Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Homework and Tests - Oh My!

Whew -- 3rd grade is proving to be a challenge.
But, challenges are good . . . right?!!!
Yes, of course, a challenge makes us grow, blah blah blah.
If that's so, we're doing a lot of growing at our house lately.

Don't be mistaken, Maddy loves 3rd grade and her wonderful teachers.
It's the homework and tests that are bogging her down a little.

This week has been an especially tough one with math and social studies tests on Tuesday, then English and science on Wednesday and spelling on Friday!

Her little back nearly buckled under the weight of her school books on Monday! Luckily, I was there to carry it to the car for her. Seriously, it was heavy for me!

Well, you can only study for so long when you're 8! It's not like you can pull an all-nighter. And really, we study a little every night -- I try to go over the next day's lesson with her and we spend about 10 -15 minutes per subject, so maybe 30-45 minutes in all.

Having to spend time studying again for tests on Tuesday night after having done so on Monday night was starting to stress her out. Maddy was getting a wee bit frustrated, and I could tell that she needed a breather. So, instead of chowing down on chocolates (which I totally would have done to deal with stress), we pulled out some crafts!

She painted rocks with Halloween sayings and creatures, and I worked on a cute ribbon-pumpkin project! We both felt better when she went up to bed with a smile on her face instead of a frown. I hate to send my little pumpkin to bed when she's upset and worried.

Now, we just have to get through that spelling test this week!

Monday, September 27, 2010

A Special Visitor!!

[Adorable Janie Boo!]

We had a little visitor over the weekend -- the perfect guest!

She brought her own food, her own sleeping accommodations, her own playthings. All she needed was a little space, a few diaper changes and some yummy bottles. Can you guess who it was? Yes, little Miss Janie Boo -- our granddaughter!

[Sweet Janie]

She arrived Saturday afternoon for playtime with Mimi (moi) and Maddy and Muffy while her parents attended a football game. She loved Maddy and wanted to touch and hold her silky hair -- which Maddy generously allowed -- even though Janie's grip got a little tight. She said hello to silly Muffy. Muffy was delighted to have some new little hands to lick and tickle!

[Philip and his baby girl]

She has the biggest blue eyes and sweetest disposition - there's always a smile on her adorable little face. She likes to chat and babble at whoever will listen. She already knows how to say Dada -- in Chinese, no less -- as she calls Philip, Baba! Yes, we do believe she is a genius! She's 7 months old now and quite the little crawler. She babbles and blows bubbles -- we are blessed to have such a beautiful and sweet baby girl in our family!

[Catherine & Janie -- beautiful Mom and beautiful baby]

The weather was perfect for some outside time, so I dug out a jogging stroller that I bought when Maddy was 4 (Not sure what I was thinking buying a stroller for a 4-year old!).
Maddy was actually getting too big for it, so it was like new. It was perfecto and such a smooth ride! While Maddy played at a friend's house, Janie and I went for a couple walks. I don't know if it was me, the scenery or the fact that her little tummy was full, but she fell asleep both times. It was such a treat for us to have her and her parents visit.
Thanks for the wonderful visit, Philip, Catherine & Janie. Come back soon!!

[Photos by Sara Rogers Photography]

Monday, September 20, 2010

Shorts to Snuggies* and Back

We have a saying in Nebraska . . . "if you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes and it'll change." That is so true, especially lately with summer giving way to fall.

Last Friday, it was in the high 80's, then Saturday and Sunday topped out at maybe 55! So chilly, plus a little rainy and damp -- hey, it's Snugg*ie weather!! Just kidding -- I don't have a snuggie . . . yet! It was perfect weather to get out the crockpot, make a little bbq pork, some apple crisp and watch girl movies!
Today (Monday) --90 degrees ---back to shorts again!

Finally, I dragged Miss Maddy outside for a few pics after having appropriately bribed her earlier in the week with some crazers. Do you know what those are? I didn't either. They are cute, fun little erasers! So far, she has a teapot, an ice cream bar, a giraffe, an adorable elephant! Somehow, that girl always finds some little item to collect. I'm just happy we're finally out of the Webkin*z collecting. Crazers are way more reasonably priced! :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This and That -- Update

Oh my -- I seem to have a bit of blogger's block lately.
I have lots of little posts swimming around in my head,
but haven't had a chance to actually write any, so . . .
how about a bullet-point update!?

  • A Move Will Do You Good! Connor has moved into an apt now. While we loved having him at home, I knew that he wanted to be out on his own. We are barrels of laughs, but after living away from home, it's hard to move back to the family house again. He found a great apt and is really enjoying being in our downtown/Haymarket area. Maddy asked him when she and I could have a sleepover at his apt?!!! He laughed -- somehow, I don't think that will happen any time soon!

  • Change of Name! Mr. Tennis has now become Mr. Candidate!! Woohoo -- yes! He is running for Lancaster County Attorney. If you live in Lancaster County, please remember to vote on Nov. 2nd and vote for the Rickster. I can vouch for his honesty, hard work ethic, legal knowledge and his all-around "good guyness" not to mention, he is very handsome! Yard sign anyone??

  • School Report! Third grade is harder than second grade! Oh yes, we are finding that out very fast! Homework is every single night -- well, except Friday, that is. I pick her up from school on Mon/Wed/Fri and had thought she probably didn't want me to wait at the door for her since she's in 3rd grade and all. But, she told me she'd really like me to meet her there so we can walk together to the car! So sweet AND she still holds my hand! It's the little things that make this Mom's heart jump for joy!

  • Muffy News! Miss Muffy, our little Scottie girl, is doing great. She LOVES being the boss at puppy daycare. I'm not sure how the other puppies feel about that, but she's the boss, so they better just get used to it. Gotta love terriers and their feisty personalities. She sleeps in her little kennel at night (yay) and enjoys chomping on rawhide chews when she's not hiding them in the yard.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Cboo!

Happy Birthday to my sweet son Connor. He turns 23 today!

Wow -- hard to believe he's that old.
You know, I was a very young mother, so don't be trying to do any math and
figure out how old I am -- cuz I'm not telling!

Connor is back in town and getting ready to start up a business venture with some good friends. We have every confidence that they will do a great job and be very successful!

He's a wonderful son and big brother to his sweet little sissy Maddy.
She bought him an unusual gift or two and is thinking that he needs one more -- some silly bandz, so there may be another shopping run before he opens gifts tonight!

Have a wonderful birthday Cboo! We love you!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Winner

Guess what??

I'm a winner!! Yes!!! I won a giveaway!!
So exciting to win, isn't it!

I can see how Vegas can lure a person in with the jingle jangle of the machines and excitement of the win! Actually, I've never been to Vegas so guess I am fibbing about that. I'm not really sure about the lure of Vegas, though I did think "The H*ngover was kind of funny . . . naughty too though!! Warning - do not watch that movie with young children close by!

Anyway, back to moi and my great win! Recently, I found Jess and Mr. Manhattan at Reclaimed Marketplace. They are the cutest young couple and have a wonderful website and blog! Their mission statement: " reclaimed products range from old to new, but they all carry a timeline; a heritage of stories." I love that -- especially since I do love old things!

I was the lucky winner of their first-ever giveaway -- lovely, lovely, lovely letterpress note cards from Hazel and Violet Ink! I picked the lemon -- the color is even more beautiful in real life. Truly, it's almost too pretty to use! I know, I know, that defeats the purpose, but would it be ok if I write myself a note so I can keep at least one? (Yes, I may have a bit of a hoarding issue!)

Thanks again Jess and Mr. M and Hazel and Violet!