Monday, July 17, 2017

Always Be Yourself . . . or Be a Unicorn!

As Maddy says -- 
"Always be Yourself unless you can be a 
Unicorn, then
Always be a Unicorn!"
Words of wisdom from my favorite teenager!
Pretty magical, right! :)

We've been loving the rather large
floatys that are around this year
and the unicorn is definitely our favorite 
. . . 
so far! :)

With the extreme heat and humidity we've 
been enjoying,
the pool is the place to be with a floaty
and maybe a root beer float too!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Animal Kingdom!

Africa section of Animal Kingdom

Good news as you can see --
my friend was able to get back into my
blog setup and figure out how to
remove all that junk!
Africa - Animal Kingdom
 I must attempt to get caught up now as I haven't
even finished chatting about our Disney trip!
Yes, I am way behind!

Soooooo -- on to Animal Kingdom (AK)!
Usually, there are only a couple rides I really like at  AK -
the safari ride and Kali River Rapids.
Those rides are such a blast and I don't even
mind getting wet on the river rapids ride!
 Generally, this area is packed, wall-to-wall people!

Looking forward to a ride on a banshee in Pandora!

Disney just opened a new area known as Pandora.
This area is where all the people went and was packed with people and
some waiting 4-5 hours for a ride!
It was a fabulous ride - but 4-5 hours in line???
 In the heat and humidity of Orlando??

Pandora - The Floating Mountains!

The Avatar ride is the best!  We had Fastpasses and walked
right past a 4+ hour waiting line!
Yippee for planning ahead!  :)
Get this -- you even had to wait in line (no fastpasses)
for the gift shop attached to the Avatar ride!
You'd think they were giving stuff away -- ha ha ha -
Disney giving stuff away -- that's sooooo funny! :)
I crack myself up sometimes!

Stay tuned as I am finally able to access my photos and my blog again!

Monday, July 10, 2017


Oh my word!!
So, Photo*bucket decided to hijack part of my blog!
I think one of their gadgets or some such was
used in my blog header or side info.
Please excuse the mess!

Hopeful that my friend will be able to figure it out and
clean it up.

It's so distracting, isn't it?? 
I'm so sorry!

Guess a forced bloggy break is 

Love & Kisses -
Hope your blogs are safe!!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Happy Independence Day!!!

Happy Independence Day!!

What a special day to celebrate our freedoms!
Mr. Tennis and I lived in Philadelphia a few years and the celebrations 
there were simply amazing!
I love Philadelphia!

I must admit when my sons were young and LOVED fireworks,
I kind of dreaded the 4th of July -- not the actual holiday, of course,
but the danger involved with boys and fireworks!
Mr. Tennis was like a kid himself and the three of them
together were constantly blowing things up (including toys, 
stuffed animals, little cars)
 and making more and more trips 
to the fireworks stand for supplies! OY!
We had a few mishaps over the years . . . 
probably the most memorable was when a spark somehow
ignited a bagful of fireworks on the patio table!
Ended up with a hole in the umbrella and a fried table!
But, at least no one was injured that time!

Looking patriotic in her Happy Hound bandana, but terrified of fireworks!

Maddy and I like the pretty fireworks and sparklers,
the Roman Candles, buzzing bees, smoke bombs 
and cracklin balls.  Much tamer fireworks!

We're planning some pool time and hot dogs on the grill.
A little gin and tonic is on my list!
Maddy and I may make a quick trip to our local zoo.
Sounds like a perfect day to me!

Happy 4th Friends!!