Thursday, November 29, 2007

Slacker me

Oh my -- what a slacker blogger I've been already! So, here's blog post no. 2 -- whoohoo only two months after starting. Hmmm - somehow that does not bode well for my blogging career, does it?

Gearing up for the holidays now. I can't believe it's nearly December -- YIKES -- someone [me] needs to start making some lists, checking them twice and then get shopping!! But, I did manage to get our holiday photo card done early. Now, writing them out is another story, but at least I have the cards ready to go! Not that this photo is my holiday card, but just a photo of my darling kids.

Lots of fun activities planned in the household. Little M and I saw the Gizmo Guys - hilarious jugglers last night, next on the schedule - Madeline's Christmas at the playhouse and a Christmas Mulberry Lane concert on Dec. 7! The big question is what to wear to all of these holiday events??? Not for me, of course, but for Miss M. Her clothes are so much more fun than mine! Shocking, but true, she is actually wearing jeans this year -- which is quite a change from her previous attire, which was skirts or dresses only.

Rain and ice and snow predicted for the weekend (ugh) which does not sound too good for my plans to go shopping . . . but maybe I can get some of those cards done and holiday decorations up. Keep your fingers crossed!!