Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Headed to . . .

Maddy and I are on the road!
The bandana shop has closed for vacation.

Looking forward to some fun in the sun,
rides and character sightings!
We love Disney World!

See you next week!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

School's Out -- Freshman Year is in the Books!

Let's have a hip-hip-hooray for the end of the
school year!  Yippee!

It was a busy year for Miss Mads and as you all know, freshman year is
a huge adjustment!
Managing classes, homework, studying and cheerleading all
kept her very busy.
Add to that her new love of tap dancing (once a week lessons), guitar (weekly lessons) 
and her burgeoning sewing business -- that girl had it going on!
As she would say about homework -- the struggle is/was real! 
And she made it through!
Finals ended this morning!

Her summer looks bright with cheer practices starting
in full gear in July again.
So, the month of June will most likely be devoted to having her wisdom teeth removed, 
working on an online PE walking class and  her
sewing business.
Her sewing skills are exploding!  She is improving and trying new projects.
She watched a you-tube tutorial and sewed up
the infinity scarf in the photo for me
for Mother's Day and promptly borrowed it for photos! :)

Of course, her main sewing business remains doggie bandanas!
I'm so proud of all her hard work -- she's sold around 280 bandanas
since the end of January!
There are some stylin pups out there!  :)

Mr. Tennis and I are super proud of her and all her determination
and hard work during freshman year!
Way to go Miss M!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

TGIT and who knows how to Putt Putt

It's been a long week friends!
High school has been super stressful this week
as the teachers try to cram every single thing
they can into my highschooler's brain, load on the homework AND also
give tests this week -- just a few days
ahead of final exams!

Hmmmm -- methinks they should be reviewing 
for final exams, but no one asked moi! ;)
Do you know all 73 books of the Bible . . . in order????

Anyhooooo -- we are putting the stress aside and
going to the movies Friday night to see the newest Wimpy Kid flick!
Those books and the movies are a hoot and a half!
Looking forward to laughing a LOT!

Back to Putt Putt!  
Our miniature golf facility in Omaha
was known as Putt Putt Golf!
Oh my word -- that was fun!
We have mini-golf here in Lincoln too -- not Putt Putt
but loads of fun!

Maddy and I put my old skills to the test last Sunday
for our Mother's Day golf outing!
It was 94 degrees and sunny! 
I'm sure that's what hampered my game!
Miss M, however, got a hole-in-one!!

It was a blast -- am hoping the next time we go - 
it isn't quite so crowded and the temp is more manageable -
and am sure I'll get a hole-in-one too! 
Have a super weekend friends!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Mothers and Daughters

Mother's Day 2013
Thinking of my sweet Mother on Mother's Day weekend!
She never really wanted a fuss for
Mother's Day or thanks for the five million and one things she
did for all of us kids and my Dad.  She did everything so well and made
cooking and baking look like a breeze!
We were all special in her eyes and somehow she made each of us feel like
her favorite!
Of course, I really was! :)
She was absolutely the best hugger ever!
I try to carry on that tradition as best I can and am training Maddy in the
art of giving good hugs!  She's doing a great job!

Maddy, Mom and Me - 2009
A few throwback photos I found of me and Maddy together on past
Mother's Days.
She's such a sweet daughter!  Bonus -- my hair actually looked
halfway decent in these pictures.  If you know me, you know how 
much my hair torments and taunts me, frizzes up at the 
mere mention of humidity and basically drives me crazy about 
90% of the time.

Mother's Day 2008

Hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day!
Give somebody special a hug!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Weekend Update

Hello Friends!
Wow -- the month of May is going fast already, isn't it!

Last weekend was the marathon here in Lincoln as it is
in many cities.  
No, I didn't run.  My training (ha - what training!) is not sufficient for me
to attempt to run a marathon, but my son, Philip, ran the half-marathon.
The route goes about a block away from my house so I ran up to watch 
the runners and look for him. 
 Out of the the 10,000 runners, I wasn't
too sure I'd see him. 
 But after about 10 minutes of scanning each runner who went by,
 I spied him running along at a good pace!
Later, his family found him at another spot in the marathon.
I think it was his 4th half-marathon
and he got a personal best time.
Congrats PTB!

Too adorable that Janie dressed up as a kitty and Walt as Darth Vader!

Later, Catherine and the kids came over for muffins and chocolate milk!
After that healthy snack, Mr. Tennis gave them all a lesson in 
flower planting and watering!
Such a fun start to Sunday!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Happy May Day!

Hello May!
Oh my word --after monsoon rainstorms all weekend long,
 we nearly had snow last night -- what happened 
to lovely warm spring temps???
Seriously -- there should never be snow in April or May please!

Here's a little flashback to May Day 2010!
Wow -- I loved that cute haircut on her!!

In any event, we are ignoring the ridiculous rainy and almost snowy weather 
and forging ahead praying for warm and sunny days!

And ha -- we have the same May Day bags this year!
Not to worry we're not using the same popcorn from 2010 --
it's fresh and terribly yummy!  I had to sample, of course!

Happy May Day y'all! :)