Monday, July 21, 2014

A Grand Time!

Last week Maddy and I had the 
opportunity to spend some time with the 
Grands while Philip and Catherine had a little getaway!

Maddy was actually busy during the day at theatre camp,
so my main helper was gone -- how would I ever manage????
I'm sure the fact that
they have a great little schedule and
their house is super-organized really helped.
Of course, the kids are delightful and sweet -- so 
that makes a big difference too!

Janie is now 4, Walt is 3 and little Harry is 11 months!
Yes, I had my hands full!
We were lucky enough to have fabulous weather
and took some walks and stroller rides
every day!

Mr. Tennis (aka Papa) and Muffy came over one evening with
chicken nuggets and fries (hello fast food!) and
 to play!

I also introduced Janie and Walt to chocolate milk
 and I'm afraid they are hooked! :)
After-nap chocolate milk in his undies on the deck! :)
There was one rather large screw-up on my part!
Harry was napping one morning so Janie, Walt and I went out on the deck
with me pulling the door closed behind us.
Oooops - I hadn't checked and the door locked!
Neurotic me had also locked the door from the garage to 
the house, so we couldn't get in that way either!
Slight freak-out on my part ensued!
Smart parents -- there was a key hidden outside!
We got back in and you can be sure I didn't make that mistake again!

Wonderful littles with fabulous parents!
We love having them in town with us! 

Philip and the kids -- first day at his pediatric office!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Joy of A Bicycle Ride!

Maddy and I made big plans for bicycle riding all over town 
this summer!

However, the bicycle I inherited from my sweet Mum
needed a tune-up and a new tire and inner tubes!
I finally managed to hoist it into the car and get it in
for service.

Isn't it lovely!!!
And now, it is ready!

Truly, nothing compares to the joy of a bicycle ride, does it!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Hello Monday!

Hello Monday!

Whoa -- it was a very hot and humid weekend, 
but . . . 
good news -- a polar vortex
(remember those from last winter? Brrrr!!)
is headed our way and cooler temps expected!

Maddy finished up a week-long half-day theatre camp
last Friday.  There were 95 kids in the camp and
they all did a fabulous job performing!

She starts a new theatre camp today!
Hope she enjoys it just as much!

Do you see what these photos mean?
Very happy news for me.
I have a guy working on the floor trim!!

Yes, Finally!
The job that started in April 
may actually finish in July!

And, we've been so happy to have the
little kids here in town!

Spent some time at the zoo last weekend!
The heat and extreme humidity gave me a whopper migraine, but
was loads of fun and more to come!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Birthday Fun!

I had a birthday earlier this week!
And no, I'm not telling how old I am 
. . . old enough to love me some Botox!! :)

It has really been a fun week -- am trying to spread the celebrating out!
The day before my birthday, my 
twin sister came to town for lunch so we could 
celebrate together!
It was soooooo nice!
We had a really fun lunch and chat!

On my birthday, I had a total indulgence
and had my hair shampooed and blown out!
Those who know me are quite aware of the battle
I have with my wavy/frizzy locks especially in the summer!
She made it sooooo straight that a friend from Maddy's
school did not recognize me when I picked Maddy up
from theatre camp!

Of course, the best part of my day
was celebrating with my sweet family*!

*Catherine was evidently taking the photos and neglected to get in any - sorry sweetie!
Next time!

Philip and Catherine made a super yummy dinner for us -
I'm not sure where he got his cooking abilities
as it wasn't from me or Mr. Tennis! :)
It was great to spend the evening with everyone
and totally indulge in some yummy cookie cake!
Do you see the special details on the cookie Maddy ordered?
 . . . A little Scottie, my big red jeep, some running shoes and balloons!

Later today I am picking up my bicycle from
a little tune-up!
It was my Mom's bike and I love that I have it!
Really missed her on my birthday
(every day, but even more on that day).
Lots of bicycle-riding with Maddy happening soon!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Hello Monday - July 4 Wrap-Up

Well, hello Monday!

Don't you love a long weekend?
Especially the July 4th weekend!
So much celebrating, so much eating, so many loud noises! :)

We had loads of fun at the club pool 
though it was so windy that day the skydivers had to cancel!
A little bummed as we love that tradition!
Connor joined us for some fun in the sun!
The pool was actually really cold as we had some chilly 
days and nights last week!

While we were enjoying fun in the sun,
Mr. Tennis traveled to his hometown
to visit his sweet Mother for her 88th birthday
and see his brothers!
They did a little golfing! :)

Mr. Tennis with his brothers, Steve, James, Robin
We were so happy to have him home again!
Extremely hot and humid weather returned, so we had a little more pool time on Sunday
with Philip and Catherine and the little kids!
It was so much fun!
Actually -- such a good time that I forgot to get the camera out and sadly didn't get any photos! 
Janie, Walt and Harry dominated the baby pool 
and Maddy was the best pool helper!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fourth Flashback!

Getting ready for the 4th of July -- 
one of our favorite
holidays -- 
well, except Muffy is not a fan!

Fourth of July, 2011

We will be heading to the pool for fun and games
and a barbecue!

July 4, 2012

No doubt there will be some boomers on our block that evening!

Fourth of July, 2013
Happy 4th of July - 
have fun!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Who's Afraid of a Little Thunder??

The month of June has been filled with lightning, thunder and rain!
Guess who is afraid of thunder???
Miss Muffy!

Muffy had a recent visit to the spa -- she loves her new Scottish look!

It started last year around the 4th of July -
actually -- before the 4th -- too many loud booms!
Ever since, she has had her own little 
doggie Valium prescription to deal with fireworks
and thunder!

Looking a little shaggy before her grooming appt!

The past week I was up at least 3 times in the middle 
of the night (1 AM, 2:30 AM and 4:40 AM)
due to more thunderstorms!
It's like having a baby in the house!
She and I move to the basement and turn on
the TV for a little background noise
while I try to catch a few more zzzzz's!
I don't know how many episodes
of House Hunters she's watched on HGTV . . . 
but a LOT!

Hoping for fewer storms and a quiet
4th of July -- but in our neighborhood --
quiet on the 4th just doesn't happen!
Better get the doggie Valium prescription refilled!