Thursday, December 8, 2016

Doggie Bandanas, Craft Fairs and Holiday Napkins!

As you may recall, Maddy and I took on
special little project recently -- sewing and embroidering.
I almost felt like Ma Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie -
but I admit, I did have electricity and sewing and embroidery  machines!

After a couple weeks of nearly non-stop sewing in the evenings-- well, we did
take bathroom and school/work breaks, the craft fair took place last

Mads and I were so excited and had quite a bit of inventory including
doggie bandanas, a few dog collar scrunchies and holiday embroidered napkins.
Yes, the napkins would go into the category of 
"what one thing doesn't belong with the others?"
we wanted to include them, as we loved them.
Yes, we are  those people who think whatever we
make (especially homemade) is fabulous!  :)

You probably can't tell, but these bandanas are really well made, have soft
coordinating-color flannel on the back for doggies and do not tie.
 Instead, we sewed a channel for the 
dog's collar to go through.  So, you slide the collar through and then clip
 the collar shut around your pup's neck, voila - the bandana cannot fall off!  
Doggies - beware -- there is no sneaking out of this bandana!

Back to the craft fair report - guess when the weather decided to change and snow 
decided to fall???  Last Saturday!
Soooooo, I'm attributing poor turnout to the weather 
and the people who did visit either didn't have dogs, had never
seen anything but paper napkins before and had no intention
of purchasing anything at the craft fair.
We sold maybe 5 bandanas and 1 scrunchie in 6 hours!
Big disappointment!  :(

While we were bummed, we decided we would try again some other time,
but NOT at that craft fair!

Dog collar scrunchie!

It really was not a waste of effort or time as Maddy told me
her favorite part was the time we spent on the production
line with her cutting and me sewing!
Some evenings she had me sewing up to 10 PM!

Maddy designed her own logo and
had a business card printed
We have an entrepreneur on our hands!
Shark Tank here we come!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A Cooking Post!

As most of you know, I am not the best cook or meal planner!
I seriously lack in the that department.
But, I actually made a dinner on Sunday
that everyone loved.
I spent the evening patting myself on the back about it!

It was a copy-cat from The Pioneer Woman.
I watch her show whenever I'm on the treadmill
and always think --  "I could make that!"
And I finally did!

This photo and recipe is from her website and is known as
Chicken and Dressing One Pan supper!
It was delish!
And only one pan -- gotta like that!
Mr. Tennis could not stop raving about it,
so am sure I will put it on the menu again.
Even Maddy liked it --
well, she liked the chicken --
 the veggies not so much!
Here's the link to the recipe.
Thank you PW for this one!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Hello December - Hello Craft Fair!

For the past month, Maddy and I have been
getting ready for a craft fair that will be held  tomorrow (EEK)
Saturday, December 3rd!

Maddy and I will be selling homemade doggie bandanas (sizes mini and standard) and
dog collar scrunchies!
We have been sewing like crazy and spent over 3 hours
of Black Friday shopping at JoAnn's fabrics waiting in line
for holiday fabrics!

Some of our inventory!
We are also selling embroidered holiday napkins!
If you have a chance, please stop in.
Our napkins are similar to the one below - however, that one
was silk screened and ours are embroidered.
We've been so busy sewing, embroidering and ironing along with
all the usual school and work stuff that we failed to get
photos of any of our napkins!
No worries, we'll get some later!

Since we've never done anything like this before, we have no
idea how it will go, but Maddy is fairly certain we will
be super successful.  So much so, that
she designed a business card
for her Happy Hound Collection!
That girl!  She's such a little entrepreneur!
Sorry for the bad photo of her card -- believe me, it is super cute!

Wish us luck! 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

ThrowBack Thursday - Christmas Card Edition

Maddy and I have been out at least 2-3 times
attempting to get photos for the Christmas card
this year!
Here's a Throwback Thursday Christmas card attempt from
a couple years ago!

Loved that hat and wanted to do a similar
look this year.  I even bought a new hat . . .but she declined!

Yesterday Maddy was delighted to 
see a few itty bitty snow flurries!!
I was happy when they disappeared into thin air!

She would be most delighted to have a repeat
of the early December snowstorm of
2009 -- throwback Thursday edition!

I'm in no hurry to put on the snowboots and get out
the shovel!
But . . . the weatherman is predicting some for
next week!

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Turkey Weekend Update!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
We were truly blessed with good health this year 
(even though I have another cold) 
 as last year Mr. Tennis was in the 
hospital at Thanksgiving -- so this was a huge improvement!

Please excuse messy kitchen in the background!

My son and his family hosted us for Thanksgiving, so Maddy and
I made a couple things to take along - her fave - green bean casserole and 
my fave - pumpkin pie!
She helped a teensy bit when she wasn't
 busy making her list for Black Friday shopping!

After shopping on Friday like crazy girls (JoAnn's Fabrics!!),
we had a quieter Saturday morning
watching this little angel for a few hours!
Little Miss Dorothy - now 8 months old and
as cute and sweet as a button.

She's such an adorable and easy baby!
We let her watch Shrek with us -- she laughed her
little head off!  :)

Maddy and I spent more of the weekend shopping (she loves to shop)
and sewing - more on that to come!
Have a happy week!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Finally Friday!

TGIF - Finally Friday!  Yippee!
I don't know about you, but this has seemed like a long week!
Maybe the anticipation of a short week and Black Friday 
next week has me a little antsy!
How bout you?
I know this highschooler is very, very happy at the thought
of a short school week!

Has this happened to you?
Not sure if it is due to the upcoming holidays or what, but
lately it seems that the marketing geniuses have my number!
So far this week, I've ordered or wanted to order
a Simply Fit Board (yes, I will be svelte and fit by Christmas!),
a stocking cap with a light on it for morning or nighttime walks
AND . . . some crazy panties called
Skinny 360 panties that are supposed to make a gal feel great and look slim and trim!
What the what??!
The women wearing them on FB ads say they are 
Plus, I just received an ad for botox from my local medical
provider -- a look in the mirror and I'm saying, sign me up!
While I try to avoid at least some of these temptations,
let's change the subject, shall we?

In other weekend news, Miss M and I are putting on
our crafting aprons and getting busy
with some holiday projects.

Photo from world wide web, but this is basically my machine! Isn't it so cute!
This most adorable vintage sewing machine was
passed down to me by my Great-Aunt Carrie!  It needed a little tune-up
but is now purring like a kitten.
Stay tuned!

We are also learning machine embroidery on this cool machine!
Perhaps we will have some items to show you next week, but
then again, we may begin our holiday shopping early!

We're just really happy that it is finally Friday!
Enjoy your weekend and do some shopping! :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Changes on the Boulevard!

We live in an older neighborhood on a lovely 
tree-lined boulevard.  The homes here were mostly built in the 1920's
which means that they have a lot of character and charm which is
actually code for
they often need a lot of repairs!

Our house with trees still on the median.  Sign of things to come!
For the past year or more, there has been a boulevard committee of sorts
working with the City Parks and Rec Department to
spruce up the boulevard and put down some new asphalt 
on the streets!
Oy -- the potholes -- they were attempting to swallow people up and take over.
So, some repairs were definitely needed!

Look at all the trees on the median!
It took nearly a year of discussion, but there was finally
agreement with the City to remove all trees, bushes and grass 
from the median with and replace it with lower and more coordinated plantings. 
 It was a bit hard to believe that
some beautiful trees that we nurtured and watered diligently 
from day one would be removed.
But -- destruction is in full force!!

Look -- all the median trees and bushes gone!
The project has been going on since the beginning of November.
Luckily, we've been blessed with decent weather and
the sidewalks repairs have mostly been completed.
So nice to have a decent sidewalk where little kids won't fall get
hurt (always a worry of mine)!

Our house looked like a crime scene while the sideward was being repaired!
We had to park on a side street for a couple days or in the neighbor's driveway!
The sidewalk part of the project is completed now and we can once again park
in the driveway!  Yay!
Street and median repairs are continuing.
Next spring it should look really good -- fingers crossed!