Saturday, December 29, 2018

Christmastide feelings . . .

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Back to blogging soon! 

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Fun with Gift Wrap!

This year will forever be known as 
The Year of Gift Wrap!
Maddie started a part-time job as a seasonal
gift wrapper at a fabulous store.
Seems like a perfect job as the store didn't require
her to work on Black Friday and generally schedules her for
only one day of
the weekend!  
She really doesn't want a job
with a lot of hours -- easing in slowly 
to the working world, you know.
Plus, she does have schoolwork to do.

1st day at work!
The only glitch in the whole working thing is
that wearing a dress or skirt is required.
After wearing uniforms all the time to school, she's not 
too thrilled with the idea of having to wear a
dress or skirt, but it's all good and not too big of a hassle.

Guess who has joined her in the Gift-Wrap 
So, it's a bit of a Mother-Daughter 
bonding time too.
It's been fun to be scheduled together as we can
confab on the best way to tissue and wrap some of the more
difficult packages!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The Weather

Yes, I am already commenting on our wintery weather!
The last four (4) weekends in a row, we've had bad weather.
Rain, ice, snow, cold and frigid temps have descended upon us.
I admit there have been a few times when the temps 
warmed up a little bit during the week and melted the snow and ice.
But the very next weekend -- repeat -- more ice and snow!
It's not even officially winter 
and I'm getting tired of it!

Our pup, Muffy, thinks it is a real treat to go out 
and rub her Scottie nose in the snow and roll around a bit!
Lately, she's taken to going outside and barking
at the snow too!
What a treat!

A warm weather vacation is looking better and better every day!