Thursday, December 5, 2019

Stock Market Challenge

A couple weeks ago, Maddie and her classmates
from The Career Academy (TCA) 
participated in The Stock Market Challenge
where they try to make a bunch of money
on the stock market -- definitely
sounds like a challenge!
Maddie attends the dual high school/college credit classes (known as TCA)
 in the afternoons
after spending her mornings in classes at Pius.
She said it was a wild time just like on the real stock market exchange!

Maddie's group from TCA came in 5th Place out of
60 teams!  
Add to that,  they came in 1st Place as Best Dressed!
What an outstanding performance!

Friday, November 22, 2019

Our Early Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Feast

Happy Almost Thanksgiving!

We had an early celebration last weekend since my son, 
Philip, and his family are busy on Thanksgiving.
We don't really care for turkey -- I know -- sacrilege on Thanksgiving, right?!
But . . . we love the sides like stuffing, mashed potatoes
 (thanks Lisa K for the recipe many years ago), 
fruit salad, jello, dinner rolls, pie and fudge.
Yes, fudge is Thanksgiving food!!!
So, I called it our Non-Traditional Thanksgiving feast!
We had chicken strips, mashed potatoes, salad (fruit and green)
strawberry jello, pie and a first for us on Thanksgiving --
chicken enchiladas!
Oh my word, those enchiladas were SOOOOO delish!
I patted myself on the back for days about how good they were!

The original Boucher clan
Since we also have Miss Frannie Doodle now, the kids
ate fast and ran outside to play with her!
Bingo -- kept the pup and the kids busy!
I also baked some carrot cake muffins (from scratch, no less)
and they were not good - awful -- blech!
 In fact, I tore the recipe up
and threw it away. 
Definitely should have stuck with brownies!

Pappa Rickster and the youngest -- Gloria
I'm not sure what the Rickster, Connor, Maddie and I
will have on the real Thanksgiving, but again,
it won't be turkey!

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

More on Frannie!

Of course, we have more to say 
about Frannie and more photos
to post!

She's a bit of a clothes horse and with it getting cold 
out so so fast this year (2 degrees this morning) 
she's almost always in a sweater!

She wears her favorite llama sweater to puppy daycare almost every day.
Yes, she goes to daycare!
I go to work, Maddie goes to school, Frannie goes to daycare.

If she didn't, I'm sure the house would be an even larger
disaster than it already is!
I'm kind of one of those messy people and Frannie is contributing
a lot to the messiness!

My excuse lately is that Frannie is keeping me busy and
that is true!  Maddie and I take her on long weeks
when the temp is above 5 degrees.  Frannie refused to go on
a walk last night -- way too chilly even with her sweater!

Being a puppy and a model is tiring!
Asleep on her feet!

Last weekend, she made it her mission to devour
and try to carry home every large stick she could find.
When will those sharp puppy teeth fall out???

We're also doing puppy training classes! 
Oh my word, those are a hoot!
Frannie is very smart and a quick learner, but . . . 
she gets distracted by the other pups
and the rubber mats on the floor,
the door opening, the other 2 puppies, 
and everything else.
She's 14 weeks old now.
Final exam Thursday -- let's hope she passes!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Hello Frannie!

As I'm always saying, I can't believe this month
zipped by so fast!
Seriously -- it really did.
And I kind of hate for it to be over.
Trees are turning color here in Nebraska and are stunning!

Breeder Little Paws of Iowa Photo (probably 6 weeks old)
 It's been a busy month as we welcomed a puppy this month.
I really didn't think we would  welcome another dog so soon, but our hearts were
broken and we were so sad when Muffy died.
The house felt empty and lonely without her.

Our new pup, Miss Frannie, is a Mini-Goldendoodle.
She's a little bundle of energy and is working
overtime healing our broken hearts.
She's almost 12 weeks old now
and probably around 10 pounds.
The breeder estimates she will be 25 pounds full grown.
She's a fast learner and puppy classes are helping her learn new tricks
and how to behave herself.
Stay tuned!  The Adventures of Miss Frannie Doodle will continue!

Friday, October 25, 2019

Part 2 -- The Photographer

Part 2 and some more senior photos -
bear with me please and/or jump to some other
blog if you like!

One of Maddie's pastimes this past summer was working
on honing her photography skills.
In order to improve her people photo-taking 
[she already had worked extensively on dog and bandana photos], 
she recruited friends and volunteered to do photo shoots for them!
As everyone knows, a girl can never have too many new photos 
for social media accounts, right!
She had a load of fun, improved her 
photography and her editing skills!

So, when Meg asked her what props she'd like to
bring for senior photos, she grabbed her camera!

Some weekends Mads was booked both Fridays and
Saturdays and Sundays!  At least 3 or 4 girls used photos Maddie took
for their senior yearbook photos.
She took one girl's senior photos for her - spending
3+ hours doing photos in 3 different locations all over Lincoln!
Then she spent another 3+ hours editing and sending 
the photos out!

It was a fun time for her and she really enjoyed it!
I was her assistant -- somebody needs to
hold gear and the light reflector thingy.
Since it's getting cold and dark out earlier now, there are
not too many photo shoots scheduled.
However, she hopes to keep improving and may have it as a part-time gig
in the future.
Smile pretty for the camera now!

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Senior Photos - Part 1

Attempting to jump back into the blog scene 
and planning/hoping to get some updates done one of these days!
Once again, I am wayyyyyy behind!

Last month, I teased you all with a sneak peek
at Maddie's senior photo shoot.
I have more to share now that we received
the photos from Meg Slattery.

Maddie opted to do one hour of photos in one outfit
at one location.
Most seniors are doing 3 hours in 3 different outfits
at 3 different locations.
Oy -- that's a lot of picture-taking!

So, I was delighted that my girl was more
rational and restrained for her senior photos!

We met at a great outdoor park and Meg and Maddie 
had loads of fun.  They both laughed so much!
Ahhh - that's the low-key, no stress way to
do senior photos!

 Isn't she adorable?!

Will share more in a Part 2 as Meg got some of 
Maddie with her uke and her camera - her two favorite things from
high school.  I wanted to bring along her sewing machine, but
that might just be a little weird in an outside photo!
Stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Hello October!

Hello October!
Hoping it is a better month than September.
Definitely starting out on the extremely rainy side -
yesterday we had nearly 3 inches of rain.
Raining buckets as I was driving and I could barely see -
you know I'm not a confident driver in bad weather!
That was scary -- but saying Hail Mary's out loud
always helps me and I made it through the deluge.
I think cooler temps and lovely days are in the forecast
in a day or two -- more rain today.

Looking back at the life of our sweet pup - Muffy Mei!

Adorable little pup in 2010!

She loved chewy sticks and treats!

Brave girl went down the slide!

Modeling for the bandana business!

Maddie and Muffy featured in our neighborhood magazine!

Yes, we were those people -- we got her a pet
stroller and were able to use it a couple times when
she was too worn out to walk.
Muffy died a week after her cancer diagnosis on September 20, 2019.
We loved that sweet dog so much.