Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Great Flooring Project of 2014 - Part 1 - the Destruction!

Hello Friends!
I am a wee bit behind on posting.
I have some very good reasons, of course!

The destruction and re-do of the Great Flooring Project of 2014
 started last week or was it the the week before?
I think the dust has addled my brain a bit!

We live in an older home. It was built in 1924!
I think that was a very good year as that was the year
my Dad, Al, was born!

We knew we had original wood floors in the living room and dining room.
We believed there was some wood in the entry way and maybe in the kitchen and hallways
under a few (4+) layers
of vinyl (vinyl was so good in its time, wasn't it?).
So, we decided to refinish the wood wherever it was,
tear out the vinyl and replace with new wood and have all the flooring 
on the main floor be the same.
What a project!!

First, we had to have all the furniture and appliances moved to the garage.
Remember -- the house is old . . . the garage is not attached and 
has 5-6 stairs down to the driveway and garage.

Then the tear-up started.
Two phone calls at work that morning made me nervous . . . very nervous!

There weren't 4+ layers of vinyl -- after 3 layers, there was concrete!
Seriously -- concrete!!!
So, that had to be jackhammered out and a new subfloor installed.
Oy vey!! 

Every day returning home was a mystery as to what we
would find.  After the 2 calls that first day, the flooring guy decided to
spare me and stopped calling. 
Thank you Pete! :)

The dust and mess was everywhere and there was no dishwasher,
no refrigerator, no first-floor potty and no way to find anything.
So, we did what anyone with a sane mind would do 
. . .
we left for Disney World!

To be continued!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Deja Vu All Over Again!

In the immortal words of  Yogi Berra . . .

It's like deja vu all over again!

Snow in April!
This time even later than last year --
snow on April 13th!

Seriously old man winter -- give it up already! :)



Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Warming Up to Spring!

Hello Friends!
Are you enjoying spring?

Time to get the scooter out!
We're having some warmish days
and it is lovely and so cool in the mornings that I have 
re-started my early morning runs!
Ok, I admit, I do have to talk myself out of a warm and 
toasty bed at 5:15 am,
but once I am out running
 (or run/walking is more like it),
I never regret it.
So sweet to hear the birds singing and greeting the morning.

Muffy - wishing for a side-car on the scooter!

Mr. Tennis planted some pansies and
put up some new little solar lights!
They look so cool twinkling at night!

The decluttering project is in full force for
the flooring project that starts on Monday!
Yikes -- will I be ready??

Movers are arriving on Saturday morning to
move all the furniture from the living room, dining room
and kitchen to the garage!
So, I had to clean the garage too to make space for the refrigerator
and hope it can be plugged in --
 you just know I'm
going to need some liquid refreshment!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Hello Friends!

Happy April 1st!

Maddy has tried various
gymnastics, dance, cheer and back to gymnastics classes
through the years.

This year, she is doing a class called 

It's a combination of gymnastics and dance - 
though mostly gymnastics!

She loves it 
and is very flexible!
She laughs when I tell her that 
I can barely do a somersault!

Unfortunately, she just
had to have a little ingrown
toenail surgery.
I will spare you that photo!

She's so brave and tough
but may have to miss acrodance this week.
She hates to miss class, but that 
toe is much too painful right now.
Would love a few prayers for some 
speedy healing if you have a moment!
Thank you friends!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring has Sprung . . . Or Has It?

On my -- it seems like old man winter is really trying
to hold on this year!
We get one or two warmish days and then it is 
back to cold. 
Yesterday, we had a little bit of rain and then snow flurries!
Boo!!  Come on spring!

Hope that my hydrangeas bloom
like this again this year!

To update from last Friday . . . 
I did not find a sink vanity combo -
the hunt continues!
In other house-type news,
we are getting some new floors 
in a couple weeks so 
a major declutter
has to take place
and soon!

Pray for me -- 
I have a bit of a hoarding gene!

Have a fun weekend friends!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Hello Spring - Hello Weekend!

Wishing these were blooming in our yard,
but these were from last year!
Are you as excited as I am about spring!?!
We've been having some warm temps
now and then . . . but a little snow
is forecast for next week! :(

So, what's on your weekend agenda?
I am trying to find a new little combo
sink/vanity for one of the baths - yes, the one
with the new shower/tub sliding glass door (love it)!
I think there is one at Lowe's calling my name -
we will see.

In other weekend news, we are each
to throw out 10 items a week in an effort
to get rid of stuff that has been clogging up the house
and my brain for way too long.
I'm not sure that we will get the Lenten 40 bags in 40 days
accomplished, but we're making a small dent in the "stuff."
Some weeks we get more than 10
items each and some less.
Always good to have a goal, right!

Keep watching -- daffodils will be blooming
in your yard soon!
Happy Weekend Friends!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It's Not Easy Being Green!

Isn't that what Kermit the Frog says??
It's not easy being green!

It really hasn't been easy around here
because it has been very dry and the 
color of the day/week/month seems to be brown! :(
Brown grass, bare trees - no flowers popping up yet!

But -- spring will be here very soon
and so will the new
Muppet Movie!

We love the Muppets -- don't you??
Miss Piggy can be a little annoying
but the others are so fun and

Looking forward to seeing lots of green soon
and I don't mean just Kermit the frog!
Hello Spring!!