Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Weekend With the Littles!

Last weekend, Miss Maddy and I had the fun opportunity to try on our "Mimi" and  "Auntie" hats!!   My son, Philip, and his wife Catherine, had a quick weekend trip to Chicago, so we took over the house and kiddos! 
Luckily (for me and the kids), Catherine provided a schedule of daytime activities and a timeline as to what happens when AND loads of yummy food. 
Plus -- she told me where the M&Ms were hidden!!  :)  Bless her heart! 
No, I didn't eat them all -- but came close!! 
She is one organized and efficient Momma -- wish I was more like her!
Anyhooo -- we had loads of fun with Miss Janie (now 2-1/2) and little guy Walter (16 months).  Walked to a nearby park and they had a blast on the
little rides and slide. 
  Walter LOVED the sand and did not want to leave --
he filled his little hands with sand and would not let go! 
Well, I like sand too --
when it's on the beach and I have a drink in my hand!  :)  
Miss Janie did some painting and coloring every day. 
Not to brag, but she is extremely talented, especially for one so young!
When Maddy arrived the next day, we went on an adventure in their new minivan!  I was a tad nervous driving it since, to tell the truth, I recently had a little fender bender in my jeep with a parked car!! 
Hate busy crowded parking lots.

But, Maddy is a pro at minivans and has ridden in them before, so she knew how to shut the doors -- while I was pulling my hair out trying to figure it out, she gently pushed a button and . . . whooosh -- it closed like magic, I tell you!!
I did manage to find a drive-thru Starbucks --
lattes and cake pops for everyone!! :)
Philip and Catherine had lots of fun in Chicago and
we had the best time with Janie and Walt!!
Those two are more adorable and sweet every time we see them
and growing fast!!


Kim K. said...

Sounds like a busy and fun-filled weekend. Adorable pics of the grands. Maddy must love helping out.

Courtney said...

They are so sweet. It really seems like you were just posting baby pictures of them. I am sure they enjoyed a little one on one time with you and Maddie. Have a great week!

Laurie said...

They are precious!! Looks like you had a great weekend with them! :)

Catherine said...

The kids are still talking about their fun weekend with Mimi and Aunt Maddy. You two did a great job taking care of the kiddos. We had such a fun getaway and we feel so blessed to have such a sweet family to take care of the kiddos for us. I don't have many friends who would jump at the chance to have their mother-in-law stay at their home, so I'm counting my blessings. :) Thank you for everything, Janet! You're the best!

Jodee said...

What a fun weekend with the littles! It looks like everyone had loads of fun! Just remember to buy more cake pops next time! One/day is simply not enough!

Lisa said...

weren't they just born?? Yeesh! You sound like a fun "mimi"!!