Friday, August 30, 2013

Just Keep Swimming!

We wish we could just keep swimming!
With the continued high temps and high humidity,
the heat index has been 100+ this week!
So, in an effort to stay cool by thinking cool,
here are a couple photos of my favorite
Happy Labor Day y'all!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Enjoying the Summer Heat?!

Whoa -- can you say H. O. T.!!! 
It has been so extremely hot ever since
Maddy started school last week
guess what . . .
The new air conditioning at school did not get completed yet! :(
Oh my -- bless those teachers and students  -
 it isn't easy working or
thinking or concentrating when it's so hot
and the only relief is a few fans!
So, they've been getting out of school a few hours early every day and
they are praying at Mass every morning for a cold front!
We braved the hot temps and went to the zoo the other day.
Yes, call us crazy! 
Even the animals were sweating!
We were there with about 9 other people and some very hot animals
who were mostly sleeping! 
Somehow the llamas don't mind the heat -
even with that cute curly hair!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

BacK to SchooL!

Back to school for Miss M -- who is now a 6th grader!
Whoa -- really 6th grade?!!
I'm so happy that she attends our parish Catholic school and
it goes all the way through 8th grade.
Middle school can be a little intimidating, can't it! 
Is it just me or any other Moms out there feel the same way??? 
Yes, I'm a worrier and being in elementary school with the same friends
 she's been with since kindergarten means
 less worry for me (her too, of course).
Getting a little bored with picture-taking! Funny girl!
She was ready to get back and
so excited to see her friends again!
Back to school haircut a few ago, new backpack and supplies and
some brand new glasses too!
Plus --something different for the girls in 6th through 8th grades!
No more jumpers.  The girls can wear now 
uniform skirts or skorts and shorts (for a couple months)
with the usual polos.
  Back to school shopping is easy-peasy when
all you have to do is buy white, navy,
yellow and maybe green polo shirts!
Muffy was sad she isn't going back to school with Maddy!
She was a little nervous last night - but
bright-eyed and happy as a clam this morning!
That's what I like --
a great start to the school year!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Introducing . . . Baby Harry!

My son and his wife welcomed their third child the other day!
Born August 14 - 8 lbs. 7 oz. 
Welcome little Harry.
You are so loved!
Isn't he just adorable!
His parents and his brother and sister
were so thrilled and excited.
Planning to meet the little guy and
get in some cuddle time this weekend!
Congrats Philip and Catherine!

Monday, August 12, 2013

"Honk" if You Like Children's Theatre!

Honk,  Honk,  Honk
We don't just like children's theatre,
we love children's theatre!

We've loved it even more recently because Miss M participated in a two-week
theatre camp at our local community playhouse!
The camp workshop was for two weeks from 9 am to 4 pm
every day!
That made for a bit of a long day some days!
But . . .
Maddy had such a good time.
And with only 2 weeks to work on it, the group put on a
 full 1 hour and 20 minute performance complete with songs and dances --
 what an amazing accomplishment!
Honk Jr. was basically the Ugly Ducking story.

What a wonderful group of teachers and classmates ranging in age
 from 8 or 9 to 15 or 16!
The older students were so sweet and helpful to the newbies!
At a time when you often hear about how snotty or mean or rude
 teens can be to each other and/or to younger kids,
these campers dispelled that myth!
They were all so positive and enthusiastic and friendly!


Maddy did a wonderful job with the group songs and
 dances and mastered her line consisting of 4 words:
"The Ball Went Inside!!"
It was one of the best experiences of her summer. 
 She even said she enjoyed it more than Zoo Camp and that's saying a lot!
She's now signed up for Theatre 101 on Saturdays in September. 
 My girl, who is generally thought of as pretty quiet,
is really spreading her wings and "honking!"  :)

Friday, August 9, 2013

More of the Pool Party!

I almost forgot --
I wanted to share a few more photos from the pool party!
Maddy, me, Amy and Grace
We had such a great time at my cousin's pool recently.

Mr. Tennis with his favorite girls!

Even though it was a cool day, Johnna's thoughtful husband
 had warmed the pool to 88 degrees!  Heavenly!!
Grace and Maddy!

Somebody got tossed into the pool!

There goes Maddy!

Maddy had lots of fun in the pool.

And so did little Janie!
She had a blast with her Dad, Philip, tossing her in the air!

How can it be? 
Little Janie is starting preschool in two weeks!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Who Wants to go Under the Sea?

Remember "The Little Mermaid?"

We loved that movie.  
Our local community playhouse recently put on their own
version and it was so fun! 

Two eels -- friends of the Wicked Ursula -- both are in
 Maddy's theatre camp!
The cast was mostly junior high and high school students
with a couple of elementary kids thrown into the mix.

One of the Mermaids -- jr high schooler
also in Maddy's theatre camp
Maddy's been attending a theatre camp the past two weeks and really enjoying it.
I'm so proud of her to try something so out of her usual comfort zone.
Another camper!
As part of the camp, Maddy went to one of the early performances.
We love going to the community playhouse,
 so I bought tickets ages ago (they usually sell out).
  It was really fun -- even though I spilled
the popcorn immediately! 
 No more treats for me! :)
The Star of the show - Ariel -- she was fabulous
and in high school!
Maddy's theatre camp is doing performances of "Honk"
on Saturday -- more on that to follow!

Friday, August 2, 2013

A Family Reunion

There may have been a shortage in wine and beer
last weekend
in Omaha!
Amy & Grace and me and Maddy

It was family reunion time and
over 50 descendants/members of
my Dad's family attended from as far away as Boston,
Annapolis, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Atlanta, Pensacola,
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, and both North and South Carolina.

My Dad, Al (tallest) and his brother and sisters!
So much fun with family including Aunties, cousins, cousins' kids and in-laws!
It was a blast!
Todd, Grace, Maddy and Amy
We chatted about old times and more recent times. 
We sorely missed those who are no longer with us and
those unable to make the trip.

My Dad is the oldest remaining of his siblings.
Unfortunately, he could not attend.
Grandfather, Carrie and Harry in Canada fishing - their happy place!
We remembered morning picnics in the park with
Harry and Carrie cooking up a storm;
visits to nearby fish hatcheries;
gathering black walnuts in the fall
the question still remains -- what happened to those black walnuts??
The consensus was that Grandfather fed the squirrels all winter! 
Just like him to think about the squirrels!
Grandfather and his youngest daughter - my Aunt Mary
We laughed about the time Grandfather
picked up a cheese ball at Amy's wedding shower and ate it like an apple! 
And the time his bright yellow car was mistaken for a taxi. 
When an elderly woman jumped in the backseat and
 gave her address, he drove her home!
He was also known to offer a bit of a pick-me-up
to any and all visitors
 (bourbon most likely) before any of us were
old enough to drink.
He said he had a shot every single night and it
kept him young and probably 
contributed to his long life -- he lived to 96 years old.
My twin sister, her husband and her daughter and new baby!
Many thanks to my sweet cousins - one who organized
the events; another who hosted a pool party
at her lovely home and another who put together an extensive family tree.
Family = Love!