Friday, October 31, 2014

First Annual Trunk or Treat!

This year marked the very first Trunk or Treat at 
Maddy's school!  

It was a huge success!
Even the chilly temps and cold wind blowing
did not deter the trick or treaters or parents!
Over 50 trunks participated!
Great turnout for the first year!
A live band, loads of candy,
hot dogs and chips -- what a party!

As you can see, Maddy and her friends
were Ninja Turtles!
One of Maddy's friends had been searching
Pinterest for weeks trying to find a semi-easy
Didn't they do a fabulous job!
They spray-painted aluminum foil turkey roasting pans for their shells!
So cute!!

And bonus,
the first junior high dance was held after
trunk or treat and was a costume party/dance!

Sweet to have the first dance with . . . 
boys (!!!)
as a costume party! :)

Such  a great costume!

The teachers and our parish priests, 
including Monsignor Tucker, participated!
A little weird to see them without their white collars!

Father Mills, Father Zimmer and Monsignor Tucker

The girls -- I mean Ninja Turtles are hoping to win
Best Costume!
Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 27, 2014


Hello friends!
How was your weekend?
Busy getting costumes together?  Buying candy?
Yes, me too!

Need a cuddle?
Maddy put together her costume and her niece, Janie,
is also Lambie of Doc McStuffin's fame!
We can't wait to get the Lambies together!

We visited the outdoor mall's Halloween 
Some scary and creepy folks there hired by the
mall to "entertain!"  
That person in the red totally creeped me out and would
not get out of the photo!
Maddy did a great job ignoring her!

Coldstone Creamery was giving out
scoops of cotton candy ice cream!
Miss M declared it deliciously yummy and
perfect on a day that we hit a record
high of 86 degrees!
It was hotter here than at my sister's in
Jacksonville, Florida!!

Maddy and I also went to the annual
Boo at the Zoo!
Oh my -- waiting while the hot sun baked on 
her black hair for an hour was not fun!
But . . . the fun commenced once we entered the zoo.

The Grand Wizard Zoo Director
She collected all kinds of goodies and all kinds
of advertisements and coupons
from local businesses.
I say, hand over the candy, forget the paper stuff!
But you know me,  
I'm kind of bossy and cranky that way!

Who knew that Wells Fargo had a dog named Jack??
More fun to come this week with
Trunk or Treat at school on Thursday
and some real trick or treating on Friday!

Have a Happy Halloween Week!

Last year as "Where's Waldo" at work!
Miss you H&S friends!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dear Fall!

Dear Fall -- 
Guess what I Like about You this Year?!

Every single thing!
Yes, even the warty-looking pumpkins!

Oh my word - we have been blessed with 
the most beautiful fall weather!
Earlier this month, it was quite chilly out,
but I refuse to turn the furnace on until at least November.
My advice . . . put on a sweater, a vest or your robe! 

An oldie from 2011 - because I love that girl AND that vest! :)

And the last two to three weeks - warm and sunny and up to the 70s!
Absolute perfection!!  

Trees are turning color,
leaves are falling,
my hydrangeas are blooming,
kids are raking leaves (ha ha)!

Another oldie from 2012
Plus, Halloween candy on the shelves and on sale!!!
What more could we ask for?

What an incredibly beautiful season!

Hope there's a wonderful weekend in your future!

2011 -- finding a beautiful leaf!

Monday, October 20, 2014

What Does the Fox Say?

What does the Fox say?

Evidently the fox says . . . 
Do cartwheels!

When your Mom is attempting to get a photo
for the Christmas cards! :)

Having some fun photo shoots
while the weather cooperates!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Trip Down Pumpkin Patch Lane!

We have been visiting the same pumpkin patch
for years and years!
Since the boys were little . . .
 and that
was quite a while ago!
October 2014
Roca Berry Farm has expanded and added more fun and activities 
every single year.
This year, ghostly paintball and scary forest rides!
(I'll pass, thank you!)!

Pumpkin Patch 2014 - The Jumping Pillows!

So, let's take a trip down pumpkin patch lane,
shall we!

Painting a pumpkin in 2012

Sitting with a friend - October 2011

 A collage of sorts - from October 2008

Back to 2014 and Funnel Cake -- Yum!

Monday, October 13, 2014

The 60s Revisisted!

Mr. Tennis and I went to a wonderful performance last Saturday!
So, here's a little Public Service Announcement for you!

If you learn they are performing near you,
run, do not walk, 
and get tickets as fast as you can for
The Midtown Men!!

Photo from The Midtown Men

Can you say Fabulous Fun!
Incredible band, amazing voices and harmonies,
greatest hits of the 60's
and very cool choreography!
Plus, the guys are definitely some eye candy too!
The singers were in the original Broadway hit Jersey Boys!

We were in the 3rd row!  Perfect seats -- they donned corn heads for their encore!
[Photo from their FB page]
It was so much fun!
If they were headed this away again next week, 
I'd go again!

Lucky me -- I nabbed one of their
CDs and am introducing Maddy
to those great hits of the 60s! 
Don't worry . . . 
I promised her I would try not to sing along.

Friday, October 10, 2014

A Few Things

Hello Friends!
Are you ready for the weekend?
Me too!

Guess what . . . I saw that lunar eclipse
the other morning!
Ooooh -- it was so very pretty!
And very early too.

I saw it on my early morning run -- I was so glad
I didn't snooze too long.
Yes, I was that goofy runner that kept stopping and pulling out
the iPhone to try to get a decent photo. 
It was kind of far away, so my iPhone didn't really capture the beauty! 

The weekend ahead looks busy and there
is lots of yard work to do.
There's always lots of yard work to do! :(

Before I head off to work this morning,
here's a funny photo from the zoo.
Maddy has just gone through a sprinkler 
on a very hot day there and
I guess that camel was a little curious 
and about to give her a nudge!

Have a wonderful weekend all!

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Pumpkin Patch Substitute!

Coolest little owl -- he could turn his head almost totally around!

A visit to our nearby pumpkin patch
was scheduled for Saturday . . .
it rained over 5 inches last week
[can you imagine the mud?]
the temperature on Saturday morning was 34 degrees!
That's 2 degrees from freezing people!
It warmed up a bit,
but not enough for us!

But, go figure, a local nursery was having a 
fall festival. 
Yippee skippee 
perfect substitute for the real thing!

Pumpkins and owls and fall stuff!

Unfortunately there was no funnel cake
so we will be making a trip to the real pumpkin
patch soon!

There is no substitute for funnel cake!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Well, Hello October!

Hello October!

Is is just me or does it seem like I was just greeting September?
I blinked and then the month was over!  
So long September!

Now that fall is fully underway,
we are enjoying all fall has to offer!

Especially gourds!
We used to dry and shellac them
 when I was young  --
voila,  a maracas or two or ten!

Kamree's friend Ava, Kamree and Maddy

Hayrack Rides!
Fun times with 
Jodee and Kamree last weekend!

And fall means church festivals!

We joined Philip and Catherine for a quick visit to one nearby.
Sadly, Maddy was too big for the train,
 Harry was too little, but
Janie and Walt were just right!

We are hoping to get a visit in to the pumpkin patch soon!

Looking back -- October, 2011 pumpkin patch!