Thursday, November 10, 2022

Hello Waldo; Hello November!

Well, here we are at November!! Oh my word -- how did we get here so quickly when sometimes the days seem to drag by?? As usual, I meant to post earlier and more often, but I screwed up. Some day I hope to catch up and be on a more timely schedule!
Anyway, Maddie was home the weekend before Halloween and said her radiology teacher said EXTRA points for students wearing costumes to class, so we quickly set out to find one. We found a Where's Waldo costume still in the bag from probably 12 years ago! Does that mean I'm a hoarder??? I don't think so, do you?? The only thing needed was a pair of glasses, and we found those at a party store and, and voila - her costume was ready. It was such an easy costume and looked so cute. Probably some folks don't even remember the Where's Waldo books, but my sons loved those and drove me crazy challenging me to find Waldo as quickly as they did! That never happened!
I also wore a costume that day to work at Jenny Craig. I was a baker! Another easy and fun costume that included my love for Disney! See Mickey on my apron!
We had 700 trick or treaters according to a neighbor who counted! That meant there was no candy left for me when I got home from work. Oh well, you know me, I probably had some chocolate hidden away; yes - of course, I did! Hahaha! Hope you all had a good Halloween too!

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