Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fruity Delight!

I am now a believer!

In the power of fruit to make a
person's day so much brighter
 (not to mention healthier)! 
Usually, only chocolate could have made me so happy!

Of course, the best fruit is delivered in a most
delightful vase with chocolate covered
strawberries and chocolate pineapple flowers included!

Holy cats -- that was yummy and was totally devoured
by Miss Maddy, Mr. Tennis and Moi rather quickly!!
Many thanks to my office for
making Administrative Professionals Day so
special and delicious last week!


Kim K. said...

Very pretty. I would have eaten all the chocolate ones first (smile).

Jodee said...

Seriously! That edible bouquet rocked! It was soooo delish and especially the chocolate covered fruit! We must order another one soon!

The Sanders Family said...

What a beautiful...and yummy...arrangement of fruit! And what a beautiful little girl. She is lovely.