Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Last Sunday, Maddy and I had the
fun experience of heading to Nebraska's very
own Applejack Festival with
Picture perfect fall day -- nice and cool, but it actually
warmed up quite a bit!
First stop . . .
pony rides!
Maddy decided she was a bit too big
this year -- but we loved seeing those sweet
little ponies!
Kamree rode the smallest one --
 named Token. 
So cute -- she wanted to bring him home!
We had some kettle corn and headed out to
the orchards to pick apples.
Oh my word -- there were a ton of apples.
Unfortunately -- all 4 of us are a bit vertically
challenged and with no ladders in sight, 
we couldn't reach most of them!
So, we started  walking -- 
up and down and
up and down some more til
we found trees with apples we could actually reach!
It didn't take long to fill our 10 pound bags!
Luckily, we found the hayrack ride back or
we might still be wandering around the
It was loads of fun!
Now, where are all those apple recipes?

Friday, September 20, 2013

We Love . . .

Our new chair!

This is just a silly post about a silly girl and
a  chair.
Found this super-cute chair at TJs last
weekend and was about to cart it into the house
when I had another thought!
Let's take it to one of my favorite spots and
try to get some photos!
We arrived a bit late and the sun was
 nearly gone, so
no photos with the
 gorgeous sun going down last weekend.
But instead,
we got these priceless funny and silly ones!

We love
 our new chair!

Happy Weekend to All!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happy Baptism Baby Harry!

Baby Harry was baptized on Sunday!
It was such a sweet ceremony!
Lunch and celebration afterwards at my son and daughter-in-law's house!
They did such a fabulous job!
I love how they are so good at
entertaining and feeding us! :)
I did contribute my famous Mexican Dip and
everyone loved it.
At least I think they enjoyed it!
It was such a special day and
we loved being a part of the festivities!

Friday, September 13, 2013

This and That

Hello friends!

Hello Fabulous Friday!
After temps of 100 + high humidity just the other day,
the temp this morning is in the 50s and low humidity!
Hooray --
 it truly feels like a breath of fresh air!
When my alarm sounded this morning, it woke me from
a dream where I was talking to my sweet mother! 
I tried to get quickly back to sleep, but that didn't work,
so I went for a little run.
And then, guess what?
The first song that came up on my playlist
was one of my Mom's favorite songs!
And then the next song was Home by Philip Phillips -
isn't it sweet when such little things
can start the day off so well!
Coming up this Sunday,
the baptism of little Baby Harry!
We can't wait to see him and the rest of the family again.
It's going to be a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Lost Art . . .

The weekend was HOT again - as in H. O. T.
(high 90s, high humidity, very frizzy hair)
so, it seemed like a really good time to introduce Maddy
to the lost art of
washing the car . . .
at home
in the driveway!
Usually, we drive through a car wash  --
so speedy and convenient.
We gathered our bucket, that crazy weird green hose,
some washcloths, towels and
Windex and got to work!
Maddy learned quickly and was a pro!
She even cleaned the tires!
We threw out trash and
used Windex on the inside of the windows
as well as the outside!
My big red jeep is beaming -
it's so happy to be so clean!
After such great work, we knew a celebration was in order --
Root Beer Floats for
everybody from Sonic! 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Thinking Ahead!

Maddy is thinking ahead
to one of her favorite holidays!
Last weekend at the zoo
(yes, we go to the zoo every single weekend!),
we spied a couple of very cool masks!
Penguin or Monkey?
What to choose???
Since she got to know and play with our
zoo penguins during zoo camp,
she chose the penguin mask!
And, since it's usually chilly by Halloween -
we think it will be a perfect costume -
black leggings and some type of
black and white sweatshirt!
It may be one of the cheaper
costumes ever!
Maddy and Muffy --
what a twosome!
Meanwhile, the girl has been
freaking me out a little
turning up all
over the house in the penguin mask!!
Have you thought of a Halloween costume yet?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hello September!

Hello friends!
How did it get to be September already? 
So far, I love September --
we finally got a break from the high 90s + high humidity
for a few days anyway!
Loving the cool weather!

Little Miss Double-Jointed --
doesn't it look like her arm is twisted totally around?
Can I tell you how much I love running in the mornings
in the dark in the cool temps!
I'm not really a runner -- more a runner-wannabe.
So, I try to have fun with it!
True confessions -- I walk some of the time!

I greet other walkers with "GOOD MORNING" in my big cheerful voice
especially those who won't say hello!
And -- when "Build Me Up Buttercup" comes up
on my playlist - I swing my arms around (totally dorky)
 and run/dance -- you know . . .
like car-dancing only running!

Is it any wonder that Maddy breaks out in dance moves
here, there and everywhere?!?!

Let's make September a fabulous month,
shall we!