Monday, December 28, 2015

Holiday Wishes

Hello Friends -
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday!
Maddy's wish came true and we had a white Christmas!!
So happy that the weatherman was wrong and
we got some snow!
Bonus -- we're now enjoying very cold temps!
Ha -- just kidding -- that is not a bonus in my book!!

Those warmer than normal temperatures we enjoyed earlier this month evidently
moved East and now the Polar Plunge has arrived!

I neglected to post my Christmas Card earlier.
So, if you didn't see it on FB or IG,
here it is again!
Mr. Tennis insisted that our Scottie be in the photo too 
or he wouldn't be in it!
Luckily (for the photographer) both cooperated for photos! 

It's been such a busy and fast month - don't you agree?
I am woefully behind on updating the good old blog, but
hoping to catch up soon.

Just in case I don't get back here by the end of the year,
Best wishes for a Very
Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Choir Concert Catchup!

Time for a quick post as I try to catch up a
little bit!  Maddy's jr. high class had 
their choir concert last week!

It was magical!  
Listening to their beautiful voices in Church
and having some quiet time to reflect was
so needed, 
especially this year.

There she is -- top row - next to her friend Maia

They all did a fabulous job and I do love
listening to the group sing.
Hoping she continues choir in high school
as the choir director there is amazing!

True story -- Maddy actually started thinking
about her dress for the Christmas concert in August!
When you wear uniforms and rarely get a chance
to get out of the plaid skirt and polo -- 
thinking about and planning a 
a perfect new dress takes some time!

Sorry, you can't see it very well, but it's white
with sparkly gold polka dots and she
has some fabulous shoe/boots to wear with it!

Great job - Junior High Choir!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Weekend Update!

The cold weather found us!
We knew it couldn't last forever, but wow -- 
we did enjoy the 50 and 60 degree temps in December!
Record books people!

But rain, and lots of it,  hit on the weekend
and a cold wind blew in too!
How do people where it rains all the time
handle it??
If instead of rain - it was snow --
we would have had over 12 inches of snow and likely a day off school.
Someone is disappointed!

Though cooking is not exactly my forte',
I knew just what was needed . . .
my Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup!
Served with a toasted English muffin
and it's one of those yummy warm meals
you want over and over 
(or at least I do)!

Bonus -- it is low fat and still
incredibly yummy!

Not low fat but one of my favorite holiday
treats -- Fantasy Fudge!

And Marble Cheesecake!

Bring on the holiday treats!
Counting calories can wait for January!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Weekend Update on Wednesday

Yes, I am wee bit behind on
 just about everything lately, sooooo
the weekend update is posting on Wednesday!

And it was a busy weekend!
Maddy's junior achievement group was selling their
wares at the Church craft fair on Saturday.
Friday night, Mads and I ran around gathering
materials for more inventory!
Her products included Santa and Snowman mugs
with a corresponding pot-holder or towel and
packet of hot chocolate.
She also made up bottles of holiday candy!
In addition, she had some of the remaining sugar scrubs for sale.
It was a busy morning and the team did fairly well!
They also sold some hand-painted ornaments and room deodorizers
made by other team members.

With the afternoon off, we did a little Christmas shopping
and then it was time to get ready for the 8th Grade Honor Choir performance
singing the National Anthem at our local ice hockey team game.
The choir did a fabulous job and they all  
loved watching the hockey game ---
especially exciting were those moments when a little "fight"
between opposing team skaters would break out!

8th Grade Honor Choir and Music Director - Miss H.

Sunday meant yard work!  :(
But, we really couldn't complain too much as it is
somewhat rare to have temps in the 50s in December!
Fingers crossed that NO more leaves blow into our yard!

Happy to report that we are still enjoying the warmer than normal
temps though I just heard accumulating snowfall predicted for the weekend!
Someone (Maddy, not me) is very happy with that forecast!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Looking for Santa

Here Comes Santa Claus . . . 

Well, actually -- there sits Santa Claus!

This year my sweet Miss Maddy declined
to visit Santa -- :(   

But, that didn't stop me from having her stand
near Santa village at the mall!  :)

Here's a little throwback to when she would sit on Santa's lap
in 2008 - at a neighbor's party!  

Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hello December!

Whew -- So long to November!
It  was a bit of a tough month
with Mr. Tennis being ill and having surgery
during Thanksgiving week
Deja vu all over again as last year
at this time he was ill too.
He is on the mend and we are hopeful
for a full and speedy recovery!

Pine cones -- love these!
So, in a rather slow attempt to get some
holiday decorating done,
Maddy and I went to our local Earl May
and put together some
pot-toppers for the outside planters.

It was a DIY day so we nabbed their heavy duty
cutters and went at it.
Glitter and pine cones and embellishments were flying!
We each put one together 
and think we did a fabulous job!
We love to pat each other on the back 
when we accomplish something halfway crafty!

This morning when I picked up the newspaper, I noticed now that 
we've had a bit of snow,
the pot-toppers look even more festive!
Check off part 1 of outside holiday decorating!