Thursday, February 11, 2016

High School Orientation!

Big night last Monday night . . .
High School Orientation for Miss M!

She will be attending our local (the one and only)
Catholic high school where her brothers
attended and mastered the curriculum
and dominated the tennis courts! :)

Photo courtesy of Pius website
Huge crowd at orientation with students and parents
from all of the city's Catholic elementary schools and 
any other interested students in town.

Truth be told, I think the guidance counselor
scared most of the kids with the class
schedule -- oy -- how to handle all those classes,
find the way through the halls and the most 
important task of all . . .
figure out how to open your locker!

There are tons of activities and clubs to participate in at Pius.
She took information on choir, cheerleading and tennis!

Photo courtesy of Pius website

It will be an exciting time to be sure!
Gooooooooo Bolts!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Husker Gymnastics!

One of the many benefits of living
in a University town is fairly easy access
to college athletic events --
unless you're talking about Husker football.
That's a little different - as in - hard to get tickets to attend!

Husker Gymnastic - 2009 - Bandana Day! Maddy and our neighbor Sarah.

But, Husker Gymnastics events are great fun and one
of the more economical (cheap) events to attend!
We've been going for years!

Senior Tricia Woo in 2009
Mr. Tennis and Maddy went to this year's first Women's Gymnastics meet a couple weeks ago,
and we all went last week!
Wow -- the 17th ranked Huskers were up against
#3 ranked Michigan.
Guess who won??
Cool red and white pendant lights!

After the awards, we were going to wait for autographs from the team,
but the line was longer than for a Disney princess,
so we opted out.

It was great fun and we loved seeing those fabulous
women athletes!
Gooooooo Huskers!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Hello February!

Thank you all for your sweet comments and concern
in response to my last post!
I'm feeling better every day!

I just love to welcome February and say bye-bye to January,
don't you?!
One month closer to spring!!!

A great big, bad blizzard is forecast for tonight 
and tomorrow!
We are praying for a snow day.
If we have to have snow, might as well get
enough for a snow day!
Am I right??? :)
Monsignor Tucker getting ready for a snowball fight!

Temps on Saturday and Sunday were in the 50s!
Typical Nebraska -- wait a few hours and the weather 

Mr. Tennis requested a fave winter menu for
tonight -- homemade beef stew and biscuits!
And yes, I did actually prepare it! 
Go me!

I must have been channeling my dear Aunt Yvonne
as I have used nearly every pot and pan in the house!
Yummy Bisquick biscuits too!

Stay warm friends -- and 
remember . . . 
we are one month closer to Spring!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January is a Good Month for . . .

Snow, cold, TV-watching and recuperating!

Beautiful flowers from a coworker!

Hello Friends  -- 
I've been a little quiet this past
week as I am recuperating from surgery - a laproscopic hysterectomy.
It had been on the calendar and rescheduled many times due to 
other issues (Mr. Tennis's illnesses),
but I was finally able to get it scheduled
and completed.
It's a relief to have it over.

Now it's time to rest and recuperate!
I think winter is the perfect time for recovering
as it's cold out, snowy and who wants to go
out anyway??

I feel pretty good, even though my poor tummy is
super swollen and bruised - however, someday
I will probably have a flat tummy again!
Now, there's a goal!

Back later with hopefully more interesting posts!


Monday, January 18, 2016

Daydreaming on Below-Zero Days!

When it's Below-Zero here 
(as in -20 wind chill with temp at  -12),
I daydream of warmer days 
and beautiful places!

The beach scene at Hilton Head Island !

Riding bikes on the beach!


Little Miss M catching some air at the beach!

What are you daydreaming about on cold winter days?!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Paint Yourself Polka Dotted

One of the fun things we did during Maddy's 
Christmas break was to visit a Lincoln
institution called "Paint Yourself Si!!y."

It was one of those Christmas break days when nearly every parent 
had the same thought  -- what can we do today??  The place was packed!
The big question -- what to paint?

On previous visites, we've painted little critters, a piggy bank,
a goldfish (that looks just like the Goldfish crackers goldfish) and
probably some other undefinable objects that
were put in the circular file once they sat at home for a while.
When Maddy was young, paint colors would occasionally get
mixed together and result in a not-quite-so-attractive brown color.

This time we decided to pick something that we hoped we'd actually
keep and use!  Maddy worked on a cup/mug
and I did a bowl.
We saw some samples of a polka dotted bowl, so
we attempted to be big copycats.
We are like that -- so don't show us anything
creative or original unless you don't mind us copying!

We're waiting to pick up our creations
and will share a photo of how they turned out later!

It was loads of fun!
The best news is that
the Nothing-Bundt cake shop is in the same
strip mall and it wouldn't be
fair to visit one store (Paint Yourself Si!!y)
without visiting the bundt cake store too, and
you know, we are all about playing fair!

Old photo -- we actually bought a mini-bundt cake but wished we had a big one!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy 2016!

Happy 2016!
I always have a few resolutions each and every January -
as in - eat less chocolate (seriously??); 
exercise more; declutter; plan better meals, blah blah blah.
Look at me, I've already zoned out on those resolutions!

So, it's time to make resolutions/goals a lot simpler.  
I saw this on a friend's FB and 
decided it was appropriate for me too.
These are some habits I hope to develop this year:
Begin with gratitude;
Be hopeful;
Celebrate with joy; and
Focus on my sweet family!

I'm already feeling both grateful and joyful
that I haven't decided to give up chocolate!

Love "Dove" chocolate!
Another thing I love about 2016 already . . .
it's an even-numbered year!
I'm not sure why, but it's stuck in my head that even-numbered
years are generally better or more momentous years for me in
some way, shape or fashion.
I first learned how to ride a bicycle and drive
a car in even-numbered years . . .
not the same year, of course!

Let's make this year a really good
even-numbered year, shall we!