Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Weekend With the Littles!

Last weekend, Miss Maddy and I had the fun opportunity to try on our "Mimi" and  "Auntie" hats!!   My son, Philip, and his wife Catherine, had a quick weekend trip to Chicago, so we took over the house and kiddos! 
Luckily (for me and the kids), Catherine provided a schedule of daytime activities and a timeline as to what happens when AND loads of yummy food. 
Plus -- she told me where the M&Ms were hidden!!  :)  Bless her heart! 
No, I didn't eat them all -- but came close!! 
She is one organized and efficient Momma -- wish I was more like her!
Anyhooo -- we had loads of fun with Miss Janie (now 2-1/2) and little guy Walter (16 months).  Walked to a nearby park and they had a blast on the
little rides and slide. 
  Walter LOVED the sand and did not want to leave --
he filled his little hands with sand and would not let go! 
Well, I like sand too --
when it's on the beach and I have a drink in my hand!  :)  
Miss Janie did some painting and coloring every day. 
Not to brag, but she is extremely talented, especially for one so young!
When Maddy arrived the next day, we went on an adventure in their new minivan!  I was a tad nervous driving it since, to tell the truth, I recently had a little fender bender in my jeep with a parked car!! 
Hate busy crowded parking lots.

But, Maddy is a pro at minivans and has ridden in them before, so she knew how to shut the doors -- while I was pulling my hair out trying to figure it out, she gently pushed a button and . . . whooosh -- it closed like magic, I tell you!!
I did manage to find a drive-thru Starbucks --
lattes and cake pops for everyone!! :)
Philip and Catherine had lots of fun in Chicago and
we had the best time with Janie and Walt!!
Those two are more adorable and sweet every time we see them
and growing fast!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Apple Who? AppleJack . . . Festival

Photo courtesy of Applejack Festival - Kimmel Orchard

Last weekend was the 44th Annual Applejack Festival
in nearby Nebraska City!


The drought around these parts really threatened the apple orchards,
but with tender loving care (and some irrigation),
 the apples grew and grew.


 You will be happy to know there were plenty of apples
and caramel apples too!

Let the apple pie,
apple crisp,
apple muffin baking commence!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hello Monday Again!

Wow -- Monday again already!! 
 The weeks are zipping by -- school and other activities are
keeping us busy --
so let's just skip to the highlights, shall we!!

Hello to high school football!! 
Games are fun even for the elementary school crowd!
Hello cake pops!
Maddy and I treated ourselves to a little cake pop baker. 
Little is the operative word as it only bakes 6 at a time.
The whole procedure is rather drawn out -- but yummy --
and that's what counts, right!
Maddy's AG doll, Molly, assisted in the baking!
Sorry, no photos of the actual cake pops --
they didn't last long --
there were only 6 you know.
Mr. Tennis gave them a double thumbs up!
Hello Connor's b-day!
We missed celebrating on his actual day as he
was out of town. 
Two-five -- 25 -- how did he get to be so old (??) 
yet still have such a
young mom --
must be the fact that I am subtracting,
rather than adding years!

Hello cooler weather! Yay -- finally!!
Usually we LOVE summer -- but this year, it
really hammered us and we are looking forward to
temps in the 30s tonight!!
Bring on the sweaters and scarves!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Hello Monday!

Hello Monday  --
here again so fast -- slow down weekends!
Hello lovely gourds at the farmer's market -- only a few more weekends
 to enjoy the crowds, the crafts, the food, the kettle corn,
while the Haymarket area
undergoes a major transformation.
Hello to walks with Muffy -- the squirrel and rabbit hunter!
Hello to my beautiful hydrangea -- still blooming -- as I baby it
through water restrictions due to lack of rain in our fair city. 
 Am amazed it is still going strong!
Hello to my sweet girl - who is making it through the
 first few weeks of adjusting to school with a sweet smile on her face.
How's your Monday going?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Are You Ready for Some Football??

Ready or not -- college football season has started.
Here in Nebraska -- that is BIG --
 BIG RED, that is!

The season opener was last Saturday.

Don't you love football weather?
Makes me think of turtlenecks and stadium blankets,
hot chocolate -- but, ummmm - no -- it was 98 degrees+ at that
season opener!
He lost his head in the heat!
Holy cats -- that's hot! 
Over 300 rescue calls due to heat!
We only lasted til half-time, but it was the best
part of the game and
the Huskers won!!
It's was Maddy's first Husker game --
another thing to check off the bucket list! :)