Sunday, April 23, 2023

Happy Confused Weather?

Hello Friends!
Once again we've been having confused weather here on the plains! We've had record highs and this morning a record low of 26 degrees!! What the heck is going on? Rickster already turned on the AC a couple days, but now we're back to the furnace! Go figure! Plus the wind!! It's been crazy and usually it's windy as you go west on I-80 - but lately super windy here. So, there's your weather forecast. Party Sunny with a Chance of Snow, Rain, Strong Wind, record highs and record lows! [photo above from Easter 2022] [photo below from 2023 - didn't get all the kiddos in the photo - sorry Gloria and Helen]
So, we had Easter celebration at my son's house with their kiddos and that was lots of fun! I'm the Mimi (grammy) who gives the kids bubble wands for Easter - and after they opened them (outside, of course), the bubbles get spilled all over the driveway and probably themselves. Oops -- at least the driveway got cleaned! My son put this on his IG post last week --yes, that is one of the bubble wands I gave the kiddos! :)
Maddie has been soooooo busy this semester with doing clinicals and getting her comps (required x-rays of body parts they've already learned) completed in addition to regular coursework of writing papers, taking tests, etc. It's been a little bit of a struggle as the locations she was assigned ended up having very few patients with x-rays that she could do. Students have to have completed learning how to do the x-rays and demonstrating they could do it, before actually doing the comp. So, 6 comps really means 12. She was able to complete the required number last week which was what we've been praying for. She will be in classes over the summer too. Her first clinical rotation is a distance one, so she'll be driving 1-1/2 hours each way to a trauma center in Iowa twice a week for 5 weeks! Pray for her safety driving please. She's a good driver, but people tend to speed in Nebraska and Iowa! The speed limit is 75 and most people do 85. Slow down already! :) Trying to find and send encouraging blurbs! Here's one I just found from my friend Jodee!
Some heartbreaking and sad news. My very best friend died last month. She and I met on the job in 1985 and became fast and best friends. She was an amazing and loving mother and wife and just recently became a grandmother! Cancer hit her a little over a year ago and she fought like hell. She was able to see and snuggle her first grandchild and that was a huge goal of hers. I'm so happy she was able to meet that goal. She and I talked and texted and visited a lot and we were able over the past year to tell each other how much we meant to each other. Maddie often visited her with me and texted her too. We miss her so much. Her birthday is coming up at the end of May and we will surely toast her with her favorite drink- a Margarita! Love you sweet Marcia!

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Billie Jo said...

I am so very sorry for the loss of your friend. Prayers and love for you as well as for her family. I am happy to hear she could see and snuggle her grandbaby. Prayers for your girl too! What an exciting time in her life!