Thursday, December 6, 2018

Fun with Gift Wrap!

This year will forever be known as 
The Year of Gift Wrap!
Maddie started a part-time job as a seasonal
gift wrapper at a fabulous store.
Seems like a perfect job as the store didn't require
her to work on Black Friday and generally schedules her for
only one day of
the weekend!  
She really doesn't want a job
with a lot of hours -- easing in slowly 
to the working world, you know.
Plus, she does have schoolwork to do.

1st day at work!
The only glitch in the whole working thing is
that wearing a dress or skirt is required.
After wearing uniforms all the time to school, she's not 
too thrilled with the idea of having to wear a
dress or skirt, but it's all good and not too big of a hassle.

Guess who has joined her in the Gift-Wrap 
So, it's a bit of a Mother-Daughter 
bonding time too.
It's been fun to be scheduled together as we can
confab on the best way to tissue and wrap some of the more
difficult packages!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The Weather

Yes, I am already commenting on our wintery weather!
The last four (4) weekends in a row, we've had bad weather.
Rain, ice, snow, cold and frigid temps have descended upon us.
I admit there have been a few times when the temps 
warmed up a little bit during the week and melted the snow and ice.
But the very next weekend -- repeat -- more ice and snow!
It's not even officially winter 
and I'm getting tired of it!

Our pup, Muffy, thinks it is a real treat to go out 
and rub her Scottie nose in the snow and roll around a bit!
Lately, she's taken to going outside and barking
at the snow too!
What a treat!

A warm weather vacation is looking better and better every day!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Photo Fun!

Mads and I have been sneaking out for
holiday fun photo shoots recently.
Of course, it was before it snowed and iced up and dropped
the temp to 10 degrees!

We traded in a camera for a new prime lens
and have been having fun testing it out!

She loves everything about the holiday season!
Maybe since she has a holiday birthday, it's in
her genes to love December!
She even loves the cold and snow whereas I could jump
right back into spring and warmer temps!

Hope you're enjoying getting into the holiday spirit!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

It's Invisible!

Last Friday, Maddie and I had the opportunity to spend the evenings with the Littles! 
We had so much fun!
Warning - that Incredibles 2 movie is strange (at least M and I think it is).

The kids always go to bed like little angels!
Jane (8 years old) had a rather complicated good-night
ritual for the boys and Dorothy consisting of
playing and singing an original song on her harp, playing another song, 
making up a story and then praying together.
That took a while!

Photo from Jane's First Communion in April
However, Jane and Harry (5 years old) had a little trouble getting to sleep.
Both missed their Mom and Dad and felt very sad.
One time when Harry was crying and I went to see what the problem was,
there was a bucket next to his bed [it hadn't been there before].
He said he was sad and he threw up!!! 
Oh No I thought - yuck!
But . . . there was nothing in the bucket.
I told Philip about it later, he said that has
happened before. 
When asked why the bucket is empty, Harry responded
"It's invisible throw-up!" 

Meanwhile, Jane was up a few times because she was cold
and her comforter "was not very comforting!"

Those kiddos are such a hoot!
We love them to pieces!

Friday, November 9, 2018

It's Chilly/Chili Around Here!

Brrrrr -- winter has hit here hard already
with snow, wind and 10 degree temps!
When it turns this cold, my thoughts turn to food - of course!
Chocolate chip cookies, fudge, soups and chili!  
Does it say something about me that the first foods I list are cookies and candy??

Do you believe it - I have never made chili myself!
Just recently I found a great recipe for 
no-bean chili using the crockpot!
We do not really like beans and this recipe is perfection!

So here's the recipe and Lynn's photo!
Mine looks just like this too!
I even have the same white bowl!
Great minds -- you know!

Photo from Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

And, for the win, I used leftover chili to make 
goulash that Mr. Tennis has been requesting!
It turned out so fabulous!
I think I could figure something out to mix the leftovers 
with every single day!
Even M liked the goulash!

Photo courtesy of world wide web
Patting myself on the back for 
actually making something yummy for dinner!

Fudge is on my list for this cold weekend!

Photo courtesy of world wide web
What about you?
Any great and EASY recipes I should try?
Stay warm this weekend friends!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Happy November!

Well, October sure zipped by at warp speed, didn't it!
Hello November!
Hello Cold Temps -- it was 26 here this morning!
The cold weather actually got M out of her uniform shorts 
(her legs had to be freezing) 
and into her uniform skirt with leggings and the
uniform sweatshirt.
Of course, no one wears coats in high school!

However, she did wear jammies out for a photo shoot
not too long ago!
She's so funny!
She is gearing up for Christmas decorating and
hopes/plans to get the tree up this weekend.
We don't feel the need to wait until after Thanksgiving!

Hope November is starting well for you too!
How about you?
Christmas decorating and shopping on your "to do" list?

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
Seems like October has zipped right by - do you agree??

Maddie is dressing up as a Llama tonight!
She is too funny and at least
should be warm enough in this get-up!

Bonus -- she can wear it as jammies later!  :)

Happy Halloween!