Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Wednesday, Happy Spring!

Are you as excited about the end of winter
and the start of Spring as I am?
  I thought so!
Even though we continue to have unseasonably cold temps,
 just knowing that it is now spring has put a spring in my step! 
It makes me so very happy to have winter over with --
 bye bye cold weather!
And do you know what else makes me happy?
Besides chocolate, of course?
My sweet girl  -- my favorite part of the day is picking her up from school!
And I'm sorry to gush -- but I love these photos of us together!
I'm one of those slacker Moms who generally avoids
 being in photos for a million different reasons:
  my hair is too frizzy, I look tired,
 the botox has worn off, I forgot to put lipstick on, etc. etc. etc.
So, when a local photography studio said they were looking for models
 for a mother/daughter photo shoot for a charitable event they are doing
in April, I jumped at the chance!
I know how sweet it will be someday for
 us to have these photos. 
 Actually, it really made me miss my Mom when I saw them. 
I know that she would love them as much as I do.
So, the start of spring, my sweet Maddy and these lovely photos are all
making me feel very good today. 
What about you? :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dreaming . . .

Living with this [again]!!!

But dreaming of . . .

and a trip to see . . .

Monday, March 11, 2013

Elvis Has Left the Building . . .or Has He?

Mr. Tennis and I had a fun evening out last weekend --
to see Elvis! 
An Elvis Tribute, that is! 
Philip and Catherine gave us tickets for Christmas!
Thank you!
It was a blast from the past -- and

Elvis was a bit before my time. 
But evidently I need a double dose of botox  as the very elderly woman next to me
 asked if I saw the real Elvis in our fair city in 1961!?! 
Ummm no --
I was not going to any Elvis concerts in 1961!

The show was comprised of four acts  -
 the early years, the early middle years, the middle years and his later years --
so each Elvis aged a little bit. 
The background screens showed scenes of what was
happening in the nation during the time - fascinating!

The performers were fabulous!
Some of the women were experiencing a bit of deja vu -
and hanging on the stage for sweaty smooches and scarves! 
It was a really fun evening.
Mr. Tennis liked it so much, he's been
singing Elvis tunes ever since!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Ten Years - Forever Family Day

If you are not too long,
I will wait here for you all my life.
Oscar Wilde.
One of the earliest photos we received - Her Chinese Name is Mei Guo Wei
             Dear Maddy:

Today marks 10 years since we met you -- our sweet and only daughter
 in the busy city of Guangzhou, People's Republic of China. 
All of the girls in our travel group had been on the bus for a couple of hours traveling
from the small city of  Wuchuan in Southern China.  
You were so very quiet and sucked furiously on two of your little fingers. 
As excited as we were to meet you and welcome you to our family,
it was another big change in your little life.
Finally home -- and battling ear infections, skin rash and jet lag!
You were only 14 months old when we met you, and 
had been through so many disruptions and changes already.   
Even so, you opened you heart and trusted us to take care of you forever.
Your amazing strength, sweet nature and beautiful smile
 warm my heart every single day.
We are most certainly the lucky ones to be able to love you forever.
Maddy at 4 years old
We are so proud of the beautiful girl you are becoming --
a sweet and caring friend,
a good student always thoughtful and respectful.
We are so blessed 
- to know you is to love you!
Love you always sweetie!!!