Thursday, September 1, 2016

Photographer in Training!

One of Maddy's favorite things to do over the summer
was to take our Scottie, Muffy, out for photos!
Maddy was determined to build up Muffy's Instagram account and
had a goal to obtain a certain number of followers
She met and exceeded her goal.
Muffy now has over 7,000 followers!! 
Dogs are very popular on IG!
We love following all the Doodle pages!

 Maddy spent a good part of every day this past summer
with her hand-me-down camera capturing the essence
of a Scottish terrier who did not always appreciate
having her photo taken.

Bonus -- that Instagram "fun" goal has turned into a real
interest for her.  She has applied to be the
photographer for choir at school this year.
Even if she doesn't get it, she is looking forward to 
taking some photography courses in high school.
The other bonus of Muffy's popularity on IG, Muffy has
won a few contests!
So far, her prizes have been a new bandana and
a new collar. 
 Muffy is thrilled with both!  :)

And I was able to sneak in a few photos of my high schooler
recently too!


Jen Kershner said...

Love that she has developed a love of photography and Muffy's numbers are pretty impressive!!! Your girl gets lovelier every day it seems.

Laurie said...

GREAT hobby! And I love that Muffy has an IG account- too cute! The pictures of Maddy are just adorable.... although I'm still struggling with the "high schooler" part of her description!

Katie Clooney said...

Your photos are always great. I think Maddie may have inherited your talent. My two dogs are usually my only models because the Mister doesn't want me to take his pic and the girls are in different states. Lucky them! Hope y'all have a fabulous Labor Day!/i

Jodee said...

Maddy will now be joining the mamarazzi! How fun! I'm terrified to check out the doodles on IG because I don't have time for another online addiction! LOL