Friday, April 27, 2012

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Break - Again!

Maddy and Grace at Hollywood Studios!

Back to spring break posts -- caught a bit of a head cold on the way home that knocked me out and delayed my posting.  So sorry, loyal readers!  
Are you still out there???  Bueller, Bueller . . .

We were able to meet up with some travel group friends from Amy's travel group to China!   I went too so consider myself one of their travel mates.   Two families happened to be at Disney World at the same time!!  In big crowded Disney, we ran into them at Splash Mountain!! 
It was great to see them again and their most adorable girls!!  
We went on some rides, had lunch together, caught up a bit and the girls danced at Magic Kingdom and basically had a blast!  They are all so sweet.  
None live by each other, but they don't skip a beat when they get together. 
It's quite a wonderful thing to see! 

We also met them for dinner at a crazy restaurant called Whispering Canyon. 
There's nothing whispery about that place. 
You basically scream for ketchup or whatever you need and other tables bring it over resulting in, oh about 23 bottles of ketchup!  Fun, crazy, loud place!!

On Easter morning, there was an Easter egg hunt at our hotel, which really amounted to a "grab a bunch of candy" as fast as you can. 
But, then Mr. and Mrs. Donald Duck appeared, so Maddy abandoned her
 Easter bag and jumped in line. 
Not to worry, her cousin Grace got plenty of candy to share!

Later, we headed to Epcot and went on my favorite ride - Soaring!!
It was a fast and fun vacation.  Seriously, we were exhausted every single night.

Thank  you Amy and Grace for meeting us and
spending your Easter break with us!

Donald Duck, Amy, Grace, Maddy, me and Mrs. Duck

Then Easter Monday, it was time to head home again. 
It was really quite a magical trip!

Next time -- we are heading to the Dance Hall!

My favorite view from the Boardwalk!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Break -- Cousins!

Are you tired of spring break updates yet?  No? 
Oh good -- I think I still have a few more!! ;)

Maddy's cousin, Grace, and my sweet younger sister came and met us at DisneyWorld  for some much needed girl time! 
 Maddy and Grace are the youngest cousins
and love spending time together. 
 Recently I heard Maddy say, "Grace can do anything!" 

Aren't they funny -- yep, those two rode in a stroller some of the time.  
 I didn't see any signs prohibiting 10 and 12 year olds from strollers. 
Bonus -- it really provided good workouts for me and Amy pushing those two!

Grace and Amy (my sis) got up at the crack of dawn so they could arrive early and
sure enough, they pulled in around 8:30 am.  Then we headed off to Animal Kingdom. 
 Grace talked us in to so many fun rides -- well, they were mostly fun!
  Loved the safari ride -- that is always my favorite! 
 It was early and we saw many animals on the safari ride -- so cool!

Do you see the Lion and Lioness?

Saw so many elephants, toddler and baby elephants too!

It did rain a little that day -- so we figured we might as well get a bit more wet on the Kali River Rapids! Oh yes, we got soaked on that one. 

After that busy day, the girls hit the pool while Amy and I had cocktails! 

Perfect way to end the day and get ready for more evening fun!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

More Spring Break

And so . . .
More spring break . . .

The day before Amy and Grace arrived, we set out for one of our favorite parks --
Magic Kingdom!  First stop on Maddy's list --
the Emporium -- a gigantic Disney store!! 

Yes, that's  my girl -- opting out of rides to shop! 
Of course, we did go on a lot of rides too, but the shopper in Maddy came out and she had to
 think and think and think some more about what to get --
 a new Mickey Mouse to be sure, but which one??

New Mickey is knit and has a really big smile as does Maddy!

Lunch with Eeyore and friends was loads of fuN!

After going on one of our favorite rollercoaster rides -- the Goofy Gangbuster rollercoaster,
we headed back to the hotel and then later to Epcot --

The Flower and Garden event was on  --the topiaries and flowers -
 so beautiful!

Pandas outside of China at Epcot

Princess Aurora and the sun setting at Epcot

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Break

If you haven't figured out by my Wordless Wednesday post,
Maddy and I had a little spring break getaway to . . .
Mickey World a/k/a Walt DisneyWorld!

Hollywood Studios!

It was a girls trip as Mr. Tennis stayed home to continue his recovery from
hip replacement surgery (he did great, by the way).   We missed him so much,
but knew that there would be way too much walking for that new hip!

The first of many character sightings!

Maddy and I had a day and half by ourselves before my sweet little sister and
her most adorable daughter joined us! 
 And let me just say, those girls kept us hopping!  

But, before we get to the Amy and Grace portion of my posts,
 let's getaway and look at part 1, shall we!

Cool wheels!
Seriously, Maddy and I have been looking forward to and counting down
for this trip since October. 
Yes, we have! 

Headed back to the hotel after Hollywood Studios!

We both needed some time away from school and work and
 it was a picture-perfect trip!

At the Boardwalk -- stay tuned!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hello April!

Hello April!

Hello tennis lessons outside for the last two weekends in a row! 
Yes, Mickey does attend
and cheers for Miss Maddy at tennis! 
The tennis pro lovessssssss Mickey too and lets Mickey watch from the ball basket!

Hello record breaking temperatures in March and April.  
Miss Muffy insisted on being the first doggy on the block to get out
her swimming pool. 
We would have thought that temps of 90+ on April 1st would be an
April Fool's joke, but no joke -- quick, turn on the AC!

Hello lilacs blooming so early this year! 
I almost missed your lovely fragrance!

Hello and goodbye to daffodils and tulips -- they bloomed a few weeks ago
 and are already a distant memory!

Hello new bicycle! 
Someone has their eye on following in the footsteps of their mum and
winning a bicycle championship!  :)

Welcome April and spring a/k/a summer! 
Love having you back!