Wednesday, June 29, 2011

PLease -- Come On In!

We live in an older home -- a home that I just found out has absolutely no insulation in any of the walls! Yikes -- you don't want to know about our utility bills in the summer and winter for this quaint, two-story home built in 1924 without any insulation whatsoever. So, to take my mind off the rather pricey cost of insulating (the house is brick so that makes insulating a little trickier and probably costlier!), I thought I would share with you my recent entryway re-do.

Do you love it?  I do!!  That striped cabinet makes me smile every day!  Plus, more storage and . . . bonus -- the inside is painted a gorgeous aqua-blue which happens to be my and Maddy's fave color!  Previously, I had a blah-looking table in the entryway that lived there for years and years.  It was fine and functional (no storage though), but I really wanted something different for this little space.  I tried zzzzing it up with a DIY-redo on a mirror.  Do you remember how that turned out?  Yep, DIY-disaster! Then I had to also replace the mirror!  Oh bummer, more shopping!! 

Though I didn't get a photo yet, there is an equally adorable little black bench across from the cabinet from none other than Hobby Lobs. I forgot Hobby Lobby even had furniture!  Coworker and shopper extraordinaire Jodee (who frequently visits Hobby Lobs-do  not tell Chef Daddy) reminded me and I just happened to find the bench last weekend!  Bonus, it was on sale plus an additional discount due to a couple minor itty-bitty scratches.  Love a good deal, don't you!

Friday, June 24, 2011

It's Flower Friday!

Here it is Flower Friday!

Maddy's hairband kind of looks like a flower, so I'm starting out with her photo! Love that little face!
Also, time to celebrate one of my favorite flowers -- the hydrangea!!

Note to self: buy more to plant in other spots in the yard. This one would be white like so many others you see, but I give it some very special plant food in its water once a month, so the flowers are this lovely bluish-purple.

Love these red Bee Balm's (or is bomb --see, I'm no gardener!). They are usually all blooming by the 4th of July and kind of look like a firecracker, don't they!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sweet Girl

My sweet little tender-hearted girl!

Swimming lessons -- week 2 -- are going . . . swimmingly, but still make her a little nervous. She is really doing great and learning so much in such a short amount of time. But, every day, before her lesson, she says that her tummy hurts. I told her that mine used to do same thing before my swimming lessons and that seems to make her feel a bit better. Wish that she really loved it and would sign up for another two-week session!

And she's a little worried about and missing Mr. Tennis -- who is attending a horsey camp!

Yes, don't laugh -- it's some horse camp so he can learn to ride his stinky old horse better (bet you can't guess how I feel about the horse, eh?). Fingers crossed that he doesn't fall off and break his hip, leg or head. When Maddy learned he would be gone a few days, she cried and cried about how much she would miss him! Her little face looked so sad and then tears just started flowing. We're counting down the days and trying to think of things to keep her busy and happy -- like collecting the latest McD's happy meal Pokemon toys! Yep, I'm not above fast food to get her feeling better!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Swimming Lessons - Week 1


Last night Maddy was recounting the week and what a hard week it's been!

First, swimming lessons started. Normally, she loves going to the pool and has never minded swimming lessons before. However, after some really hot days the prior week, Monday dawned very cool -- like 65 to 70 degrees at swim lesson time . . . at an outdoor pool that is not heated. They say it's heated, but if it is, it's not heated very much. Each day has been a little warmer, but with lessons in the morning, it's been a bit on the chilly side. Plus, one day the lessons were cancelled due to rain and a make-up lesson is scheduled for Saturday. That totally bummed her out -- she's not supposed to have swimming lessons on a Saturday!!

Second, a little baby bird that's been hanging around the house has disappeared! Pray that the neighborhood cats have not done him in! We think the bird was just learning to fly. After it sat on our porch for hours, we saw it fly from the porch to the garage roof and then it hopped along the roof for awhile -- only to disappear and not be seen since about 8 PM Thursday evening. She's worried -- what could have happened to that baby bird?? Such a tender heart!

Next, some little flower seeds she planted that were growing fabulously seem to have suddenly stopped. I think they need more soil! Fingers crossed that a replanting will help those little sprouts!

So, we are hoping for warmer temps and a warmer pool, sightings of the baby bird and flower re-potting along with some celebrating of the special Dads in our family!

Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Scooters + Summer = Smiles

Doesn't summer just say scooter to you?

I never thought it would to me -- as I have a very cautious personality. Although I hate to admit it, sometimes I'm a bit like Eeyore -- something bad is going to happen, I just know it! And I've always felt that way about motorcycles and motorscooters too. Well, until Mr. Tennis got one, that is. I was still a bit nervous about them, but he took a 15-hour motorcycle safety course and passed with flying colors. He is very cautious and wears a NEON orange vest whenever he rides.

Recently, his motorscooter needed a new battery or something, so his friend (the dealer -- that sounds kind of bad, doesn't it) gave him a loaner. Oh my word -- it is the cutest scooter ever! If I could, I would ride it all over the place! Maddy was not too keen on it -- after all, does Taylor Swift ride a motor scooter?? I think not. But somebody else loved it! Look at Cboo - he's putting it at the top of his list of things he's saving for and it definitely put passing the motorcycle test at the top of his "things to accomplish." Probably a good thing this one was a loaner and the standard issue one will be back soon as I have a feeling the "green machine" would not be sticking around our place once somebody got his license!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Jodee!!

Sending birthday wishes to my real life friend and bloggy friend,

Jodee, at Follow The Leaders!

Jodee and I have worked together for many years (not even saying how many, but a LOT)! As you may be able to guess from her blog, Jodee lives life in a big way! She's a planner and a party-girl in the very best sense of the word! She organizes her household and keeps her two kiddos and Chef Daddy happy while working full-time at a sometimes hectic (often stressful) office. She always has a smile on her face and a good word for everyone. She's sweet and sensitive and a very good friend -- she's one of those people who boosts you up when you're down and would do anything for you. Plus, let me tell you -- she keeps the office running and fun (if that is even possible), while keeping the attorneys she works for organized and efficient.

Since she was celebrating a bit of a milestone birthday (40!), we managed to surprise her with decorations, balloons and cake on Friday. Her actual birthday is today, June 12! Have a great birthday Jodee -- can' wait to hear all about how the Hubs and kids spoiled you rotten!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Flower Feature

Something new as I try to work through yet another case of blogger block -- Friday Flowers!

These are some lovely flowers from our yard. Unfortunately, shortly after these photos were taken, Nebraska became Arizona and it was over 100 degrees earlier this week! Holy smokes -- that is very very hot for early June! Now, the highs are in the 70s -- yes, weird weather indeed!

Here's my question -- how is that weeds continue to grow and grow and grow when it is beastly hot without rain or watering??

Thursday, June 2, 2011

We "Heart" Taylor Swift!

After Maddy's slight obsession/love for High School Musical waned a while back, her taste in music moved on to sweet Taylor Swift! She devised a great plan to get Taylor into our family which involved Taylor meeting Connor, falling in love with him, marrying him and then . . . voila - Maddy and Taylor would be sisters!!

Great plan and even Connor agreed that it sounded good to him.

Months ago, I heard that the bigger city near us would be the start of Taylor's North American "Speak Now" tour. I quickly joined her fan club (yes, I did!) and was alerted to an early ticket sale time. She evidently has a huge fan club as the seats I got were still a bit up in the rafters - even after buying them months and months ago before they went on sale to the general public.

[Doing the Taylor wave!]

Anyway, it was an end of the school year treat for Maddy and me. The concert was last Saturday and was fabulous!!!!!!! No kidding -- she was amazing! I think it was more like a Vegas show than just a concert. Of course, never having been to Vegas, I wouldn't know what the shows are like, but it was quite a huge production! We enjoyed every single second and it was so fun to watch Maddy singing along. Taylor is so sweet and beautiful and has such a lovely voice! Although we weren't able to manage a meeting between her and Connor, we are still hopeful! If anyone out there knows Taylor, would you put in a good word for Connor!!

[Still plotting on how to get Taylor and Connor together!]