Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Black & White Wednesday

Time again for Lisa's Black & White Wednesday. Isn't this fun!!! Love this older photo of Maddy from a much warmer locale -- a trip to Orlando a couple of years ago! Maddy was rocking on this sweet rocking chair on the porch enjoying the nice warm sunny weather!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fun at the Playground!

Yes, we had fun at a playground -- an indoor playground, that is! In an attempt to shake our collective fists at the foggy and dreary weather, Maddy and I went to the indoor playground the other day for some fun!

We're trying not to let the cold, gray, foggy days get us down and the playground was just the thing! We met some friends there, Jodee and her kiddos and Kim and her daughter. The kids had a blast riding scooters, trikes, driving a camper, climbing and jumping in an out of a hippo's mouth! Carson and Maddy loved the 3-wheeled scooters. Carson said to put that at the top of his birthday wish list! Make note of that - Jodee and Chef Daddy!

We were somewhat successful in getting the sun to come out . . . for a little while and then it hid away again under the clouds and it started to snow a little! I'm definitely hoping for good news from the groundhog in a week or two!

These two had so much fun together! Carson was driving the camper while Maddy was getting things ready for a tea party!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gray, Gray Go Away!

Even though I'm thinking that about my hair (I do have a scheduled color on Saturday . . . finally!), but what I'm really wishing is for the chilly and dreary gray days to go away! And I mean soon!!! We have not seen the sun around here in weeks! After putting up with the arctic temp days, its warmed up a little, but we've had damp, chilly fog that lasts all. day. long!

Isn't fog supposed to burn off about mid-morning? Well, I'm no weather-person, but evidently the sun has gone into hiding as the fog isn't burning off. My fair city is enveloped in a sense of grayness . . . well, gray and/or dirty snow and slush! So, if you could all make a little wish for me, please join in and shout out loud: GRAY, GRAY, GO AWAY!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Black & White Wednesday

Joining in the fun with Lisa again at Black & White Wednesday! Here's a photo of my oldest son with his bride from nearly two years ago! This photo was taken in a part of town called "The Old Market" such a fun, beautiful place. After the photos, they had an exquisite meal at a nearby restaurant and then left for their honeymoon in Rome two days later! These two are about to become first-time parents next month! Are they cute or what?!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Getting Closer or Ducks All in a Row!

Yesterday, Miss Maddy and I went to a baby shower for Baby Boo -- Philip and Catherine's baby - expected mid-February. It was so sweet! Catherine's sister and sisters-in-law did a fabulous job! The food was yummy, the company outstanding and little Baby Boo received lots of cool gifts. Since we don't know if it will be a baby boy or baby girl, Maddy and I went with a "duck" theme for the most part! We couldn't resist the cute little onesie Catherine is holding that says - "Sleeping Baby - Wake Me at Your Own Risk!"

For once this winter, the weather cooperated and there was no new snow or ice, just a lot of fog, but fog we can manage! It was a fun way to spend the afternoon and we loved being a part of it! Maddy and Catherine's niece played together very sweetly the whole time. It's getting so close to baby time and soon their adorable bundle of joy will be here to meet us! To say we are a tad bit excited is an understatement!

Don't you love those little socks and the little-bitty hat!

I wasn't sure if they still had little gowns for babies like when my kids were babies. . . but, yes they do!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Black and White Wednesday!

Joining in Lisa's Black and White Wednesday!
Kind of have a bit of the winter doldrums around here, but this summer photo takes me back to the day it was taken -- one of the hottest days of the summer -- think we hit 100 degrees that day!

Love that sweet little face -- she's my star!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's Me or the Dog!

The show -- I'm talking about the tv show, of course! One of Maddy's favorite shows is Animal Planet's "It's Me or the Dog!" I tell you -- that show scares the daylights out of me! Those are some naughty dogs and/or baaaad owners who have not properly trained their pups! You know, I might not be so hesitant to get a dog if I had Victoria around to help train it! Do you think I can put in an early request for her assistance?? Remember -- our own pooch will be arriving some time in June. At this time, the breed winning the vote is a Scottish terrier. The main requirement by Maddy for a dog is that it have pointy, standing-up ears! My requirement is that it not be too big or too dumb! Any and all suggestions for other smallish- pointy-eared dogs welcome!

Here's Maddy with her fave puppy at the moment -- wonder-dog Larry! If only Larry had those pointy ears, he'd be perfect! Well, almost perfect -- he did chew half-a-pack of gum the other day. It gave him a little tummy ache, but his breath was minty-fresh!!

Larry is such a cute little guy and Maddy adores him! She brought along a crazy toy dog she has and we think Larry thought it was a real dog! The toy (the black and white animal above) laughs and flops over this way and that, hooting like it has just heard or told the funniest joke ever! Larry loved playing with it and nearly jumped onto the kitchen counter to get it after we put it up and, we thought . . . out of sight. Larry is as smart as a whip -- he rings a little bell by their sliding glass doors when he needs to go out. If they don't respond quickly enough, they hear "ding ding ding ding ding ding."

Larry is not sure just what is coming up and may disrupt his world a little bit. Philip and Catherine's baby is due in only about six weeks! Look at their adorable nursery! They did a great job on getting the room ready -- all we need now is Baby Boo! And no, we don't know if it's a boy or girl yet -- that adds to the surprise, doesn't it! Did you know that Philip and Catherine's baby will be the very first grandchild for me and Mr. Tennis and the first great grandchild for my parents -- sweet!?!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Dear Mother Nature:

Dear Mother Nature:

Okay, that's enough now . . . let's go back to our regularly scheduled winter! In case you haven't noticed, it's only the first week in January! You've dumped over 30 inches of snow since November, maybe October actually. I haven't forgotten that surprise snowstorm you sent us the first weekend in October!! I should have known then to stock up on the Fuggs (fake Uggs), mittens and gloves. And, what's with the Arctic cold temps and wind chills? This is Nebraska, not North Dakota! Are you kidding me -- the low temp predicted to be -22 -- that's minus 22 degrees -- I don't even want to guess what the wind chill will be!!! Can you say BRRRRRR!!!! Kids can't even go out and play when it's this cold! Yes, we are starting to go a little stir-crazy!

Okay, I'll admit that the newly fallen snow is pretty, but it's really not pretty for long. Please don't tell me these photos are blurry -- it's because your snow was coming down so fast and furious!

Guess what -- your snow and cold is not all fun and games, snowmen and snow angels! It also means frozen gutters, incredibly messy floors, wet boots, worries about water pipes bursting due to the extremely cold temps, not to mention high heating bills. Add to that the few days of melting a few weeks ago and how that led to water dripping through the master bedroom ceiling! Yeah, that was fun! With all the new snow, I can hardly wait for melting again!

Even the kids want to get back to school, especially since they've had so many snow days already that they'll have to make them up if we have any more. So, Mother Nature, let's be thinking early spring! I'm talking really early -- like February! What happened to global warming anyway??? It's the first month of the new decade . . . come on Mama Nature, can't we be friends??

Love, jboo

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

WhaT to dO About the KitcheN?

{A little bit of the holidays in my kitchen window}

As I may have mentioned before, we live in an older (way older, almost ancient!) home. It has a bit of charm and character, but I will admit that I sometimes wish we had a brand spanking new house. I hesitated to say (or write) that out loud as I’m sure the house is going to hold that against me and the roof will start leaking . . . again!!!

Last year, we were forced to make a few changes in the kitchen – the 1964-vintage oven/stove, brown-rusty-orange in color, went kaput! Don’t you love it when people call old things vintage?? My dentist should have called my old fillings "vintage" and maybe I wouldn't have gotten so cranky about her ill-timed remarks (but that's another story)!! Anyway, we replaced that honking huge stove and the refrigerator, the countertop, backsplash, hardware on the cabinets and the sink/fixture. While all those improvements were needed and helped the kitchen, it just didn't seem like enough or that it looked as good as it should. What to do??

The thought of renovating the whole kitchen crossed my mind . . . but only for a second. For one thing, I'm not a great cook. If I had a beautiful new kitchen, I'd think I needed to cook all the time and that is definitely not me. So, when faced with the prospect of an expensive, dusty, messy and lengthy kitchen renovation or a fairly quick re-painting job, we made the easy decision. Yes, we decided to go ahead and paint the cabinets. My Dad was shocked!! What!?!? You’re painting wood cabinets???? Oh my word – he was aghast!


{And look, there's Maddy's Christmas art project next to the microwave! }

But guess what -- it turned out beautiful! I absolutely love it. We also had some beadboard/wainscot paneling (whatever you call it) put up around the edge of the counter. I asked my painter about using beadboard wallpaper and painting it and he looked at me like I was possessed! He said - - never, repeat after me, never paint wallpaper! So, he had a carpenter friend put up the real thing. More fabulousness!! I sang, I danced, I baked!

I am so thrilled with my "new" kitchen! Hubs is also thrilled that his wallet didn't take such a big hit as it would have for a fancy-schmanzy remodeled kitchen!

{Loving the beadboard look!}

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year -- Make Believe Midnight!

Me -- make it to midnight??? I can see Mr. Tennis chuckling at the idea! But, yes, I can -- if it's a "Make Believe Midnight" put on by our local Children's Museum! We were there on New Year's Eve along with 700 of our closest friends. On went the party hats and we bid a fond farewell to Father Time with a countdown to 2010 and ball drop at 8 PM (the make believe midnight) to welcome Baby New Year!

Maddy visited the Vet's office to check out the xrays on her little froggie. Happy to report, he seems fine!

One of Maddy's best friends came along this year. The girls blew those horns nonstop! We found blog and "real life" friend Jodee and her family and counted down with them!
We also cast resolutions into the "Well of Good Intentions." That sounds better than "resolutions", doesn't it! Hats and horns and glowing necklaces along with friends made for a lot of fun!

So long 2009 -- welcome 2010!