Thursday, August 16, 2018

First Day of Her Fabulous Junior Year

And all of sudden . . .
she's a junior in high school!

She was up early today even though school had a late start
and off on her own in the big red jeep!
Bummer that someone was in her assigned parking spot
this morning, but she found an empty one.

1st Grade
It felt a little strange that I wasn't dropping her off at school --
wasn't she just starting first grade????

We have tagged a word of the day/year for 
junior year and it is FABULOUS!
If we say it, think it and believe it, it will happen.

This year one of her friends has the locker below hers!
Yes, finally she was assigned an upper locker.
That made her so happy!
She took a bunch of snacks today as she thinks
she and Gracie may be starving at either the beginning or
end of the day and  need some nourishment!  :)

She's planning to check our some clubs and try new things
this year!

I just love her so and hope she has the best year ever!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Backpack Shopping - Vera - We Love You!

So, I was the only one who got
new shoes in back-to-school shopping! :)

But we also shopped for a new backpack!
Maddie's last backpack was hammered -- due to carrying
around 60+ pounds of books every single day!
 It held up well for last year, but there's no way it can take
that load again.

The go-to backpacks for high school girls
in these parts are Vera Bradley!
Happily, there's a Vera Bradley shop at the outlet
not too far away!

I love these colorful backpacks and so does M!
In addition, she needed a matching lanyard for ID purposes and
a small money-holder/driver's license whatchamacallit.
So, we had a very successful day at the outlet
and she's mostly ready for
back to school.

Plus, her plaid uniform skirt that has been on back
order for months just arrived!

She was thrilled! Ha Ha HA!

Hello Junior Year - starting August 16!

Friday, August 3, 2018

Back to School Shopping!

It's that time of year . . . 
but, shhhhh -- Maddie does not take kindly to 
hearing the words "School starts soon!"
Plus, there's not a whole lot of back to school shopping 
for students who wear uniforms!
The big decision is - what polo shirt to buy??
Navy, white or green?  All three --  yes!
However, let's talk shopping for shoes!  

My little sister loves shoes, but I usually just try find
a pair that doesn't kill my feet.
I found some absolutely adorable ones at Target and I know
you'll want to see them!! 
These pink mules are beyond cute and did find their way 
home with me!

Aren't the mustard yellow mules cute too?
I know these would make me feel so glamorous, how about you?

Who doesn't love some clogs?  Comfy, comfy comfy!
My son had some like these back when he was in high school!  
Some things never go out of style,
am I right?
Why yes, yes I am! :)

I love to have a couple extra inches of height, so these
clog/mules would be just the ticket.
My only problem is that I might actually fall off -- 
Never good to fall off your shoes, so maybe not for me!

My all-time favorite shoes -- slippers!

What about you?  Any new shoes in your cart?

Well, I got so carried away looking for shoes for myself,
I totally forgot about back to school shoe shopping for M.
I think her Birks still fit her, so she's good! :)

Happy Shopping and Happy Weekend Friends!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Vintage Wedding Dress Fashion Show

Last month, a friend asked if Maddie would like
to be in a vintage wedding dress fashion show
called Unboxed Memories?
Hmmm -- sounds interesting, doesn't it!
Maddie agreed, tried on a dress and we pretty much
forgot about it since it was at least 6 weeks off.

Well, those 6 weeks zipped right by (just like summer break has done)
and last weekend it was time for the
fashion show!

The show was being put on by a local church as a fundraiser
for scholarship money for women.
The chance to wear a pretty wedding dress and help raise
money for women -- that's what I call a win/win situation!

Maddie and Annie -- sneak peek at the beautiful brides
they will be someday far, far off in the future!
Maddie's friend from cheerleading, Annie, was also in the 
fashion show.  The dress Maddie wore was from 1973 - so not terribly 
old or vintage.
 There was also a flapper wedding dress and dresses from 1909, 1912, 1920's, 
1930s and every decade.
They also had a futuristic dress!  
I think I'll stick with vintage!

It was a very popular fundraiser
 (I was surprised by how many people were there)
and I'm sure they collected
a good sum for scholarship purposes.
Definitely not something that was on the bucket list for summer -
but it was a great experience and so fun to have a teensy little
peak at Maddie and Annie as brides way off in the future.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Chicago - Part 2

More on the Chicago girls' trip!

Kennedy, Jodi, me and Maddie
It was a quick weekend jaunt and we now know 
that Chicago is a perfect weekend trip!
Loads to do and see and not too far from home,
so quick flights and no waiting to change planes.
Of course, we could drive too - but that would substantially
lengthen the trip!
Anywhoooo -- back to Chicago fun!

On our first day there, we followed Clark's suggestion 
[Jodi's husband] and headed straight
out the hotel and a quick right to
Stan's Donuts!
Did not disappoint -- I don't know about you, but I always need a 
chocolate donut to get moving!

BIG city - BIG buildings!
Later, after many consults of the map, we 
found our way to the river and hopped aboard
an architectural boat tour down the Chicago river.
So fun and so much to learn!
Plus--riding in a boat sure beats walking!

Boat ride -- doesn't that girl have pretty hair???
Later, we jumped in a water taxi for a ride from Navy Pier
to the Willis Tower.
Bravely, we peered out over the City -- that could 
make a person a little dizzy!

Willis Tower
Since it was getting late and we were wanting to try yet 
another mode of transportation,
we hailed a pedicab back to the hotel!

The pedicab ride was voted everyone's favorite
adventure in Chicago!
Our driver was cute and fun and funny!
Plus, he was quite impressed that I won the 
bicycle championship in Omaha when I was 10 years old!
He also blew through a number of red lights!
No doubt, once he got moving, he didn't want to stop.
It was a Sunday and traffic was fairly light!
LOVED the pedicab ride!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Girl Trip!

I have definitely gotten way behind in blogging
this summer, so I'll be attempting to
catch up a bit here and there
and posts may be out of order!

Trump Tower on the river
A couple weekends ago, M and I took a quick trip to Chicago!
It was a mother/daughter trip and we invited our 
neighbors [the sugar glider neighbors] to go too.
They decided at the last minute to join us!

After arriving mid-afternoon, we made our way to Navy Pier --
one of my favorites places in Chicago!
We talked our neighbors Jodi and Kennedy into
hopping aboard the wave swinger!
It was SO. MUCH. FUN!
I'm not too sure Jodi was convinced and will go on that ride again!
Navy Pier was swinging!

Navy Pier - so beautiful!
We had such a great time!
In addition, the Weather Gods heard my prayers and
we had perfect weather!  Mid-80s and low humidity!

Lunch at Bubba Gump
We did all the usual tourist stuff -- Navy Pier,
Architectural Boat Tour, Sears Tower (now Willis Tower),
Shedd Aquarium and, of course,
window shopping along Michigan Avenue!

Fountains at Navy Pier
More to come -- stay tuned!
Happy weekend!!

Friday, July 6, 2018

Tippy Tap!

A couple years ago, after cheer had finished, 
and Maddie was feeling like she had a lot of spare time (!),
she decided to try tap dance lessons!
Our dance studio has a class called Teen Tap so
the dancers were all teenagers and basically at the 
same newbie level!

Recital June 2018
Maddie loved it and came out every week with a red face and a really big smile.
  So much fun and an incredible workout too!

Our studio has big recitals during the even-numbered years.
It's a great way to do recitals as every single year might get to be a
bit much.  They do smaller recitals in the odd-numbered years and
not every dance class performs.

This was the year of the big recital!
The tap classes danced to a song called Faith
from the movie SING.

Maddie was one of the lead-in tappers -- that's my terminology - basically,
she led the group in on the right side to the performance stage.
She came out with the biggest smile on her face
and did fantastic!  It was so much fun to watch!

While the ballet and jazz and lyrical dances and dancers
were also beautiful -- 
the tap was the most spirited and fun!