Thursday, October 26, 2017

Jumping Around at the Pumpkin Patch

This has been a crazy, long, stressful week, so
let's look at some fun photos, shall we!

One of our so-called yearly traditions is a 
visit to the near-by pumpkin patch!
Maddy's favorite thing to do is not the hayrack ride or
the pumpkins!  Rather, it is jumping on
these crazy jumping pillows!

She loves those things -- I know we should
have had a trampoline for her, but I have always worried
about injuries.
Yes, my name is Jboo and I worry . . . constantly . . .
it's what I do best!

Anyhooo, she had an afternoon off recently
so we headed to the patch for some fallish fun!

She had loads of fun and really 
who can't help but have a good time
jumping and going down ridiculously long slides.

Happy Fall!
Winter temps around the corner for us --
how about you?

Monday, October 23, 2017

Making Strides

Yesterday was the American Cancer Society
Breast Cancer "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" Walk 
in our city!

Every year the Pius cheerleaders attend the event
and cheer on the walkers as they start and as they finish!
So proud of these girls to give up part of their weekend
to think about and support others.

Yesterday was a beautiful day for the event and
over 2,500 people attended and walked!
I was one of the walkers!
I figured I would do a quick speed-walk 
through the 5k route.
However, an older gentleman befriended me
and so I walked with him -- we did the 5k route.
 I learned all about his family, kids and grandkids!
What a beautiful day and event!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Unsung Heroes of High School

There are really so many unsung athletes and heroes in
high school, don't you agree?
The coaches, the trainers, the school  managers
and the ones closest to my heart -- 
the cheerleaders!

Last Friday night, the Pius cheerleaders
traveled 2-1/2 hours away each way to cheer on the
football team!
These sweet girls were totally soaked to the skin, 
but cheered through torrential downpours and dropping temps!
Soaking Wet + Cold = Misery

Still smiling - but soaking wet!

Luckily, they all had packed an extra change of 
clothes so they could get out of the wet uniforms
for the 2-1/2 hour bus ride home!
So, home around midnight then quickly launder the cheer uniforms 
before bed, hang to dry and be up, in uniform and
back at the gym at 8:15 AM to cheer at 
volleyball until noon!
Oh my word!  Bless those girls hearts!

Cheerleaders don't get much credit for all they do.
They're not considered athletes by schoolmates [but they are]
as they put in long hours of training and practice just like the other
athletes and teams.
Yes, they have 6 AM practices at least once a week before classes!
So, I say . . . 
Great job Pius Cheerleaders!
You are all amazing!

While we're chatting about unsung heroes,
let's not the forget the parents who support and pay for 
everything, drive  their student athletes everywhere and often sit on freezing
bleachers to support the cheerleaders and the teams!
Thank you Parents! :)
You're pretty amazing too!


Thursday, October 5, 2017

Well, Hello October!

So hard to believe it is October already!
Miss M has the countdown to
Thanksgiving and Christmas on
her iPhone and advises me daily 
on "how many days until . . ."
Yikes!  I already feel unprepared!
But, I'm reading about getting ready early
this year, so there's hope I will actually
be ready!

It's been forever since I posted anything about "The Littles."
So, it's about time, isn't it!

Catherine's brother got married in July and almost everyone was in the wedding!!
Oh my word, they are growing like weeds and
Jane and Walt are not so little!
Jane is in 2nd grade this year,
Walter in first grade,
Harry in preschool
and little Dorothy - 18 months old already!

They are such a joy and so hilarious!
Kids do say the darndest things -
Art Linkletter was right!

Such a fun swing!
Jane really works hard pushing
that swing for her brothers and sometimes
squeezing their adorable little heads together!