Monday, April 30, 2018

Epcot Day 1

The Disney Adventures continue . . . 

On our first full day, Maddie and I had a fabulous
character breakfast at Epcot!

Maddie loves Mickey waffles!

The restaurant is called the Garden Grill and it 
is SO GOOD!!  Plus, it slowly rotates as you eat and that is fun too.
Luckily, it did not make me dizzy!

The characters there are so fun!
Yes, we still love seeing characters!

We could not miss seeing our favorite Mickey Mouse
in overalls!
Maddie mentioned that she saw a very old photo of 
me in similar overalls!
Yep -- I wore overalls sometimes in college! 

It was a super fun way to start the day and 
we made sure and eat enough to count for breakfast and lunch!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Catching Up ... A Little

Hello there -- Yay -- it's Wednesday -- my third favorite day of the work week,
just behind second place-Thursday and first place-Friday!
Oh my word, I've gotten way behind on blogging, haven't I.
I will be attempting to catch up a bit.

We had the Best. Time. Ever. on our spring break trip
to Walt Disney World!
The weather was perfect and so nice to 
have warm sunny skies while
winter continued into its 96th week in Nebraska!!

The only downer (do people still say "downer?") was that Mr. Tennis was unable to go with us.
He has not been feeling the best and that's putting it mildly.  OY!!
Truth be told - I was worried about leaving him at home!
Back in November, he was in the hospital for a Crohn's flareup and meds were changed,
which helped a teensy bit for a little while.
But, he was feeling quite poorly before a pre-surgery checkup, and it was discovered
he also has rheumatoid arthritis (another auto-immune disease)!
Right after we returned, he he had surgery and just starting some new meds to fight the
auto-immune issues.  He is doing better lately and we are so delighted
to see him feeling more like his usual self.
He's such a trooper and has been working at least half days or
more and finally able to get out and see his beloved horse -- not ride her -- 
but visit her and that has brightened his days!  Yay!

Love the castle!
But, let's put all that stress and worry behind us and
talk about Disney -- our favorite place!
The weather was absolutely heavenly!
Warm and sunny and not even humid!!
After such a long and dreadful winter - we were
definitely ready for sunshine and Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse!

Maddie and caught a flight to Orlando at 5:15 AM!
Oy!!  Why do I always think that the first flights are the best and we have
to be at the airport by 4 AM!!  Yikes!
But . . . the best thing about those early flights is an early arrival -- we were at our hotel
by 12:30 or 1 PM!
We visited Epcot and Magic Kingdom that day and planned our strategies for days to come.
Of course, we couldn't leave Magic Kingdom without a Mickey ice cream bar!
Stay tuned!

Friday, April 6, 2018

Cheer Banquet 2018

Hi y'all!
I'm a bit behind due to spring break and other stuff . . .
but didn't want to forget the
end of the year Cheer Banquet!
Yes, it's true, cheer is over for the 2017-2018 school year!

Missing sweet JV cheerleader Christine who was ill

The banquet is a fun evening and dinner for the girls
and parents and it's not a potluck!!
It's catered and seriously YUMMY!
Plus, I didn't have to cook a single thing!

We watched a video of the entire cheer year and the 
graduating seniors all spoke on their future plans.
The first thing that each senior said was,
 "Thank you to my Mom and Dad for supporting me in cheer, 
sending me to Pius and paying for all the cheer uniforms and activities."
The banquet was held on the night of some of NCAA final 16 bball games.
There may or may not have been a few dads watching games
on their cell phones!  Mr. Tennis didn't watch, but he did manage
to check in with one of the other dads who was watching! :)

And the girls got to dress up a bit.
I worried for weeks about what I would wear -- silly  me  --
no one is really looking at me anyway!
But somehow, you'll be happy to know, I managed to get my 
hair looking good!  I think by now you all know how focused 
I can be on my hair!

Anyway, it was loads of fun!
The girls are adorable!
Maddie won the JV Squad Spirit Award!!!
The Spirit Award is voted on by her fellow JV squad members and 
represents the cheerleader with a great attitude and spirit 
 throughout the season!
She was so surprised and pleased.

JV cheer squad has been incredibly busy and demanding.
We are all enjoying a break from the twice weekly
6 AM practices and multiple games three times a week!
It's been an adventure and
she's made some life-long friends and memories!