Thursday, December 7, 2017

Minding the Clutter

Recently Miss M and I started meditating in the evenings
before bed in order to relax and shoo the clutter in our heads away
(the clutter in the house is another story), and 
quiet the noise and worries of the day.
No getting around it -- life is stressful.

 I admit it, I was skeptical and pictured meditating as 
 sitting cross-legged and mumbling "OMMMMM".
It's not -- and, of course as you would expect, there's an
app for that!
  Actually, there are probably a LOT of  different apps
(whatever did we do before apps?)

We've both found the Headspace app to very helpful.
From their site, they report they have hundreds of themed sessions
on everything from stress to sleep with bite-sized meditations for busy schedules.
We're doing a 30-day (5-10 minute) per day program and
we both look forward to listening to Headspace every evening.

So, that's it for my PSA for today -- if you haven't tried a 
little meditating and feel increasingly behind and
stressed out -- give it a try and become at least 10% happier -
according to ABC reporter Dan Harris (I like that guy)!


Sammy said...

I meditate through out the day, but only to Jesus. : - )

Jodee said...

You go girls! Whatever it takes! Life is so crazy!

Lisa said...

it's a healthy habit

Alyson and Ford said...

Maybe will try with AA at bedtime. Just listened to one of the podcasts. Interesting!

Alyzabeth's Mommy (Alyson - acmaine)

Lisa said...

I keep meaning to do this!

Lisa said...

I keep meaning to do this!