Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy Happy Birthday!

Today is my oldest son's birthday!
Happy 29th Philip!

It was 68 degrees on the day he was born.
Of course, it was 10 degrees with a major snowstorm
a few days later --
that's life in Nebraska!

He's an amazing Dad and husband,
a caring doctor,
and a wonderful son!

Happy Birthday Philip!
Love you!!!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014



Sounds crazy, right?
But wait . . . 

"From a fossil bed 60 million years old comes the largest
snake in the world -- Titanoboa!  Measuring 48 feet long and weighing up to 2,500 pounds,
this massive predator could crush and devour a crocodile!!!"

Seriously people -- this Smithsonian exhibit 
(yes, I am name-dropping here)
 is in Lincoln, Nebraska!
Get out your maps or GPS and head out here!
It is amazing!

Maddy and I went to Morrill Hall 
(one of Lincoln's secret treasures) last Sunday
to see the Titanoba reptile and
also visit the "Sunday With a Scientist" exhibit.

It was cold, but there was a line out the door, down the stairs
and down the block!

And when you went inside, you found out why --
What an incredible massive creature!
You know how they said it could eat a crocodile (see above),
they stuffed a crocodile in its mouth to show how Titany did it.

And Sunday with a Scientist (a monthly program)
- how cool is that?
I know, now you all want to move to Nebraska, right??
Holy cow -- we saw and touched a 50-pound, 12-foot yellow python (alive)
and a 40-pound, 12-foot red-tailed boa (also alive)!

We love that museum -- it is so fun
to go there and see the animal exhibits and Nebraksy stuff.

Maddy with some foxes

Just as I feared,
after seeing that gigantic snake, I had a nightmare
the other night that Titanoboa moved into my backyard!!  

Monday, February 24, 2014

Curly Hair - Yes Please!

You know how it goes . . . 
Whatever type of hair you have -- 
you want the opposite.

I have curly/wavy/frizzy hair
and my lifelong dream is for straight hair.

Maddy has gorgeous straight thick hair
and she wants curly hair sometimes.

We've tried my hot rollers 
(I use them to defrizz my lovely locks), 
but the curl doesn't last in her heavy straight hair.
We've tried sponge and rag rollers and not been happy with the results.

Maddy and Oswald (Mickey's brother)

But, we saw some new funky hot rollers at Target@
and decided to give them a try!

They do take a while to heat up
and they did a great job on her hair!
I thought the curl would be gone within hours . . .
but there was still some curl left by the end of the day!
I'm sure if we had used some product or hairspray,
the curl would have lasted even longer!

She loved her curly-haired look! 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Birthday Fun!

My sweet little
cutie-pie granddaughter,
Janie Boo,
turned 4 last week!
Maddy with the Birthday girl- Janie Boo

She is so much fun and
such a great big sister to her 
two brothers, Walt and Harry Boo!
Little Bro Walt

We had a little celebration at their house - 
I made her favorite . . . chocolate cupcakes
with chocolate frosting!
Yum--but so messy!
Philip & Janie -- the birthday duo

We also celebrated her Dad's birthday which is
at the end of the month.
Holy cow-- I can't believe he turns 29! 
I am not going to allow him to turn 30
next year!
He can just stay 29, right!

Thanks again Philip and Catherine for hosting the birthday festivities!!

Uncle Connor (Cboo) and Walt

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Caught in the Act!

Muffy and her bff Little Piggie 
were obviously 
using the remote and watching some 
episodes of
"Too Cute" [puppies]!

Look at how guilty they both look . . . 
and neither thought to turn off the TV
or hide the remote!
Outside of view is
an empty bag of doggie treats!
Now we know what goes on when we go to work and school!

That Scottie cracks me up!

Monday, February 17, 2014

New Shower Sliding Door!

Happy Valentine's Day 
a little late!

We had a rather low key Valentine's Day
as I was suffering from terrible, horrible,
no good, 
very bad headaches last week
every single day!

Maddy and I decided to
get a new tub/shower door
for the bath that we use.
Mr. Tennis uses the other shower -
we like it that way and so does he!

Anyway, we are those type of 
boring people who buy
house stuff as gifts.

(From Lowe's)

So, here it is . . .
Valentine's Day gift 2014!
To be installed later this week!

Happy Monday!

Monday, February 10, 2014

A PSA For You

Hello friends!
I'm here today with a little Public Service Announcement
for you!

Has the cold winter wind chapped your hands?
Are your feet and heels dry and cracked?
Are you wondering if they
will be ready for flip-flops if
when winter finally ends?

I've got the solution!!
Maddy uses a combination of Cetaphil and Mom's Stuff Salve.
Her hands are seriously dry and chapped.
What can i say?
The girl loves to wash her hands. . . a lot!

This incredible salve was first introduced to me by
Design Mom.
Do you read her?
If not, you should start!

From Design Mom blog
This super-dooper salve is
made of all natural ingredients
one little jar at a time.
And it is AMAZING!
The jar says that it contains extra virgin olive oil, beeswax,
wild pinyon pine pitch and other good stuff.
From Mom's Stuff blog -- it
 "works to protect and maintain healthy skin on babies to seniors.
 Use on cracked dry skin, on hands, feet (especially heel cracks), lips,
or anywhere else you may have chapped or damaged skin."

I started using it on my cracked and rough heels and within a couple days,
I noticed a huge improvement!
Now, I use a little every morning after my shower before I put my socks on.
My heels have never felt and looked this good
even after a great pedicure!
One thing  -- it does have a bit of scent -- kind of
reminds me of a forest --
like pine trees maybe.
Do your feet a favor -
get them flip-flop ready now! :)

Friday, February 7, 2014

TGIF and A Post About Nothing Really

Hello Friends!
Groundhog, smoundhog --
couldn't you just about strangle that critter!?!
Boo --
February seems to doing a little groundhog day
repeat of January with 
some extreme cold! 
Plus snow! 

So, not a whole lot going around
these parts -- 
just dreaming of spring!

Before the snow, Maddy and I wandered over to our neighbor's yard
(to upright their trash can as they were in Arizona),
so I snapped a couple photos!
Don't you love their birdhouse?  :)

Will be stocking up on Valentine Hershey Kisses
this weekend
for all my little loves! :)
Hope you have a fun weekend too!
Happy Weekend All!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Hello February!

Hello February!
Love this nice short month to get us 
through the winter, don't you!?
Definitely doing the happy dance
to end that long bad old month of January! ;)

Maddy and I celebrated the end of January
by going to see Frozen (again) and this time it was the
sing-along version!

It was so much fun!
I had promised earlier not to sing out loud
(I don't have the best singing voice - I know, hard to believe, right?),
but the theater wasn't crowded, 
so both Maddy and I sang our little hearts out!
Felt like total rule-breakers by singing out loud in the movies!
First year ever that she has prepared Valentines so far ahead of time!

Frozen seemed to be the theme for our weekend
as she finished up her Valentines 
(Olaf themed, of course)
and guess who she found at Target?
Yes, a talking Olaf!
He just had to come home with her!
As he says "some people are worth melting for"
Maddy's take on that is
 "some things are worth spending your allowance for!"
Bonus - he likes to ride in the car with us!