Friday, August 11, 2017

Driving Time!

How can she possibly be old enough 
to get a learner's permit???

Besides getting her impacted wisdom teeth out in June (ouchie!!!)
Maddy studied for and received her learner's permit for driving!

Oh my word!
It just does not seem possible that this little sweetie 
is ready to start driving real cars!

Driving in 2009!

She took driver's ed in July and she's been practicing driving with me!
Fun Fact:  In a former life, I became accredited to teach driver's ed.
She's doing great. 
I bought these handy-dandy magnets for the car from Amazon* and
I'm sure they have helped calm down those drivers
who are in such a hurry to get places!
Let's all try to be patient with other drivers, shall we!

Once she gets more practice in, she'll take the final driving test.
Since her 16th birthday isn't until December 20, we have 
a bit of time!

Happy Motoring!!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

What a Character!

When we first began visiting Disney World,
our main goal was seeing Princesses!
We had breakfast with Cinderella in the castle
the first year Maddy and I went to DisneyWorld!
[Wish I could find a photo - I think she was only 4 that year!]

Beautiful Mulan with Maddy - May 2011

While we still love seeing a Princess when we can,
we get so excited to see some other 
characters as well!

Yikes -- it's Chewy!!
One year, we caught sight of Chip and Dale and
we both took off in a sprint to get in
line for a quick autograph and photo!
My sister and her daughter were with us and just rolled their eyes!
We were serious - we had to meet Chip and Dale!

We saw Chip again this year at breakfast at Garden Grove --
best breakfast with characters ever!
Chip and Maddy at breakfast!

Characters are definitely part of the magic of Disney!
Am I right?!!!  Of course, I am!  :)

Love Pluto's dog tag, don't you!
If you can't read it, it says:
"If found, please return to Mickey Mouse"

We simply cannot go to Disney without meeting Mickey
somewhere -- this year, it was Farmer Mickey!

And we even saw one of our favorite characters from Maddy's
toddler days -- Doc McStuffins!!

We definitely were feeling the magic with the characters!
Most were characters
 we had never seen or been able to get a photo with on other trips!

Yes, we are goofballs, and we do love Disney!!!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Now, Where Was I?????

Back again and now it's August!!!
Oh my word -- I am so behind!
I could give you a million and one excuses, but 
it doesn't really matter, does it.
I'm going to attempt to catch up a little bit.
It's been a very stressful and busy summer.
And now, only 2 weeks til school starts!
H E L P!!

Where is everyone??  Early breakfast reservation for us!!

So, let's put back-to-school shopping, school supplies and
all that stuff out of our minds for a bit while
I try to catch up on our trip to Disney World in June!
(Where, oh where, did the summer go?)

We had an early breakfast reservation on our first day there
at "Be Our Guest" and it was fabulous!

Bonus - we were able to get into the park early, so it was not too crowded 
and we were able to jump on some favorite rides
without waiting or a fast pass!
Two faves -  the always popular and crowded 7 Dwarfs Mine Train and
Peter Pan!

How much do I love the teacup ride???
SOOOOO much!
Even though someone likes to get that ride spinning very, very fast!
Dumbo and the Goofy Rollercoaster are also
"must rides" for us

I wish I could show you a photo of me on the Splash Mountain
ride getting soaked, but sadly, no photos were made
of that scary ride or my resulting scary hair! :)

Love Magic Kingdom - it's always a favorite!
Stay tuned -- more to come!