Monday, March 20, 2017

Hippity Hoppity

It's that time of year -- time to change the
door art to a spring design!

Door art is fairly popular in our neighborhood.
It so much fun to see what the neighbors will come up with next.

One neighbor had a Giant Hershey Kiss for 
Valentine's Day!
When Maddy saw it, she said it would be perfect for me! 
 Oh yes -- the girl knows me well!

Since St. Patrick's Day is over, we just retired our Shamrock and
are so excited to show off our polka-dot bunny!

We love how the change of season and/or celebrations
are displayed on the doors around our area!
My favorites are the new one -- the bunny, of course,
but also love our ice cream cone for summer
and the birthday cake for birthdays!

Do you do door art in your neighborhood?

Friday, March 17, 2017

Random Thoughts

TGIF and Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Finally -- we are enjoying some warmer temps and sunny skies!
Love that the grass is greening up, birds are singing and
the furnace isn't running full blast!

My neighbor's daffodils are blooming!
This is the time of year that I love  - so nice to get outside to
walk/run, see the neighbors, find out the neighborhood news, etc.
Hoping that our boulevard that was decimated last fall for
street work gets some much-needed attention and
will not be a mud-pit!

What's on your weekend agenda?
Tidying up around the house and yard is the top of my list!
Beauty and the Beast also on the schedule.
What about you?
Have a fabulous weekend friends!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Keep Calm and Tap Dance!

Do you tap?
After cheerleading and the early morning practices ended 
a couple weeks ago,  Maddy decided to try something totally new!
Tap Dancing!

We found a "Tap for Teens" class at a dance studio she 
went to years ago.  After two "try it out first" classes, she was hooked!  
She said it is very fun, but way harder than it looks!
She wanted me to join in -- but (1) I'm not a teen by a very long shot; and
(2)  I have no sense of rhythm and fell over during a trial
Zumba class.
 Me = No Coordination!!
I can walk and I can run (a little -- not too far)
 -- that's the extent of my athletic abilities!

As luck would have it (for me anyway), parent visitation was
last week and they only have those once per semester.
During the two classes she attended,  I had been peeking through the windows,
 but all I could
see was a lot of legs and feet moving very, very quickly!
I thought there were 15-20 girls in the class, but only 9 --
just lots of feet tapping!
So nice that they are all around the same age -- most are
freshmen or sophomores in high school.

She's learning very quickly and having the best time!
It's totally a nice break from studies on Tuesday evenings.
Our new motto is
"Stay Calm and Tap Dance"
Happy Weekend!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Well Hello March and 14 Years Together!

Hello March!
It feels like thunderstorms are on the way.
Yes, I should be a weather forecaster!
Look what it was like 14 years ago in Hong Kong!

The warm weather today reminds me of what it was like so many years ago
in the People's Republic of China!
It was warm and humid (as you can tell from my curly hair).
Such a special day for our family  ---
we finally met our sweet baby girl Maddy Mei.

Sometimes called Gotcha Day and
also known as Family Day marks the day 
when Maddy joined our family.
We already loved her from the photos we received earlier,
but meeting her in person was so special.
Such chaos going on all around us, but all we could
see was our beautiful girl.

Happy 14th Family Day!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Little Snow and a Birthday!

Our winter weather has been a bit strange!
We had 6 days in February with temps in the 70's!
Most of us were very happy with those
warm and sunny days!
Ahhhh-- felt like spring!

Two days after hitting a record high of 76, we had
thunder, rain, hail, sleet and snow all in the time frame of 2-3 hours!
That's the beauty of living in Nebraska -
the weather can change very quickly!

Our little Scottie thinks she is a snowdog -- she absolutely
loves it and spent a lot of time rolling around in the snow and rubbing her 
face in it every single time she went outside!
She has so much fun that I don't mind (too much) the messy towels 
and blankets she uses to dry off when she comes back into the house 
only to want to go out again in a very short amount of time. 

Who knows what the weatherman will bring us in March and April?
I'm ready for the warm-up to hang-around!

Happy last day of February
and Happy Birthday to my firstborn son Philip today!!
[He'll love that he got to share a blog post with the dog!!!]

I didn't make this cookie-cake, but wish I had a bite of it!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

State Cheer Tournament

Last week all of the cheerleaders attended the 
Nebraska State High School Cheer and Dance Championships!

It was an even earlier wake-up call than their usual
6 AM practices as they had to be at school and ready
to  roll out of town at 5:45 AM!

Do you see Maddy?  She's in the back line pretty far to the left.
The Pius X girls came in 3rd in sideline cheer and 5th (out of 10) in tumbling.
So proud of all the girls as they did a great job this year!  
I had no idea how much work and practice goes into 
cheerleading!  And the girls really enjoyed supporting the
team sports at Pius.
A little sad and hard to believe that cheer is over now.  
They have an end-of-the-year
potluck banquet in March, but no more practices until . . . 
tryouts for next year in early April!


Monday, February 13, 2017

The Yellow Balloon!

Red + yellow = fun combination!
Maddy received a red coat for Christmas and she
absolutely loves that coat!
Of course she would -- we live in Nebraska --
everyone loves RED here! :)

On her list of things to do recently was to go out to
our favorite spot near Holmes Lake and
do a photo shoot in that red coat.
For fun, we added a yellow balloon!

Timing was everything as we wanted a warmish day so we wouldn't 
be freezing and it couldn't be too windy!
We had such a day and even though it
didn't seem windy,
even a teensy little breeze
got that balloon a-moving!

It was fun though and it's so sweet that
she is still agreeable (sometimes) to having
me take her picture!

Also, many thanks for your sweet comments
and orders from Maddy's etsy shop!
We have been sewing up a little storm.
Go figure - her favorite shopping outing now
is to a fabric store! :)