Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A-Camping We Did Go!

Ok, I admit it, we really didn't actually go camping, but . . .
Maddy and I invited ourselves tagged  along with Jodee and Kamree
 to Camp Kitaki's family day!!

While I loved camping when I was a Girl Scout, I'm not much for roughing it anymore. 
 Bugs and snakes and humidity and outhouses -- ewww -- not really my thing. 
I need air conditioning!
No way would these two ever trespass!!

Although I signed him up, we left Mr. Tennis at home as we figured maneuvering steep trails on a new hip might not be the best idea.  
We were right --some trails were so steep! 
This "shortcut" was straight up!

Of course, I worried the whole time about bugs/ticks falling into my frizzy hair never to be seen again, but still a good time was had by all!
Some of our faves from the camping trip:

This wobbly, fun Eagles Crossing Bridge! 

Watch out -- too many people on the bridge can make a person dizzy!!!

No running on the bridge please!

Paddle-boating on Lake Kitaki!! 

Those girls made us work and kept yelling, "faster, faster!"

The lifeguard actually blew her whistle at us. 
Evidently, we were floating too far away for her to save us if we capsized!  


The Nebraska version of sandy beaches!

Maddy went on a trail ride and loved her horse, Pete!

  Luckily, she didn't see the gigantic bull snake just outside the corral! 
Maddy even contemplated attending camp so she could rides horses every day . . .
IF it was day camp and she could come home every evening.  
But, it's overnight camp, so maybe next summer she'll be ready for that.

Love this sign near the stable!

We had so much fun and Maddy adores Jodee and Kamree! 
Thanks for letting us "camp" with you!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

School's Out for Summer!

Maddy has officially completed 4th grade and on to 5th in the fall! 
Whoa -- how can that even be possible!?!

She loved her teachers this year! 
Actually, she loves her teachers every year and wishes they would move up a grade with her.

This year, she picked out a door-art flower for Mrs. Mercer and wrote the rhyme:
Roses are red
Daisies are blue
4th Grade was Great
And so are You!

Jumping for joy and looking forward to a fun summer!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy B-day Walt!

My most adorable little grandson celebrated
 his first birthday last week!  

I think he looks so much like his Dad (my son)
did as a baby,
and he seems to have his sweet and mellow disposition too!

We had so much fun celebrating with them! 
 Maddy adores Janie (Walt's big sister) and Walt.
  She tried to teach them some of the moves to the
Wii Just Dance II game! 
 It was a riot! 
 Maddy and Janie were dancing and Walt was bouncing to the beat!

Moments later -- Walt did a face-dive into the cake!

Thanks Philip, Catherine and Janie for sharing Walt's b-day with us!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


What have you been inspired by lately?

Always inspired by my sweet little girl
and my big kids too and their sweet, helpful ways. 
Inspired by  Mr. Tennis's quick recovery from hip replacement,
though hoping he is not planning on riding his motor scooter or horse
anytime soon!! 
Did you hear that honey - the doc said no scooter or horse riding until at least 2013!

Beautiful flowers and photos always inspire me.
  Lovely homes inspire me to declutter --
but the clutter in my house often overwhelms me
 (where to start??  what to throw out??)
 so then I turn to . . .

I've been inspired by chocolates! 
Do you believe it?? 

Loving Dove* chocolates lately!!
Very, very smooth texture and so sweet and so chocolaty! 
Perfect with a cup of coffee or tea or water. 
Doesn't that sound yummy!?

Besides their divine favor,
I love the inspirational messages inside the Dove* chocolates.  

Who knew -- words of wisdom from chocolates?
My faves:
Chocolate is a gift of love
Shut out the world for just one moment. 
Be good to yourself today. 
Too much of a good thing is wonderful.
Clear your mind and enjoy this moment. 
Laugh whenever possible.

So, I really must
continue eating the chocolates
if only for inspiration purposes!
Don't you agree??  :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to our sweet little Scottie,
 Miss Muffy!
Meeting Muffy and her parents - Logan and Wallace

She's the daughter of Logan and Wallace of the Casebeer Scottish clan!  She was a mere 4 pounds when we brought her home in July, 2010. 

Muffy and Maddy -- at home - 2010

She's now full grown and 16 pounds of pure Scottish terrier fun!

Muffy is a sweet dog with a great (sometimes stubborn) personality!  She loves belly rubs, dog biscuits, going for walks, playing with toys, swimming and patrolling the yard.  Muffy hates squirrels and rabbits (she is a terrier, after all). 
She has a doggie best friend who lives across the street,
Dixie, the amazing Corgi. 

Fun in the snow -- obviously!

We love her to pieces and feel so lucky to have such a great dog. 
Her nicknames are Snuffy and Muffy-Noodle.
 She loves to lick toes and use her big nose
to nudge us when she wants more attention and/or a treat!

She and Maddy are best friends for life!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend Update!

Maddy & Friend!!

For the past three weeks, I have been getting ready for our neighborhood garage sale on May 4 -- sorting stuff, marking things, making plans for all the $$$ I would be making!

You know what they say about the best made plans!?!!!

Yep, the sale was a bust!  Instead of throngs visiting and buying stuff, there were not many visitors and even fewer sales!!!!!! 
Arghh!!  What a bummer!! 
Of course, it turned out to be an extremely hot and humid day. 
What's with 90% humidity and 90+ temps on the first weekend in May???  
 One crabby lady told me I didn't plan my sale for a very good day!!!! 
Huh????  Well, I can't pre-order the weather, can I??  No water for her!!!!

What a day!!  Left me with extremely frizzy hair and ginormous headache!

But that was Saturday and Sunday, a heavenly cool front appeared and saved the weekend!

Maddy and I ran around a little -- taking more stuff to Goodwill and attempting to take some photos for one of Lisa's classes.  Lisa is a fabulous teacher and so patient, especially with me! 

Maddy and I had fun at our downtown Haymarket area and
she strummed away on her ukulele. 

The weekend was not so bad after all with my helpful girl and that sweet smiling face!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

No BBQ Chips for Pioneer Students!!

In 4th grade here, the students
learn all about our lovely state of Nebraska!

   All students get to take a little field trip to Heritage School where they spend
the day doing school work on slates and  learning just like the students did in the good old days!! 
Oh, and they dressed like pioneers too!  It was a day to dump the uniform and put on a dress with an apron!
A Grandmother of a classmate made the most adorable dress
 and bonnet that Maddy wore!   

While the thought of a field trip was so exciting for Miss M,
 the menu was not. 

Because guess what, pioneers didn't have bbq chips! 
Nope, the students had to bring their own lunch and eat whatever students might have had back in the olden days!! 
 Oh my word! 
What in the world would my little bbq-chip-loving girl eat??? 

Well, she had a snickerdoodle cookie (approved), grapes and strawberries and
 bread with peanut butter all wrapped up in wax paper tied with twine
and placed in a bandanna! 
What a fun day!!

She came home with a much greater appreciation for all that the
 pioneers had to do!

She also snarfed down a couple bags of chips
 said she was so happy that she wasn't a pioneer girl!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fruity Delight!

I am now a believer!

In the power of fruit to make a
person's day so much brighter
 (not to mention healthier)! 
Usually, only chocolate could have made me so happy!

Of course, the best fruit is delivered in a most
delightful vase with chocolate covered
strawberries and chocolate pineapple flowers included!

Holy cats -- that was yummy and was totally devoured
by Miss Maddy, Mr. Tennis and Moi rather quickly!!
Many thanks to my office for
making Administrative Professionals Day so
special and delicious last week!