Friday, May 31, 2013

First Day of Summer Vacation

Lucky me --
I had the first day of Maddy's summer vacation off work! 
It was special and sweet and someone
who usually is a little hard to wake up for school was up earlier than ever . . .
on our day off! 
How does that happen?
So, as we do almost every year, we made a visit to our local zoo. 
We had been there earlier on opening day in April,
but not all the animals had made it back then.
Even the dwarf crocs were back and usually they wait until warmer weather! 
 They were a tad bit chilly though and were crowded together in one corner snuggling. 
 Who knew that crocs snuggle??
  I'm not sure why,
but Maddy and I LOVE those crocodiles! :) 
Weird, I know.

In July, Maddy is enrolled in a Jr. Zookeeper class -- she can hardly wait! 
Wish they had a class like that for people my age!  :) 
Wait, it might be called Sr. Zookeeper and I don't really like that title,
 do you!
I'm sure we will be back many more times and
will coax a smile out of the crocs!
And ride the train again!

First train ride of the season in April, 2013!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

School's Out for Summer!

Hip hip hooray --
Maddy finished 5th grade last week!
She worked really hard, did a great job and had fabulous teachers! 
Every single year, she wishes her teachers would
advance to the next grade with her.
One shoe on, one shoe off -- not quite ready for field day!
On the next to last day of school, they had a field day -- games, fun, food!
Of course, the weather was not too cooperative and it was chilly out. 
 Students were allowed to forgo their uniform polos and wear
an appropriate t-shirt with their uniform shorts!
Shorts are permitted in the spring and fall for a few months,
but Maddy only wears hers on field day --
go figure that one out -- it's beyond me!
But, not having to wear the uniform polo shirt is a big deal at her school!  
So, she wore a Salty Dog Cafe (Hilton Head Island)
 t-shirt with her khaki shorts.
And then, voila, it was the last day of school --
for all of two hours! :)
Almost jumping for joy!
It was the last day of the uniform jumper! 
Next year -- a skirt!
When you get to 6th grade, you switch to plaid uniform skirts -
won't that be fun!
No more getting her hair caught in the zipper!  Ooops!
Let's get summer started!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Sweeeeet Ride!

Lately Miss M and I have been
 hitting the streets!
Bicycle and scooter riding have become a
 nightly ritual -- when the weather agrees, that is!
She is so FunnY!
She told me she wished I had a
motorized scooter just like hers!
Me too lovey,
me too! :)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pray for Oklahoma

Heartbroken at the tragedy and loss of life in Oklahoma.
So sad.
Our prayers are with Oklahoma.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Rah Rah ... Rah!!!!

Go  --- Fight --- Win!!
Yes, there is a cheerleader in the house!
Look -- someone is watching from the top of the stairs!
Maddy has been taking a cheer class in the evenings since school started last September.
She has really enjoyed it. 
And believe me -- they don't just cheer, do jumps and
throw around the pom poms. 
The instructors really give the girls a workout.
  It has helped Maddy become more flexible. 
 In addition to a cartwheel,
she can do the splits,
 a flip-over and
 a back walk-over.
Her dance studio held a mini-recital recently. 
 It was really fun to see the different performances. 
And really, the mini-recital seemed like quite a bit of work to me --
I can't image all that is involved in the "big" recitals
that are held in even-numbered years!
We realized a while back that Maddy's fingers are double-jointed,
but also noticed in cheer that her arms are too. 
It is really a little difficult for her to hold them totally straight
and do you know how important straight lines and arms are to cheerleaders???
Let me tell you -- very important!
Guess what --
her toes are also double-jointed!

Do you see how her arms are not straight due to the double-jointedness?
Cheer classes take a break in the summer --
up next --
Hip Hop and Jazzzz!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

I love Mother's Day and the little surprises,
but I must admit the celebration is rather bittersweet since
I lost my own sweet Mother a little over two years ago.
I will always miss calling her every day and chatting.
  You know, no one is as interested or delighted
to hear about my kids as my Mom.  

Connor and Maddy -- Mother's Day 2013

I know my Mom would want me to feel special and loved on Mother's Day
 (every day for that matter) and I certainly did and could feel her
warm smile and embrace from afar!

First on the agenda -- breakfast at Paner*a. 
I have been wanting to try one of their souffles for months now,
so we planned to meet Connor there for Mother's Day breakfast.
Evidently, every other mother in town had the same idea
as there were no souffles left when we arrived! :(
Boo hoo - but, we still had a lovely little breakfast together.

And then we drove thru Starbucks for cake-pops!

The rest of the day I ignored the laundry, the grocery list and
put off mowing the lawn for another day.
I may have even taken a little nap!

It was a sweet lovely day!
We missed Philip and Catherine and the littles,
but plan to see them soon.
Maddy wrote me the sweetest poem!
I love my little family and they made my day so special.

Some older photos -- but always favorites!

Philip, Connor, Mr. Tennis
Catherine and me
Maddy and Me -- 2008

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday!

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our life whole"

Happy 3rd Birthday to our most
adorable, sweet little Scottie --
Miss Muffy!!

Muffy and her brothers and sisters at a young age!! 
We think Muffy is on the far left.

She is one of the smartest, most well-behaved dogs ever!
Her life's goal is to catch a squirrel!
And believe me -- she tries to catch one every time we go for a walk!

Maddy holding Muffy and Muffy's parents, Wallace and Logan, watching!

Maddy is a teensy bit jealous that Muffy gets
to lollygag at home and nap at leisure when she (Maddy)
has to go school!!!
Aren't Scotties the cutest dogs ever??
Muffy's doggy best friend lives right across the street from us -
an incredibly sweet, always-smiling Corgi named Dixie!
I think they are planning a sleepover --
 at Dixie's house- I hope! :)
Enjoy your day Muffy with extra walks and extra treats
today and every day!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Special Occasion

A really special occasion means
sleeping with sponge rollers!

The "morning after" the sponge rollers!

Maddy made her confirmation last month.  It was such a special occasion. 
 All of the 5th graders worked so hard throughout the year
preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation. 
 Maddy's chosen saint was Saint Elizabeth Seton -- the patron saint of Catholic education. 
 My confirmation saint was also Saint Elizabeth.

Philip and Maddy

Her big brother, Philip, was her sponsor.
  Philip and Catherine came from Omaha to attend her confirmation
 and Connor was also a part of the festivities. 
We had a small gathering at our house afterwards as
 confirmation was on a school night. 
We are so blessed to have such a sweet and loving family.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

So, this is May?

On the last day of April,
a warm 80-degree day mind you,
Maddy and I put together her May Day bags
for neighbors and friends.
We were a little bummed that it was raining cats and dogs
yesterday after school
and the temp had dropped by 40+ degrees,
but she still ran to the neighbors and got those deliveries accomplished.
Luckily, she made the quick dashes early --
before the rain turned to sleet and SNOW!
Yes . . .
We had snow on May 1st!
And this is what we woke up to this morning!
Come back spring!!
We miss you already!