Wednesday, August 24, 2016

High School!

Oh gosh, Maddy's in her second week of high school
and I haven't even talked about her first day or first week yet!
So, sit back, get your coffee and here goes!

The freshman!!!
Oh my word -- they are just adorable.
School started an hour late on the first day - that was nice!
But, Maddy and I had to be there early to sell planners for
a cheer fundraiser.  Great little planners -- I even bought myself one!
It was so fun to see the students all coming in for the first day
 in their uniforms and Birks (Birkenstocks seem to be the
shoes for high school -- with socks, of course) and 
giving friends big hugs and high fives!  

Even though there is only 5 minutes between classes, Maddy was on time 
to her classes and did not get lost!  
One of her friends went into two wrong classes and 
then was late to her real classes plus the poor girl couldn't get her locker open!
We went in a day early and walked her schedule so I'm sure that helped.
Maddy was so happy to see familiar faces from her grade school
and friends from the cheer squads -- just seeing friendly faces
helped with the nervousness that comes with a new experience.

Every day improved a bit!  
The best thing about uniforms is 
the only clothing decision to be made is what color polo and
 what color shorts to wear!
Easy peasy -- love that!

Cheer practices continue and the big Fall Kickoff occurred last Friday!
Sadly, stormy weather meant it had to be at the inside gym instead of the
football field, so the big performance the cheerleaders had
planned and worked on ALL summer was cut back to a
short performance.  Homecoming is coming up fast
and fingers crossed that the big performance will be then.

Now, if only her backpack wasn't quite so full or heavy 
[not enough time to get to her locker between classes],
everything would be near-perfect.

Welcome to high school!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Baby Dorothy!

I know you are all waiting to hear about the start of high school, 
but before we get to that, 
we have some incredible baby cuteness to share!

Last week, Maddy and I spent a couple days watching little Miss Dorothy 
while her parents, big sister and big brothers went to an
 amusement park out of town.
We're not sure who had more fun! 

Dorothy is already 4-1/2 months old!  
Time is flying by and she
is growing and changing every day.

She is the sweetest little thing, not demanding or
fussy at all.  She's starting to talk and make the most
delightful little coo sounds, lots of smiles and giggles.
Seriously, isn't she the cutest baby!

Seeing as we were on a "staycation" with her, I let her
jump on the beds, stay up late, watch tv and have whatever 
her heart desired for meals!
Go figure -- she chose formula!  :)
Guess she'll have to wait to share chocolate milk with the big kids!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sister/Cousin Fun

Even if it wasn't 't officially Sister/Cousin day last Sunday, it was for us!  
My little sister, her husband and daughter were in town for a quick visit from Florida.
Besides seeing her in-laws  too, they were looking at the university.

Amy, me, Maddy, Granddaughter Jane

How can it even be possible that the sweet baby girl I met with Amy in 2000
will be headed to college next year!

Maddy & Grace

Grace is absolutely one of Maddy's favorite cousins!  We really wished
we had more time with them, but were happy to have one evening together. 
We had a wonderful family pizza dinner at Philip's so Amy and family could meet
Harry (now 3) and baby Dorothy!

Just before they headed out, we made a quick request for a few photos! 
It was such a scramble that we missed getting others in the photos too!
Next time!

It was so good to see them all and spend some time together!  Now, cross your fingers that our University is her favorite and she picks the Big Red!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Hello August - Hello High School!

Hello August!

It's almost time for high school!
Quick photo in the stairway so as to not be seen by other students! :)
ID photo - check!
Lanyard - check!
Class schedule - check!
Locker assignment - check!

Last Friday the students had ID photos taken,
received their class schedule, locker
assignments and
locker combinations!

This is getting real people -- next Monday she starts
with a half-day retreat and then full day of classes on Tuesday!
One big worry -- mastering the locker!

Success at last!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That -- Random!

Do you believe it's the end of July already????
Boo hoooo -- July is my favorite month and it's nearly over!

Hibiscus -- Favorite flower!
The last few weeks have been a bit of a blur of 
driving here and there and back again to 6 AM cheer practice,
 8 AM pickup and back again
at 4 PM and another pickup at 6 PM with
other driving duties throughout the day.
Some days I felt like I was . . . in Jackson Browne's words,
"Running on empty, running blind . . ."!

Fave summer drink - Gin & Tonic -- I see one in my future!

Only a couple weeks til  high school starts for my adorable
freshman cheerleader!
Excited nervousness is how I would describe this time
in her life.  There's a bit of worry about the lockers
and locker combinations and getting to class
on time!!!!  I'm sure it will all be just fine!

One of the professional photos from Shane and Sunny

And we've been busy getting our Scottie feeling better!
She's had a rough summer and had to go to the vet's office a couple
times due to allergy problems and hot spots!
Muffy is finally feeling better and able to 
work her Instagram account again!  :)

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Happy Birthday Mr. Tennis!

Mr. Tennis (aka The Hubs) had a birthday recently!
So did I, but I prefer not to count my birthdays 
and if I don't celebrate on my actual birthdate,
I don't have to add a year!
Yes, that is how I am actually getting younger every year . . . 
that and botox!!!
[Ha ha - just kidding -- haven't had botox in years!
I do really love it though it's a splurge!]

He requested chocolate cake with 
chocolate frosting for his birthday!
Call me Betty -- I whipped that right up and
made a chocolate ganache frosting -- just
like the Barefoot Contessa and Pioneer Woman make!
My cookbook will be coming out soon -- (working title "Jboo Cooks??")
-- everything in it 
will have some type of chocolate ingredient!

Oooooh -- chocolate on chocolate = perfection!
Yes, well it was almost perfect until I slopped some
chocolate on my white top! 
Boo hoo - sadly that stain didn't come out -
but the ganache was so beautiful and delish, it was worth the sacrifice!

Besides playing tennis (hence the name Mr. Tennis),
he likes to ride his horse and do a bit of
golfing too.
Somewhere he fits in working! :)
While Miss M and I were at the pool recently,
he had some fun golfing.
Am afraid a golf cart may be on his b-day list next year!

Happy Birthday Mr. Tennis!
You're not getting older (yes you are)
you're getting better! :)
Happy Happy Birthday!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Cheer Photos!

Last week in the middle of their two-a-day practices,
the freshie cheerleaders had to clean up and
look pretty (not a difficult job for any of them)
for professional photos!

Camp photo - they won the spirit stick!
We whipped out the flat iron to make sure 
Maddy's hair was super straight!  
It really didn't matter that my hair
was super frizzy - that is my normal look in the heat
and humidity of summer, fall, spring and rainy weather!  

Anywho, we went out to the photographers
and the girls had a blast!
It was so much fun watching them.
After they photographed the group of 8 cheerleaders together,
they did individual photos with girls doing jumps, 
throwing pom poms and other 
most adorable poses!

How many Pius freshies fit on a golf cart?
8 plus photographer, Sunny!
Then they went outside for the more casual look!
Since the photographers live on an acreage, they
loaded the girls up on their golf cart!
My hair had already taken a beating
from the heat and humidity, so I opted to stay in the studio and chat 
with another freshie mom!
Best afternoon of photos ever!!

Funny . . . the photographer told 
the Moms ahead of time
to NOT annoy the cheerleaders during photos!!  
Like we Moms would do that??? 
So fun! 
 Proofs available later in the week!