Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year Y'all!

Happy New Year!!

Sharing another of the wonderful photos Jennifer Schultz
took for us. Must say I loved every single photo of M!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have been able to enjoy some
lovely, lazy days between Christmas and New Years! 
 It's gotten frightfully cold here just like in 
other parts of the country, so we're bundled up under blankets reading,
 watching tv and thinking about taking down the tree - thinking is the  key word here! 
 It hasn't happened yet!
  I came down with the always fun (NOT) end-of-the-year cold, 
so Kleenex and Nyquil have become my very best friends!

Maddy got her wish and we had a white Christmas!  It was so pretty
and now with these ultra-cold temps, the snow is sticking
around for awhile!  
The great thing is . . . yay snow!  
The not-so-great thing is -3 highs with windchills way lower,
those temps don't make me want to go out and
not a lot of sledding or ice-skating is happening.
Looking forward to a warm-up into the teens and maybe even 20s by the end
 of the week!

So, anyone else have a weird superstition about odd-numbered years???
I do! 
Looking forward to an even-numbered year! 
Although many wonderful
things have happened in odd-numbered years, 
I just like even numbers better!
Guess I'm the odd one, eh!  :)

Happy New Year friends!
Best wishes for 2018!!

Friday, December 22, 2017

Happy Birthday to M!

Wow -- I guess I took a little break from bloggyland and
the internet for a couple weeks!
Sorry I haven't been reading or commenting -- will try to catch up! :)
So much has been going on this month with cheering constantly,
schoolwork, Mr. Tennis being ill, feeling a bit off myself, etc. etc. etc - 
you know the drill - life is busy and stressful!

Sweet 16!

Miss M turned 16 a few days ago!
Oh my word -- where have the years gone!
She's such a sweet and beautiful girl!
We love her so much!
Am sharing some photos taken by the wonderful Jennifer Schultz!

Her birthday landed on the last day of finals - 
but happily she only had one and
was finished by 9 am!  Plus - she thinks
she did very well on that last final!  
She and I spent the day eating out at all of her favorite
places!  Krispy Kreme for breakfast; Chick-fil-A for lunch and
our local Lazlo's for dinner!  

Mr. Tennis and Madster!

And now, we have a little bit of frosty ice and a smidgen of
snow - just she always wants for her birthday!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Minding the Clutter

Recently Miss M and I started meditating in the evenings
before bed in order to relax and shoo the clutter in our heads away
(the clutter in the house is another story), and 
quiet the noise and worries of the day.
No getting around it -- life is stressful.

 I admit it, I was skeptical and pictured meditating as 
 sitting cross-legged and mumbling "OMMMMM".
It's not -- and, of course as you would expect, there's an
app for that!
  Actually, there are probably a LOT of  different apps
(whatever did we do before apps?)

We've both found the Headspace app to very helpful.
From their site, they report they have hundreds of themed sessions
on everything from stress to sleep with bite-sized meditations for busy schedules.
We're doing a 30-day (5-10 minute) per day program and
we both look forward to listening to Headspace every evening.

So, that's it for my PSA for today -- if you haven't tried a 
little meditating and feel increasingly behind and
stressed out -- give it a try and become at least 10% happier -
according to ABC reporter Dan Harris (I like that guy)!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Hello December!

Hello December!
It seriously barely feels like December around here!
Sooooo strange -- it's been springlike since Thanksgiving. 
We broke 3 or 4 record highs!  I'm not complaining as I
LOVE temps in the 60s and 70s at turkey time!
However, I am worried about my flowers -- they must think
spring has come early  esp. with all the watering
that Mr. Tennis is doing!

Anywho -- we'll take this nice weather while we can because am
fairly certain, cold temps, snow and ice are not too far off.

On a recent warm day, Miss M had the idea to go
out for photos!  That girls loves to ham it up 
and comes up with the best props!

We had so much with these photos and 
she made some Christmas cards and
already sent them out to the JV cheer squad!
She amazes me with all she does and I just love
that bright smile of hers!

Cheering is super busy again with boys and girl JV and Reserve
basketball and wrestling too!  
It's a workout -- for her -- not me -- I sit in the stands
and watch the cheerleaders more than the other athletes!

Have a super weekend friends!