. This year is much better!
4. Speaking of Pools. Here's an oldie but a goodie of a fun pool where we are headed soon!
5. Another Hint. Going to the happiest and most magical place soon. We cannot wait!! However, I've been a bit of a nervous wreck worrying that I have our reservations mixed up. I sure hope they are all correct! See you when we get back!


Laurie said...

I hear ya on the frizz, sister! At least 3 months out of the year I work on taming this stuff. UGH! Glad you're enjoying summer and that you are spending time right now in your favorite place ever!! Pics have been adorable!

Unknown said...

Don't even get me started on the humidity! Otherwise, I love your summer - walks, balloons and pool time! I simply can't believe that fall is quickly upon us!

Unknown said...

Unknown = Jodee!!