Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Favorite Gift

Maddy and I were so excited that we found  
 the perfect gift for
Mr. Tennis at Christmas!
It's always tricky to find something that  he
really needs or wants!
Amazon Prime to the rescue!

It's a hat with a light on the front!
Those last-call walks
with our Scottie are late night and pretty dark, but no more!
They are both delighted with this very cool
light-up hat!
It would also be great for those early morning jogs!
And bonus -- Mr. Tennis and his light-up hat
are the talk of the neighborhood and envied by all! :)
Of course, I would have told you all about it earlier, but we didn't 
want to spoil his Christmas surprise!

Hmmm,  looks like I might need to get him a fluorescent shirt 
or jacket -- he's looking a 
bit ninja here all in black!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Ooops - I did it again!

Oh dear -- I did it again!
I slipped and fell going up the stairs, grabbed the
handrail and bumped back down a few stairs
twisting and crunching my foot/toes, not to mention
hitting my knee and elbow! :(
It felt like my toes snapped backwards!
Sadly, I did it again and broke that same toe
that I broke a few years ago!
Deja Vu

So, I am back in the boot!
I tried taping my poor purple swollen toe
to the toe next to it and that seemed to
help a little.  But by the end of the day, my broken toe
was more swollen and sore than before.
So, I've gone back to the big boot -- takes pressure
off my foot and toe and allows it (cross your fingers)
to heal faster. 
It's not a great fashion look, but I've never
been much of a fashion maven anyway.
But, the good news is that it makes me taller!
Always, trying to look on the bright side! :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Fun Design Project

One of Maddy's pre-holiday projects
involved designing a holiday tee-shirt
for the freshman cheer squad.
She just got in her head one day that maybe the other girls would
also like to have a new cheer t-shirt.

She designed this super-cute long-sleeve t-shirt!
There wasn't much time, but we were able 
to get together with the screen printing company
that does the school's t-shirts and they came
through for us with the shirts completed just before Christmas break.

Freshman cheerleader names on back.
Lesson learned - we now know that you need at least two weeks after
submitted your design and order to receive the shirts!
It was such a fun project for her and 
all of the freshie cheerleaders loved the shirts!
She's hoping that she'll get to work on the 
State Cheer tournament shirts too!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year - the Year of Kindness

Hello Friends--
Today is a new year and a new start. 
 Some years, I've tried to have a "word" or  some type of so-called "theme" for the year. 
Remember the Year of Spanx! 
Ha -- that was a good one!
This year, I'm marking 2017 as the Year of Kindness! 

I think after 2016's hostile and volatile election season (on both sides),
it's really time for a little lot of kindness, isn't it! 
At least for me, it got to be too much to hear the constant bickering
on the news and read the word battles and attacks on FB. 
Won't you join me in being kind to others in your family, school,
neighborhood, city, Facebook, etc.
Even when we're feeling a little down or bummed or totally disappointed,
we're going to attempt a
a positive attitude.  I think hope we can achieve that by
saying Thank You more,
being grateful and appreciative, praying more,
being sensitive to others needs and issues and
also being kind to ourselves
It can be a rough world out there,
let's try a little kindness, shall we.
If you know me at all, you know
that odd-numbered years always make me a
little anxious!  Even so, let's make 2017 a good one!
Happy 2017!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Update!

As usual, I am feeling a bit behind -- that was my MO for the whole
Christmas season,
so guess I will continue it a while longer!

We had a fabulous birthday celebration for Miss M and Christmas! 
But first, just a couple days before Christmas, our wonderful
neighbors held their annual Santa party!

Last year, their house was being rebuilt due to a fire and
we missed them so much --
it took 9 months to rebuild the inside of their house!!
The main damage was not really due to the fire, but due to the
copious amounts of water used to put out the attic fire.  
I think that was the only year in the past 15 that they
haven't hosted a Santa party
at their home just before Christmas!
Even though, she may be getting a bit too old
for Santa, he talked her into a quick photo!
Please excuse my iPhone photo -- I think I need a new phone
to get better photos, of course!

Mr. Krier (choir director-back right) is amazing and so are all these freshman girls!

More holiday fun -- Maddy's choir group sang at a holiday celebration
at a local hospital.
They did such a great job and were all pretty amazing considering
it was an early Saturday morning choir event!
I think the girls LOVED being able to wear Santa sweaters and jeans!
Do you believe it -- there are 72 freshman girls in choir
(they weren't all at this event,
but that's pretty amazing, isn't it)!
By the way, they sound like angels singing!

Great singing voices!

We hosted Christmas at our house with my sons, daughter-in-law
and four littles!  I even cooked!!!
I made beef stew and biscuits --  it was delish, but
not a fave with the kiddos.
However, I have never professed or sought to be a great cook anyway!
We had so much fun with everyone together --
it was really special!
Somehow we missed out on getting many photos
because we were busy chatting and opening gifts. 
I'm checking with the other
in-house photographer (Maddy) to see if she has any photos,
so may update this later.

But, if I don't get a chance to chat with you all again . . .
Happy New Year friends!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Happy Happy Birthday!

Today is Miss M's 15th birthday!
On my word -- I can hardly believe she is 15 already!

I have so many things to say about Maddy --
that she is a blessing beyond belief; 
that she is sweet and sensitive
and thoughtful and caring; 
that she has the biggest and most tender heart; 
that she is a loyal friend;
that she is silly and funny;
that she sets goals and is determined to meet
each and every one; 
that she is a diligent and hard working student; 
that she is a taskmaster when it comes to 
doggie training and photography and sewing!;
that she has a big faith;
that she is brave and strong;
that she loves snow on her birthday 
and  a white Christmas; Disney World, bbq chips and french fries;
that we are the luckiest people in
the world to have her in our family.

Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Maddy!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Ringing Some Bells!

Maddy and I have often said that we
should volunteer and ring the bells for the Salvation Army.
So, I contacted the volunteer coordinator through
my good friend Jodee and
signed us up!

Our red kettle duty was last Saturday
when the temp was around 20, the wind was blowing at least at 30 mph, the
wind chill temp was 10 or below
and our location was not one that was not protected by 
What I'm trying to say is  . . . 
Baby, it was cold outside!

We rang loudly whenever people were 
going in or out of the store and even
louder if someone put some money in the kettle!
Maddy made me sing along some Christmas 
carols with her -- I may have frightened 
off donors when they heard my voice!

Even though we were cold, we both deemed it a worthwhile
endeavor.  Next year, we will try to get the cheerleaders to 
ring bells too -- hmmm- somehow I think high school
cheerleaders could generate a few more cash donations!
Merry Merry Christmas!