Thursday, June 29, 2017

Magical Magic* Kingdom

On our first full day at the parks, we
visited the always magical, Magic Kingdom!

We had an early breakfast reservation at "Be our Guest"
so were able to get into the park a little bit before other
Always nice to see the park before it's full of people!

We were also able to get on some fun, fun rides before the lines got long!
Yes, even  a wimp like me will ride a roller coaster sometimes!
Plus, we never miss a chance to jump on and 
ride Dumbo and the Teacups!

And, of course, besides the rides, we had to visit our favorite snack shops -
like Casey's!

It was a fabulous first day - you could say, "best day ever!"
We continued it at the pool
and Hollywood Studios later!

We 💖 Disney!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

WDW Report

Hello Friends!

June seems to be slipping away from me and I've lost
some focus from blogging. 
But, I'm going to try and catch up I promise.

WDW 2017

When I last left you, Maddy and I were headed to Walt Disney World!
We did arrive there safe and sound and had a wonderful time!
Our flights had early-bird departures -- wheels up at 6 AM and
you know what that means . . . get to the airport by 4:30 AM!
Even without the bright sunshine of Florida, I needed
to wear my shades to hide my saggy-baggy
tired eyes!  :)

On our first day, we decided to do some walking around the area
of our resort and also visit Disney Springs - which is a newly 
refurbished and expanded version of Downtown Disney.
What a fun place! 
We liked it a lot!

Of course, we had to find and taste-test the fare
from Sprinkles Cupcakes*!
Both of us declared their cupcakes to 
be quite delish and definitely
on our list for a return visit!

Since we had such an early morning travel day,
spending some time taking walks, enjoying the Florida humidity and munching
on cupcakes completed our first day!

Stay tuned! :)