Thursday, December 7, 2017

Minding the Clutter

Recently Miss M and I started meditating in the evenings
before bed in order to relax and shoo the clutter in our heads away
(the clutter in the house is another story), and 
quiet the noise and worries of the day.
No getting around it -- life is stressful.

 I admit it, I was skeptical and pictured meditating as 
 sitting cross-legged and mumbling "OMMMMM".
It's not -- and, of course as you would expect, there's an
app for that!
  Actually, there are probably a LOT of  different apps
(whatever did we do before apps?)

We've both found the Headspace app to very helpful.
From their site, they report they have hundreds of themed sessions
on everything from stress to sleep with bite-sized meditations for busy schedules.
We're doing a 30-day (5-10 minute) per day program and
we both look forward to listening to Headspace every evening.

So, that's it for my PSA for today -- if you haven't tried a 
little meditating and feel increasingly behind and
stressed out -- give it a try and become at least 10% happier -
according to ABC reporter Dan Harris (I like that guy)!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Hello December!

Hello December!
It seriously barely feels like December around here!
Sooooo strange -- it's been springlike since Thanksgiving. 
We broke 3 or 4 record highs!  I'm not complaining as I
LOVE temps in the 60s and 70s at turkey time!
However, I am worried about my flowers -- they must think
spring has come early  esp. with all the watering
that Mr. Tennis is doing!

Anywho -- we'll take this nice weather while we can because am
fairly certain, cold temps, snow and ice are not too far off.

On a recent warm day, Miss M had the idea to go
out for photos!  That girls loves to ham it up 
and comes up with the best props!

We had so much with these photos and 
she made some Christmas cards and
already sent them out to the JV cheer squad!
She amazes me with all she does and I just love
that bright smile of hers!

Cheering is super busy again with boys and girl JV and Reserve
basketball and wrestling too!  
It's a workout -- for her -- not me -- I sit in the stands
and watch the cheerleaders more than the other athletes!

Have a super weekend friends!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Getting ready!
 This year we had our feast a few days early!
It was so fun and mostly yummy -- the turkey turned
out very, very dry!  Yikes!
Oh well -- the sides were delish - so who cares
about turkey anyway!

Maddy, Grace and Grace's roomie - Nevaeh!

Bonus -- this year, my sweet and adorable
niece, Grace, is at the University here.
Grace and one of her roommates also joined us and
it was great to have them with us!
I mentioned a couple of family favorite foods. . . 
strawberry jello with strawberries and cool whip marshmallow fruit salad
(both very healthy options) that we always had as kids.

Shock -- my sister has not kept up that tradition at 
her house, but she will now that Grace has 
tasted those wonderful traditional
Thanksgiving foods.

Baby Dorothy - 1-1/2 years old!
The big kids (Philip & Catherine and Connor) also joined us
with the littles!  So much fun with those 4! 
Somehow, we missed getting the oldest Jane in a photo -- sorry sweetheart!

3 of 4 of the grandkids!  Such cuties!
Maddy and I are now devising our shopping plans!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


Friday, November 17, 2017

The Business - Happy Hound Collection

Some of you may remember that Maddy
has a little doggie bandana business.  
Since it's been about a year since she first started it,
I thought I'd do a quick update!

Muffy - modeling one of the flannel tie-on bandanas!
Last year around this time, Maddy and I attended and sold
at our first and only craft fair.
While it was a fun and learning experience, we learned
that most of the people visiting our church-sponsored
craft fair were little old ladies whose dogs had just died.
Soooo, they were not at all interested in our adorable doggie bandanas.  
Nothing against lol [little old ladies], of course,
as I am getting to be one of them, but we quickly figured out they
were not our target audience.
Maddy researched a plan and decided an etsy (homemade items) store
was the way to go!  She made a logo and set up the Etsy
site, listing products and doing all kinds of social media
posts on Instagram.
She's had over 572 sales since her business
started in February, 2017!  That does not include
direct sales to friends and neighbors.
Isn't that amazing!
So proud of her and all her hard work!
She really connects with her customers and has developed
so many Happy Hound friendships!
We love visiting the fabric stores and choosing fabrics and 
sewing, sewing, sewing!
Plus, our Scottie Muffy, has thoroughly enjoyed
modeling and receiving loads of treats for her hard work!
If you'd like to see any bandanas currently available,
check it out at   Happy Hound Collection
Yawning or just waiting for another treat?  Modeling is a tough gig!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

We Love Fall!

 Finally -- it seems that fall temps are here to 
stay!  Leaves are falling almost as fast as the temperatures!
Yippee -- we love fall -- it's just that winter is up next 
that worries me a bit!

Recently, Miss M and I went out for a little photo shoot!
That girl loves to be silly sometimes and she's already
planning a Christmas-theme photo shoot!

She took her favorite pineapple-shaped uke as a prop!
She loved uke lessons and just gave them up recently
as there were too many other commitments going on.
No worries - she can still strum a good tune!

We are so thankful to have this ray of sunshine 
in our lives - every single day!
She's amazing!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Halloween Update

Just a tad bit late on the Halloween update, but here goes!

Maddy had planned to be a unicorn for Halloween,
but her costume was not quite warm enough as we got hit
with a bit of a cold spell.
Plan B -- wear a Cheer Bear onesie!  
It was perfect and she said she 
was warm and toasty!
We went to Boo at the Zoo - a 
tradition we just can't give up yet!
Oh my word -- we had a million trick-or-treaters
on our block.  My neighbor counted (who does that?)
and said she stopped counting after 600!!!!
Seriously, the sidewalks were full of kids and parents!

The need for candy is great!! 

The need for cute decorated cookies is also great!

This was the first year ever that I bought candy that I do not 
like for trick or treaters so I wouldn't eat it.
Nerds -- who eats those things??? Ugh.
Of course, I am wishing that I had some good 
candy bars!  

Have a great weekend friends!
Enjoy that extra hour of sleep!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Jumping Around at the Pumpkin Patch

This has been a crazy, long, stressful week, so
let's look at some fun photos, shall we!

One of our so-called yearly traditions is a 
visit to the near-by pumpkin patch!
Maddy's favorite thing to do is not the hayrack ride or
the pumpkins!  Rather, it is jumping on
these crazy jumping pillows!

She loves those things -- I know we should
have had a trampoline for her, but I have always worried
about injuries.
Yes, my name is Jboo and I worry . . . constantly . . .
it's what I do best!

Anyhooo, she had an afternoon off recently
so we headed to the patch for some fallish fun!

She had loads of fun and really 
who can't help but have a good time
jumping and going down ridiculously long slides.

Happy Fall!
Winter temps around the corner for us --
how about you?