Friday, December 4, 2015

Looking for Santa

Here Comes Santa Claus . . . 

Well, actually -- there sits Santa Claus!

This year my sweet Miss Maddy declined
to visit Santa -- :(   

But, that didn't stop me from having her stand
near Santa village at the mall!  :)

Here's a little throwback to when she would sit on Santa's lap
in 2008 - at a neighbor's party!  

Happy Weekend!


Laurie said...

I LOVE her sweater- that's adorable!!

Jen Kershner said...

Oh I'm sorry. Why must they grow up and so quickly and without consent?! She is such an adorable girl!

Jodee said...

Oh no! I know my day will be here soon. Boo hoo!!!! She looks so festive anyway!

Kelli said...

Oh adorable! Hope you are doing well!