Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Scouting For a Friend!

I spy . . .
a potential playmate!
My cousin's beautiful dog, Scout, really, really wanted
someone to throw that ball for him!
At a reunion pool party held last weekend,
Scout held court
and got lots of attention!
He also may or may not
have gobbled up garlic
rolls that he snagged from little kids' hands!
Of course, Maddy was more than happy to throw that ball for him 
and then
give him a belly rub!!
Next time Muffy is coming along
to meet Scout!


Monday, July 29, 2013

Llama, Llama . . .

Two weeks ago, Maddy participated in a week-long
zoo camp as a Jr. Zookeeper!

She had a great time even though it was the
hottest week of the summer PLUS the Jr. Zookeepers were
outside the majority of the day from
8:30 AM until 4:30 PM! 
Longer than a school day, she noted!

Walter recognized Maddy when we back to visit!
The animals she took care of during the week
included a gecko named Walter and
two doves
named Lovey and Dovey! :)

Can you see Walter's tail?
Walter the gecko has a weird looking tail -
and it comes off!  
She learned all kinds of interesting facts and the names of
each and every animal at the zoo!
Who knew they all had names??
There are actually two leopards at our zoo though you never
see them out together. 
 They are brothers and don't get along --
go figure!

One of her favorite exhibits at the zoo was the penguin exhibit.
We have 9 warm-weather penguins --
 most adorable and great little
swimmers and fish-eaters.
And her favorite for the week --
the llamas! 
They will eat right out of your hand
and are so soft and cuddly!
It was a fabulous week-long camp!!
Next year -- she plans to work on the Zoo Crew! :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Her Favorite Place!

Miss M reminded me that I had not yet
 done a
blog post on her favorite place
 in Chicago . . .
the Disney store!
Oh yes, she did love visiting that store. 
We were there at least
twice a day and sometimes
we sneaked in a third visit in a single
Maddy loves Mickey!
She had the hardest time figuring all what to spend
her vacation cash on this time. 
A new Mickey, one of the Monsters
Monsters Inc., a doll
from that recent Oz movie???
  What to buy???
She finally decided on Sully from Monsters, Inc.
and Monsters U!
We loved that movie!

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Shedd and Navy Pier

Besides shopping,
 we did go to at least one educational locale -
the Shedd Aquarium!

Such a cool place -- loved it --even though some of those
fishes and things kind of creeped me out to tell the truth!
Anyway, it was such a lovely day, we took a water taxi
over to Navy Pier after the Shedd!
What fun!
If I lived there, I'd be taking water taxis instead of "street" taxis
whenever I could!
We looked around a bit on Navy Pier.
Maddy got some chicken nuggets and fries
(her fave meal!).
Then we got very brave!
Maddy and I rode the Wave Swinger!
What a blast! 
They do not skimp on the number times that
thing swings you around. 
Before our ride, I counted and
the operator (or maybe it's automatic?) had the
wave swinger go around 25 times!
We screamed and fluttered our arms up and down like we
were flying!!!
Another great memory from our quick getaway
to the big City.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The AG Experience

When I first saw the letters "AG"  I thought . . .
Attorney General?
Ha ha ha -- that's what a legal background does to a person!
But no, I'm talking about American Girl!
And really, we could not go to Chicago without a
visit to the AG store! 
We actually visited the store
several times. 
I tagged this visit to Chicago as
 "Our Shopping Tour"!
 Mickey Mouse also attended the AG lunch
Months ago, I booked a lunch there for us as I figured it might the
last time she wanted to go to lunch there with me. 
Being 11-1/2, her AG years may be numbered,
so had to take advantage of her continuing love for American Girl!
Oh my goodness --
they do know how to do lunch at American Girl!
It was so fun and sweet! 
Maddy took along her "looks like me" doll
aka "Little Maddy." 
Both Maddys really enjoyed the lunch
and shopping a bit.
We were tempted to get a new doll, but
 the thought of getting the
box and all onto the crowded airplane made us re-think it,
so we opted for a t-shirt for big and little Maddy.
Maddy says it was one of her favorite things about Chicago!
Mine too!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

A Little Bit of Heaven!

Yes, we went to Chicago!
One of our very first stops
(besides the Disney store)
was . . .
the Hershey Store!

Only $45 for the World's Largest Hershey Bar!
If it wasn't so hot out, that would have been in my carry-on!

I was in heaven!
It smells so good in there!
I actually wanted to make a
daily visit!
Maddy became a Hershey worker
for a few
minutes --
talk about a dream job, eh!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Quick Trip!

Last week I was on vacation. 
I always try to take my birthday off as a vacation day
and it worked out perfectly this year!
Waiting for a flight -- super great book for you dog-lovers!

Since I had the whole week off (pure bliss!!!),
we took a very quick trip.
Still at the airport - but getting closer!
Lovely, Fun and BUSY City!!
Stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Celebrate Good Times!

We had a July birthday celebration last weekend with
Philip, Catherine and kiddos,
 Connor and Maddy. 
Whose birthday you ask?
Mr. Tennis and I both have July birthdays!
It was so sweet to have everyone together!
Mr. Tennis, Maddy and Connor
I outdid myself on the meal . . . yes, I ordered pizza --
made a little salad (salads are not my strong suit) and
made brownie cupcakes (I do love some brownies!).

We had a wonderful lunch at our house and then headed for the pool!!

Philip & Janie
Little Miss Janie became Little Miss Mermaid
 and swam the afternoon away.
Walt was not quite so fond of the water,
but I'm sure he will be loving it the next time. 
Catherine & Walt
It was so much fun and we can hardly wait til next summer
when they will be moving here!!

Thanks for the wonderful get-together!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Red White and Blue - the 4th Report!

I love, love, love a long weekend, don't you!
This year with the 4th landing on a Thursday --
both Thursday and Friday were deemed holidays!
Thanks Boss!  
We started the day with getting Miss Muffy out early for her morning walk.
The Booms had already started. 
This was the first year fireworks bothered
out sweet Scottie. 
So many spring thunderstorms worried her this year,
so we got her a little doggie Valium. 

Then it was off to the pool for the annual
4th of July festivities!!  So much fun!
Noodle races in the pool, lip sync contests and
loads of fun in the sun!
Crowded yes -- but so worth it.

Our faves - -the skydivers - even with the windy
conditions, they nailed perfect landings on the
golf course!
The final skydiver carries the American flag!

Later, Maddy and I headed out to see Despicable Me 2 -
we voted it our favorite summer movie! 

Fireworks and loud booms in the evening!
We love the 4th of July!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Rock the Crocs

When I heard our zoo was having a special event called
 "Rock with the Crocs"
I jumped right in and bought tickets!  
I spy a croc!
Maddy deemed it a perfect occasion for
 Swampy (from "Where's My Water") to attend with us!
We love, love, love the cute little dwarf crocs at our zoo. 
They are the last critters to
arrive at the zoo and among the first to leave when the chilly temps return.
But they are currently in residence and so very happy!
Look at that one grinning! 
There was an animal exhibition portion of the event.
Of course,
Maddy and I were hoping one of the crocs would be put on a leash and
brought over for it,
 but no, just a boa constrictor!

Lincoln's very own "String Beans" performed also.
Maddy is a bit beyond their 2-5 year old
target audience, but it was still fun.
Leo the Lion Trash-eater!
Bonus, we got to wander around the zoo
without crowds of people!
Stare-down between the llama and Maddy -- guess who won??
We love their special events!
Next up --
"Brews and Blues!!"
What a fun zoo --
 bet you wished you lived here too!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Hello July!

Greetings July -
One of my favorite months of the year!

July means summer and summer means --
How is it that she mastered this so quickly?

Blowing bubbles --
another great summer activity!

More hula-hooping!

And taking a moment to smell the lovely flowers!
No doubt, swimming and biking will also be prominent in July!
Bring it on!
What fun are you having in July?