Wednesday, May 2, 2012

No BBQ Chips for Pioneer Students!!

In 4th grade here, the students
learn all about our lovely state of Nebraska!

   All students get to take a little field trip to Heritage School where they spend
the day doing school work on slates and  learning just like the students did in the good old days!! 
Oh, and they dressed like pioneers too!  It was a day to dump the uniform and put on a dress with an apron!
A Grandmother of a classmate made the most adorable dress
 and bonnet that Maddy wore!   

While the thought of a field trip was so exciting for Miss M,
 the menu was not. 

Because guess what, pioneers didn't have bbq chips! 
Nope, the students had to bring their own lunch and eat whatever students might have had back in the olden days!! 
 Oh my word! 
What in the world would my little bbq-chip-loving girl eat??? 

Well, she had a snickerdoodle cookie (approved), grapes and strawberries and
 bread with peanut butter all wrapped up in wax paper tied with twine
and placed in a bandanna! 
What a fun day!!

She came home with a much greater appreciation for all that the
 pioneers had to do!

She also snarfed down a couple bags of chips
 said she was so happy that she wasn't a pioneer girl!!


Dawn said...

I love this...bbq chips are my fave too :) She looks so adorable in that dress, straight out of Little House on the Prairie :)

lori carolina said...

Oh that's funny! The day sounds wonderful, what a great learning experience for the kids. That dress and apron is adorable!!!

Kim K. said...

I'm smiling at the BBQ chips. Josie loves spicy chips. The spicier the better. How cute does she look in that adorable dress and apron!! So Little House and the Prairie. Any chance that might be Halloween costume worthy?

Jodee said...

Maddy looked soooo cute on pioneer day. I especially love her braids!

I am with Maddy! I couldn't live like a pioneer either. Bring on the BBQ chips! HA HA!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Ivy Shaffer said...

Oh my word, your beauty has grown tall and yes even more beautiful, especially loving those braids.

Sorry I've not been over to blog for quite a while but that's changing since I am no longer a FB fan. Glad to see Spring Break was amazing (and my fav. boardwalk is also there lol).

Happy May and might I add a Happy and Blessed Mother's Day.