Friday, January 31, 2020

The March!

I promised myself that before January ended, I would 
have a quick post about the 2020 March for Life!
I'm just making my deadline, aren't I!

Our first day -- outside the National Basilica of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
What an amazing trip and experience!
I'll have to go into more detail later,
but to see so many people, especially young people,
gathered together to march and pray for the sanctity of 
all life is really something!

The bus ride (25 hours each way) was a bit much
to tell the truth!!
Yay -- We found the White House!
I had the very best girls to chaperone -- 8 girls including Maddie.
There were 2 seniors, 5 juniors and 1 sophomore and
they were all so special and sweet and helpful!
They didn't even get annoyed when I kind
of got us lost going to see the White House!

My March for Life girls!
Riding the Metro was another fun (?) experience.
It reminded me of my days in Philadelphia when I first
rode an el train!  Such happy memories!

We made it safe and sound back home and
it's taking me most of this week to recover from
the long days and that bus ride!

More later!

Happy End of January!

Monday, January 20, 2020

2020 Road Trip - The March!

So, the big road trip I mentioned in my last post
starts on Tuesday, January 21st.

Maddie and I are joining around 200+ other
students and chaperones (me included as a chaperone) plus a few priests and nuns
from the Catholic Diocese of Lincoln
on the 2020 March for Life in Washington, DC.
Maddie went on the pilgrimage last year
and it was an inspirational event for her.

We're taking a bus -- yes, a bus - both ways.
The ride is approximately 24 hours;
sooooo, we leave Tuesday around 6 PM and arrive in
DC on Wednesday around 6 PM.
We are supposed to arrive back in Lincoln
on Sunday around 6 PM (after another 24 hour bus ride).
I'm a wee bit nervous about the long bus rides,
nervous about keeping track
of 8 teenage girls, finding my way around DC and dealing with
hecklers and protesters during the March.
There will be plenty of challenges!

We will be attending Mass every day at some of the largest
and most beautiful Cathedrals in and around Washington DC
and at the chapel in Notre Dame on the way home.
It's going to be an amazing experience.

I know there is power in prayer - I have felt it
many times in my lifetime.
Know that I will be praying for you - each of you
and your families.
Please keep us in your prayers as well.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Happy New Year!

Wow -- already the middle of January!
Am afraid this year may just fly right by too.
I'm so happy it's an even-numbered year.
That's one of my [many] weirdities -- I prefer
even-numbered years!!

Yay for last semester of senior year!!

Since I'm attempting to keep this blog going, I thought
I would post random photos from here and there and years past because
basically, we're not that interesting and don't have
a lot of exciting stuff to post about.
We go to work, go to school, take the dog for walks,
pray for winter to end, yada yada yada.
Sooooo, enjoy some photos here and there!

Here's one of my favorite family photos from December 2010!
Loved my hair and my sweater and how youngish I looked back then.
Maddie is such a little bug and Mr. Tennis is as handsome as ever!
He never seems to age, but his hair has a lot more gray now!

Maddie and I  do have a big road trip coming up and I
hope to get another post up before we leave on Tuesday!
Stay tuned!



Monday, December 30, 2019

December Update!

Well, I've had quite a little bloggy break, haven't I!
I had planned (in my  head) to post a lot during 
December, but obviously that did not happen.
So, before the new year starts,
here's a quick update for December!

Maddie turned 18!
She is seriously the sweetest girl ever!
We love her so!
She's working very hard at school this year and
very hard at training Frannie to 
be a good little Doodle-dog.

Maddie and her uke! Look at that big bug on her top!
Maddie and I worked again this year at a lovely store 
(Von Maur) as seasonal gift wrappers!
I also work in the Rickster's office, but can
leave early to get to this other job! :)
It's a fun little job and gets very busy as you might
guess since gift wrap is free - totally free -- and they have very
nice wrapping paper, ribbon and tags.
We really enjoy working with the other gift wrappers!
Plus, working 3-4 hours at a time is generally manageable.
Of course, standing for that long on my poor
old feet got a little tiring.
But it was fun, even though it did put us behind in
our own gift wrapping.
I was slapping post-its on our gifts before our celebrations!

Rickster had surgery.  Yes, again he had a holiday surgery!  
This time, it was due to arthritis in his
hands.  I can't recall the technical procedure name,
but it involved scraping out all the bad arthritis around his thumb 
and putting in a piece of tendon.
He said the doc told him it would be a piece of cake
and not painful.
It's been extremely painful and since it was his
right hand (he's right-handed), it has impacted
everything as he has a large cast/split on
that he finally has removed tomorrow.
He had planned to have the other hand done in a month or two,
but is now re-thinking that plan.

Growing fast (November 2019)
Miss Frannie Doodle continues to grow and be a delight . . . 
most of the time!
Really, she's a great pup and we are enjoying  having her 
in the family.
If you have Instagram and want to 
follow her page, it's @little.frannie.doodle

New Red Sweater for December!
We had a fun Christmas celebration with the family on
Christmas Eve and Christmas.
(Is it bad I have a million photos of Frannie, but none of the family???)

Looking forward to 2020 -- yay for an even-numbered year!

Hey 2020 -- we're looking for good stuff from you!
Happy New Year!!

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Stock Market Challenge

A couple weeks ago, Maddie and her classmates
from The Career Academy (TCA) 
participated in The Stock Market Challenge
where they try to make a bunch of money
on the stock market -- definitely
sounds like a challenge!
Maddie attends the dual high school/college credit classes (known as TCA)
 in the afternoons
after spending her mornings in classes at Pius.
She said it was a wild time just like on the real stock market exchange!

Maddie's group from TCA came in 5th Place out of
60 teams!  
Add to that,  they came in 1st Place as Best Dressed!
What an outstanding performance!

Friday, November 22, 2019

Our Early Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Feast

Happy Almost Thanksgiving!

We had an early celebration last weekend since my son, 
Philip, and his family are busy on Thanksgiving.
We don't really care for turkey -- I know -- sacrilege on Thanksgiving, right?!
But . . . we love the sides like stuffing, mashed potatoes
 (thanks Lisa K for the recipe many years ago), 
fruit salad, jello, dinner rolls, pie and fudge.
Yes, fudge is Thanksgiving food!!!
So, I called it our Non-Traditional Thanksgiving feast!
We had chicken strips, mashed potatoes, salad (fruit and green)
strawberry jello, pie and a first for us on Thanksgiving --
chicken enchiladas!
Oh my word, those enchiladas were SOOOOO delish!
I patted myself on the back for days about how good they were!

The original Boucher clan
Since we also have Miss Frannie Doodle now, the kids
ate fast and ran outside to play with her!
Bingo -- kept the pup and the kids busy!
I also baked some carrot cake muffins (from scratch, no less)
and they were not good - awful -- blech!
 In fact, I tore the recipe up
and threw it away. 
Definitely should have stuck with brownies!

Pappa Rickster and the youngest -- Gloria
I'm not sure what the Rickster, Connor, Maddie and I
will have on the real Thanksgiving, but again,
it won't be turkey!

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

More on Frannie!

Of course, we have more to say 
about Frannie and more photos
to post!

She's a bit of a clothes horse and with it getting cold 
out so so fast this year (2 degrees this morning) 
she's almost always in a sweater!

She wears her favorite llama sweater to puppy daycare almost every day.
Yes, she goes to daycare!
I go to work, Maddie goes to school, Frannie goes to daycare.

If she didn't, I'm sure the house would be an even larger
disaster than it already is!
I'm kind of one of those messy people and Frannie is contributing
a lot to the messiness!

My excuse lately is that Frannie is keeping me busy and
that is true!  Maddie and I take her on long weeks
when the temp is above 5 degrees.  Frannie refused to go on
a walk last night -- way too chilly even with her sweater!

Being a puppy and a model is tiring!
Asleep on her feet!

Last weekend, she made it her mission to devour
and try to carry home every large stick she could find.
When will those sharp puppy teeth fall out???

We're also doing puppy training classes! 
Oh my word, those are a hoot!
Frannie is very smart and a quick learner, but . . . 
she gets distracted by the other pups
and the rubber mats on the floor,
the door opening, the other 2 puppies, 
and everything else.
She's 14 weeks old now.
Final exam Thursday -- let's hope she passes!