Monday, September 29, 2014

Mary Poppins - The Musical!

One of the many little secrets in Lincoln
is our incredibly vibrant and talented community playhouse!
A highlight on Sunday
was having tickets to 
one of the most popular shows at our Community Playhouse!

Mary Poppins - The Musical!


It exceeded every expectation!  
The acting, the singing, the dancing, the flying!!
Yes, even in our smallish
playhouse, Mary Poppins flew not once or twice,
but a number of times!


It was high energy and so much fun!!

We love our playhouse!

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Golf Tour!

Mr. Tennis became Mr. Golf last week
when two of his brothers rolled into town for
their annual (?) golf tour.

Robin, Mr. Tennis, James

The arrived on Thursday afternoon -- the Brothers
played 18 holes of golf.
On Friday, they played another 18 with two other brothers
(Philip and Connor) joining them for 9 holes.

On Saturday, a rain delay made them consider playing
only 9 holes, but the sun came out - so, it
was another 18 for the Brothers!

They had so much fun together though I think they were all
exhausted by Sunday
when the golf tour ended
and Robin and James headed home.
Thanks for coming guys!

Monday, September 22, 2014

It's a Husker Thing!

Every year in the fall on a football Saturday,
one of our local organizations, the Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach,
looks for volunteers and collects donations for the
working poor and homeless in our city.

Maddy and I volunteered a few years ago, and I had it on 
my list to sign up again this year.
So, we did.  
This year they expanded the locations and collected
at various large box stores, malls and downtown, both
before and after the big football game.

Our assignment was on Friday night at a nearby mall and 
we were doubting how well we might do 
when we first arrived as it was pretty quiet.
However, we soon got into a groove and did fairly well.

A few things we noted.

It's getting to be a debit card world.
Loads of people said they only had debit
cards, no cash or change, so
didn't have anything to donate.
Guess having a little "mad money" has gone the
way of the rotary dial telephone!
My Mother told me to always have
some mad money in my purse or pocket.

Also and this one surprised us.
More young people (jr. high or high school age) and young families
donated than older adults.

Of course, we tried to  make our plea
personal instead of chanting the refrain,
"Huskers for the Homeless."
We looked at shoppers directly and asked, 
"Can you help us feed the homeless in Lincoln?"
Maddy and I think that really helped and made our request more personal.

Side note -- the first time we used that plea, I actually
said, "Can you help us feed the homely in Lincoln?"  
The older guy and I both about fell over laughing,
 and he said yes, here's some $ for the
homely AND the homeless!

We missed the high school homecoming game,
but it was such a great cause and
worthwhile way to spend a Friday evening.
We hope to have more time to devote 
to volunteer work in the future.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Few Things!

Hello friends!
Yippee -- it's almost Friday again!

Hope you had a good week!
We're drifting back into warm and humid weather again after
 a very cool front blew through last weekend.

Happy news --my hydrangeas
are finally starting to get more flower buds!
I've been watching and waiting all summer --
only 3 blooms to date.
But, there are at least 6 heading toward blooming.
When we had frost warnings last weekend,
I camped out to keep the plants warm and toasty!
It worked!  Am hoping to see some beautiful flowers very soon!

Have you seen or heard about this app?
Evidently Tom Hanks loves the old clickety-clack sound
typewriters made in the good old days!
Seriously -- who doesn't love that sound!
Sooooo, being Tom Hanks and all, 
he (or someone he knows) made an app for iPads
called the Hanx Writer
It is super cool
and available at the app store.

logo Instapaper freshens up with a new logo, website redesign and text highlighting feature

In other techy-type news -- which is kind of beyond
my skill set -- have you heard of Instapaper?
I think my son told me about it. I signed up for a weekly email
with links to the most popular articles/music of the week.
  It comes with little blurbs
so I don't have to read the whole thing if I don't want to.
Some really great articles that I totally would have missed otherwise!

Soooo, what's up for your weekend?
We plan on doing some volunteering for a local
homeless shelter, some shopping (baby needs new shoes) and
maybe hit the Applejack Festival!
Hope some apple crisp or cobbler is
in my future.
Have a fun weekend y'all!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cboo's Bday!

Connor, Maddy and Walt
Last Monday was Connor's (aka Cboo's) birthday!
He turned 27!  

Walt helped him open gifts!
Just like when he was a little guy,
Connor is a joy to be around, a wonderful son and brother,
and we love him to pieces!

Please excuse our messy table!  Had to get that photo fast!
We went out to eat to celebrate!
Am sure at least some of you (you know who you are) are aware
of the state of my cooking abilities, 
and that is why we go out for birthdays! 
Philip and Catherine

We had a great time celebrating with him, Philip and Catherine 
and the littles.

Time for ice cream!
Mr. Tennis was at a meeting out of town
and only made back it in time for ice cream
and Connor's freebie dessert -- 
Chocolate Excess!
Yes, I forced nudged him to choose that one
so that he could share, and indeed, he did share it with
all of us!

What is Chocolate Excess you ask?
It's a
triple fudge brownie adorned with walnuts and shards of chocolate.  
Served warm with the finest French vanilla ice cream, 
ribbons of hot fudge and a splash of Kahlua! 
It is seriously divine!
Janie was busy with her ice cream and
mugging for the camera!
Just realized I missed getting a photo of little Mr. Harry!
He was extremely busy eating and
devoured his ice cream!
So fun to have the whole family together!

Happy Birthday Connor!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Yippee Skippee!

Hello Friends!
Yippee Skippee Friday!

Is it just me or do the weeks when we have a Monday 
holiday seem even longer??

And, did I tell I am back at work??
Yes I surely am!
The office administrator for Mr. Tennis 
left for a new law firm and I was drafted! :)
It's very, very different than my prior
law office -- much smaller, so I need  to wear lots
of hats (some days none really fit me).
It's an adjustment.
The best news is that I can arrange 
my hours around Maddy's school schedule.

Photo courtesy of Disney Parks blog.
In other unrelated news,
we just heard that Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 
has returned to Disney Land!
Oh my gosh -- he is one of our favorites!
Fingers crossed he goes to DisneyWorld too!
(Note Maddy's Oswald hat above -- we love that crazy rabbit)!

And, what are you doing this weekend?
More de-weeding is on my agenda -- have moved
decluttering off for a while to attack weeds!
Perhaps a little high school football Friday night 
will be in order.
Definitely a chocolate covered donut on Saturday or Sunday or both.
I'll get one for you too!
Happy Weekend!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Hellooooo September!

Hello September!
Bye-bye summer!

But really, I don't consider summer to be totally over
until it is officially fall -- which I believe will be later this month.

Oh yes, Husker football started on Saturday -- how
could I forget to mention something 
sooooo important!!! :)

Did you all have a good long Labor Day weekend?
We did too!

Finally, after trying to get together at the pool 
All. Summer. Long.
we were able to have Jodee and Kamree
meet us on the next to last day the pool was open!
And even then, it almost didn't happen!
It was rainy in the morning  -- 
but . . . 
the weather cleared, the sun came out and it was HOT!

We had so much fun with those two
and bonus -- the pool was not crowded at all!
Maddy and Kam jumped off the diving board,
dove for diving sticks, splashed a lot 
and had a few snacks!

Jodee and I were able to chit-chat a little.
Have I mentioned how much I've missed her and my 
since leaving the office?
I hate to talk about it as it makes me a little sad.
So, moving on . . . 
Ready, set, jump!
Storms rolled back in late afternoon with lightning, thunder, hail 
and torrential rain and even tornadoes nearby!  
On yes, the weather in Nebraska is always
entertaining (and sometimes scary)!
Perfect ending to August.
Looking forward to some cooler 
lovely temps for September!