Friday, September 30, 2016

Purple is Not Really My Fave Color

Although I like the color purple, it's not a color
I wear very often!
But . . . 
it is currently featured big on my left eye and face!
Shortly after the accident
Holy smokes -- I've got a shiner!
Some of you have already seen it on FB, but for those
who haven't, I thought I'd share on the blog too.

Really getting purple!
It happened due to a weird little accident!
I had a run-in with a ladder!
Yes, I actually ran into a ladder sticking out of the
flatbed of a truck that was parked in a place it
shouldn't have been.  I wasn't watching where I was 
walking and walked right into the bottom of the ladder!
It hit both sides of my face, but the left side much harder!
It immediately swelled up so much that my eye nearly swelled shut,
so I went to an Urgent Care
to make sure I didn't break a facial bone.
I didn't break anything and luckily I didn't poke my eye out!
So, here's your PSA for this week -- 
watch where you're walking!

Guess what -- parent/teacher conferences at high school
were on the schedule for the day after the accident!
I scared every teacher and all the other parents at school with
my black eye!
At least Maddy's teachers and the school principal will remember me!
Yes, I made quite the impression!

Have a great weekend and
be careful out there!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Poncho Weather is Here!!

Jumping for joy -- sweater weather has arrived!!
Morning temps in the 40s this week!
Now if only I was a bit more organized, I would have all
our fall gear ready to wear!

Maddy wearing a poncho- October, 2015
Sooooo, while I'm trying to dig out our fall sweaters and
long-sleeve tops, I've been 
looking at some of my favorite sweater ponchos on-line and
thinking about doing a little retail therapy!

Raise your hand if you love a good poncho too!

Besides being so adorable, they cover all kinds of flaws for
middle-aged Moms like me!
Love how the cowl neck ponchos do the work of scarves and cover
up my neck -- no need
for a neck-lift when you've got a great cowl neck poncho!
Bonus -- ponchos are a long enough to cover the dreaded mid-area -- 
a saving grace for me when I don't want to squeeze into some of the
dreaded spanx!

And who doesn't love what I call the football blankie poncho!!
Ooooh -- I love her boots too!

Another one from Macy'

My favorite poncho is one in a blast from the past -- 
Miss Maddy at 6 years old!  
I'd like to tell you that I knit that poncho 
for her myself, but you know, I don't lie to my friends!
Enemies yes; friends no! 

Welcome Fall Temps -- 
now, show me your ponchos!  :)

Friday, September 23, 2016

Hello Fall, Hello Weekend!

Hello Fall!!!
Attention - Mother Nature:
Guess what --
Fall means cooler temps, sweater weather, falling leaves and pumpkins!
 So MN (Mother Nature), what is the deal with the high temps and high
Stop it right this instant!

Sooooo, even though we're not enjoying cooler temps and sweater weather,
we are still loving all the pumpkins showing up at
our local pumpkin patch
and garden stores!

Love the gnarly gourds!

Sadly, we don't usually buy many for decorative purposes on
our front porch because the ravenous squirrels take
that as an invitation to a feast and make an
incredible ugly mess!
Bad squirrels!!!

Any weekend plans???
Friday night lights tonight and little Granddaughter Janie
will be "performing" with the cheerleaders!
We can't wait for that as she has spirit overload!

Happy Weekend Friends!

Flashback Friday Foto - Fall, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Watermelon Pizza anyone??

Maddy has been trying to eat healthier for a while now -
which I'm guessing is a little difficult when your mother (moi) insists
on having some chocolate (sometimes a lot) every day
starting at breakfast!
Not kidding -- I didn't have any yet today (9 AM) 
and I am suffering!!!

Anywhoooo (love that word - HA!) -- we took a little
food class this summer and one
of the items the dietitian made was
Watermelon Pizza!

We pulled that together fast!
Can you figure out the recipe?
Watermelon slice on the bottom; then a layer of
Greek yogurt (vanilla) then blueberries or strawberries -
whatever you have on hand!
This fruit pizza is tasty and much better for you
than the fruit pizza with the cookie crust!
I think if only we dipped those strawberries
in chocolate, 
this tasty treat would move up on my list  
and would really be a winner! 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Mini-Golf Finally!

Throughout the summer, Maddy and I had talked
about going mini-golfing.
It's the only type of golfing I feel athletic enough to attempt!
But, we had the craziest summer weather -- it was either blasting hot + humid 
or raining like crazy + humid!
As you know, humidity and I do not get along.
We have a hate/hate relationship! 
From spring until the first frost - my hair is
in "bad hair day" mode!
I know, I know, I should be grateful I have hair, blah blah blah,
but seriously -- when my hair puffs up and frizzes into
a monstrosity, it makes me very cranky.

Monica and I could be twins with our big hair!
I should see a therapist, right -- hair should
not impact me so much, but it does, so my hair
and I try to somewhat peacefully co-exist during the rainy and 
hot and humid seasons.
Lately, even my extremely hot flat iron has not helped much.  :(

Back to my golfing story -- I got distracted thinking about
my hair again! ;)

On Labor Day weekend, the heavens smiled upon us,
a cool front blew in and the humidity level went down for the entire day!
It was our chance -- to go mini-golfing!
Surprise, surprise, the course was not crowded!
Maddy and I don't keep score.  
Why bother when we
make par or better on each and every hole??
Maddy made a hole in one!

We're hoping to hit the course again before winter -
it all depends on the humidity level, of course!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Homecoming . . . The Dance!

The next big event after the homecoming football game was . . .
you guessed it - 
the Homecoming dance!

Homecoming was really early this year due to football scheduling and gym
availability which, of course impacted dress availability!!
Locating an appropriate dress that met the requirements was tricky!
Yes, there are requirements.  
Dresses cannot be too short or too revealing. No cut-outs allowed, no short skirts, no slits!
The length determination is measured by a convoluted credit card measuring formula!
Seriously!! :)
Anywhoooo -- we had a tough time finding a dress for Miss M.
We located an absolutely adorable dress on Macy'!
However, when it arrived, she deemed it " meh, just ok."
The search was back on!
Luckily, we found another appropriate dress and bonus --- it was on sale!

Maddy went with some friends from elementary/middle school.  Really, there is no need to date as freshmen, sophomores, juniors or seniors --
am I right?  Dating can wait for college!
These girls have been friends all through elementary school.
Sweetest girls ever!

Our Penny Bridge in our neighborhood -- in the old days,
 the trolley charged a penny to go over the bridge!
The bridge was rebuilt a few years ago.

The girls had a fun time though said the gym was
super hot!

Homecoming No. 1 is in the books!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Friday Night Lights Report!

I know you've all been waiting for the cheer
report for the first Friday Nights football game, haven't you???
It happened last Friday and it was not only the first home
football game, but it was also Homecoming!
The freshie cheerleaders cheered along with the JV and Varsity
for the first half of the game!
Can I be the first to report
they were . . . 
Fabulous! Adorable! Spirited! Incredibly Cute!
I'm not biased, at all! :)

Back row - 2nd from left
Prior to the game, the school had a "tailgate" 
(sorry, no beer or alcohol, of course!)
with  food and bouncy houses and cotton candy
for littler fans!

My sons and Philip's family both came to the game and my 
cousin's daughter did too!  
She recently moved to our fair city after she graduated
from law school and is clerking
for the Supreme Court Justice.  
We are so happy to get to know her better!

So, cheering at various sports has started!
This week she's cheering at softball and volleyball; next week tennis and football!
Miss M has a very busy schedule as does her driver!  
It's all good -- we are having so much fun!


P.S.  The Bolts won that first home game - 31-13!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Photographer in Training!

One of Maddy's favorite things to do over the summer
was to take our Scottie, Muffy, out for photos!
Maddy was determined to build up Muffy's Instagram account and
had a goal to obtain a certain number of followers
She met and exceeded her goal.
Muffy now has over 7,000 followers!! 
Dogs are very popular on IG!
We love following all the Doodle pages!

 Maddy spent a good part of every day this past summer
with her hand-me-down camera capturing the essence
of a Scottish terrier who did not always appreciate
having her photo taken.

Bonus -- that Instagram "fun" goal has turned into a real
interest for her.  She has applied to be the
photographer for choir at school this year.
Even if she doesn't get it, she is looking forward to 
taking some photography courses in high school.
The other bonus of Muffy's popularity on IG, Muffy has
won a few contests!
So far, her prizes have been a new bandana and
a new collar. 
 Muffy is thrilled with both!  :)

And I was able to sneak in a few photos of my high schooler
recently too!