Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Girl Can Jump!

Maddy has what I call --Mad Jumping Skills!
I'm sure she inherited her athletic abilities from me! 
HA --- kidding!
No one would ever describe me as athletic!
My favorite jumping sport when I was young, 
was jumping jacks and the pogo stick -- those count, right???

She and I went out the other day to attempt to get 
some photos for our Christmas card.
Although she likes to have family photos for Christmas and
prefers someone besides me to take the photos,
not gonna happen this year since
you know who (moi) is
STILL sporting a black eye. :(

Although the weather did not feel like
it was time for Christmas photos
since it was 84 and humid, 
we pretended!
I'm not sure any of the jumping photos
will make it to the final Christmas card,
but I love seeing them.
And . . . doing jumps like those in
skinny, skinny jeans and boots is not easy, 
so she did a  shorter jump as I kept cutting off
her pretty little head!
Ooops -- photo errors happen!
Now, let's everybody --
Jump for Joy!


Friday, October 14, 2016

Freshie Bonding Session - Pumpkin Style

Last weekend, the freshies (freshman cheerleaders)
were all invited to a pizza and pumpkin fest at one of
the cheer captain's homes!

They had pizza, made caramel apples and
painted pumpkins!
It was a really nice break for the girls from the
busy-busy-busyness of cheering commitments,
homework, studying for quizzes and attempting to fit in something 
fun once in a while -- like shopping! :)

The struggle is real~~being a high schooler these
days is not at all like it was back in the dark ages
 when I was in high school!
Yes, dinosaurs did roam the earth back when I was a 
coed at my local Catholic high school
Go Cardinals!

These girls are so sweet and work so hard at cheer 
and at school!
Thanks to the Mom and co-captains for providing such a fun
activity and break!

Happy TGIF!
We are hoping to fit in some shopping this weekend!
What about you???

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Pink Report!

Since October is breast cancer awareness month,
my favorite cheerleaders are wearing pink bows
and using Pink Pom Poms!  

They are also participating in the Walk to End
 Breast Cancer later this month. 

Last Friday, the theme for the football game
was pinkout!
I had totally forgotten how much fun 
high school football games can be!
These young freshman cheerleaders work so hard
and are so sweet!

On a more serious note,
like so many other families, breast cancer
has affected my family as well.
So much research is being done and I pray that 
we will see a cure in the not too distant future.
Please join me in supporting your local area
activities in the Walk for a Cure.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Way More Fun Than a Black Eye

First, thank you all so much for your sweet
comments and prayers on my last post re my black eye.
It's improving, though still very colorful.
You could even call it seasonal with purple, green 
and  yellow tones!
Hoping it will be totally gone in a couple more weeks!
Anywhooo -- on to more fun topics!

Waiting for the performance to begin -- when did she get so grown up?
Earlier in the year, I heard that Idina Menzel (of Rent, Wicked and 
Frozen fame) would be in town giving a performance at our 
city's performing arts center.
I checked with Maddy and she was a definite YES 
when I asked if we should get tickets!

The concert was last Friday night
and . . . 
Idina (yes, we are on a first name basis!) was fabulous!!
She was so very good even though she had a cold and
had to clear her throat a couple times.  

Oh my word -- what an incredible voice!
She really bonded with and engaged the audience and was simply terrific!
Our seats were in the 3rd row -- totally awesome!!
Maddy was a little worried about what Idina might
think of my black eye, but I don't think she even noticed it.
It was really a great concert and wonderful Mom/Daughter
We love you Idina!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Purple is Not Really My Fave Color

Although I like the color purple, it's not a color
I wear very often!
But . . . 
it is currently featured big on my left eye and face!
Shortly after the accident
Holy smokes -- I've got a shiner!
Some of you have already seen it on FB, but for those
who haven't, I thought I'd share on the blog too.

Really getting purple!
It happened due to a weird little accident!
I had a run-in with a ladder!
Yes, I actually ran into a ladder sticking out of the
flatbed of a truck that was parked in a place it
shouldn't have been.  I wasn't watching where I was 
walking and walked right into the bottom of the ladder!
It hit both sides of my face, but the left side much harder!
It immediately swelled up so much that my eye nearly swelled shut,
so I went to an Urgent Care
to make sure I didn't break a facial bone.
I didn't break anything and luckily I didn't poke my eye out!
So, here's your PSA for this week -- 
watch where you're walking!

Guess what -- parent/teacher conferences at high school
were on the schedule for the day after the accident!
I scared every teacher and all the other parents at school with
my black eye!
At least Maddy's teachers and the school principal will remember me!
Yes, I made quite the impression!

Have a great weekend and
be careful out there!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Poncho Weather is Here!!

Jumping for joy -- sweater weather has arrived!!
Morning temps in the 40s this week!
Now if only I was a bit more organized, I would have all
our fall gear ready to wear!

Maddy wearing a poncho- October, 2015
Sooooo, while I'm trying to dig out our fall sweaters and
long-sleeve tops, I've been 
looking at some of my favorite sweater ponchos on-line and
thinking about doing a little retail therapy!

Raise your hand if you love a good poncho too!

Besides being so adorable, they cover all kinds of flaws for
middle-aged Moms like me!
Love how the cowl neck ponchos do the work of scarves and cover
up my neck -- no need
for a neck-lift when you've got a great cowl neck poncho!
Bonus -- ponchos are a long enough to cover the dreaded mid-area -- 
a saving grace for me when I don't want to squeeze into some of the
dreaded spanx!

And who doesn't love what I call the football blankie poncho!!
Ooooh -- I love her boots too!

Another one from Macy's.com

My favorite poncho is one in a blast from the past -- 
Miss Maddy at 6 years old!  
I'd like to tell you that I knit that poncho 
for her myself, but you know, I don't lie to my friends!
Enemies yes; friends no! 

Welcome Fall Temps -- 
now, show me your ponchos!  :)

Friday, September 23, 2016

Hello Fall, Hello Weekend!

Hello Fall!!!
Attention - Mother Nature:
Guess what --
Fall means cooler temps, sweater weather, falling leaves and pumpkins!
 So MN (Mother Nature), what is the deal with the high temps and high
Stop it right this instant!

Sooooo, even though we're not enjoying cooler temps and sweater weather,
we are still loving all the pumpkins showing up at
our local pumpkin patch
and garden stores!

Love the gnarly gourds!

Sadly, we don't usually buy many for decorative purposes on
our front porch because the ravenous squirrels take
that as an invitation to a feast and make an
incredible ugly mess!
Bad squirrels!!!

Any weekend plans???
Friday night lights tonight and little Granddaughter Janie
will be "performing" with the cheerleaders!
We can't wait for that as she has spirit overload!

Happy Weekend Friends!

Flashback Friday Foto - Fall, 2011