Tuesday, September 17, 2019

What a Week!

Last week!  It was one that I don't want to repeat
any time soon!

First, Maddie woke up with a bat in her room on Saturday!
She and I both hyperventilated!  We were able to 
throw a box over it so that -- you know -- Animal Control
could pick it up to test for rabies!  Since it had been in a room
of a sleeping person for who knows how long --Animal Control
will provide that service!  Then a long wait as the bat person
was out on Monday.  It wasn't until late Wednesday that
we were informed "no rabies."  
Did we google bats and rabies?  Oh yes, you bet we did and
that made us all more nervous.  No one wants to have rabies
shots - happy we were able to avoid those.
I'd insert a cute photo of a bat here - but no such thing exists --
there are no cute bats!
New dishwasher - 2019
That same day, Mr. Tennis informed me that my dishwasher
was leaking!  Why is that appliances belong to me when they break?
Anywhooo - I've  had my dishwasher since 1995!  Wow-- they
made them to last back then.  No parts available so it was
off to dishwasher shopping. It's arriving today - fingers
crossed for easy installation.

Muffy puppy - July 2010
The bat issues and broken dishwasher were nothing 
compared to the news we received on Thursday.
Our darling Scottish terrier, Miss Muffy, is very ill.
She has cancer in her spleen and liver.  Her pancreas is
inflamed and her poor belly is extended and very tender.
As you would guess, the prognosis is not good.
The cancer is a fast-growing one. 
 She is severely anemic which is the answer to why she has been so incredibly tired 
the last couple of months.

We are keeping her comfortable,
taking her on short walks (she really can only walk very short distances), 
and giving her treats and love.
We are simply heartbroken.
Best. Dog. Ever. 

We love our sweet Muffy!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Recent Happenings!

This happened recently!
Senior Picture time!

It was such a fun evening!
Meg Slattery took Maddie's senior photos a couple weeks ago at Pioneers Park. 
They had so much fun together.
I think Maddie and Meg laughed the whole time!
What a blast!

We waited somewhat impatiently and just received photos yesterday.
Some photos have been shared already on FB and IG,
but more will be coming here soon!

Stay tuned!

P.S. How Can She Possibly Be a Senior in High School?!!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

More Summer Wrap-Up

Ahhhh - I did not mean to go so long without posting on the blog, but time got away from me again!
I have all these posts floating around in my brain,
 but haven't taken the time to put pen to paper --
really I mean, fingers to keyboard to blog (!!) and post something!
It's time for me to put on my granny panties and buckle down!

 Hotter in Lincoln than at my sister's in Florida in July!
That is just not right!  

Maddie had a couple of adorable swimsuits this summer with . . . 
bigger bottoms -- you guessed it . . .  kind of granny panties!  
She looked adorable and asked if I wanted her to order me a "granny panty swimsuit! 
Ummm, no thanks on that. 
The granny panties I need are the spanx ones 
and I'm not showing you those!

So, a little more on summer!
Weather-wise - it was an odd summer with some very hot days and tons of rain!
Good for the lawn and water bill, but
not so good for pool time, but we hit the pool 
when we could and especially on the last day!

And now it's really hot and humid again and
the pool is closed!

So, saying goodbye to summer and the pool!

Fall temps we are ready and waiting for you!