Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Shout-out to Mr. Tennis

Interrupting my regularly scheduled blogging for a quick moment to give a shout-out to Mr. Tennis on our 31st (!!!) wedding anniversary!! Oh my -- it really hardly seems possible that it was 31 years ago on a very hot morning that we were married. As many of you may now be guessing . . . yes, it's true, I was a child bride!! :)

Fun now to think back on our wedding and how absolutely clueless we were at the time. Right after the wedding (no, we did not go on a honeymoon) -- we moved to lovely Philadelphia where the Rickster started law school at the incredibly beautiful campus of Villanova. He took a really cool high-speed line train to classes every day from our little down-and-out rowhouse apt. I took the dirty (smelly) scary el-train to my little job in downtown Phila. We were in culture shock to be sure after growing up in slower, not-so-metropolitan cities. Oh my!! I remember nearly screaming on the el train one morning when I saw another train coming straight at us. Ahem -- I didn't realize at that time there was more than one set of tracks. Luckily, I simply stared in horror and did not actually scream. I was so relieved when the other train veered off on its own tracks. That was only one of the many stories of our adventures in moving from the sticks to the big city that my friends at work would find to be quite hilarious!

So many, many things about Philadelphia that we absolutely loved -- our neighborhood bakery that would save brownies for me; NY style pizza; Philly cheese-steaks; the Mummers; trips to the Jersey shore; riding the high speed trains to the mall or the movies; walking to the grocery store and home again with my little cart, and the delightful life-long friends we made there. We had no car, but managed just fine. Wow -- what a little walk down memory lane I'm going on today, eh!

Anyway, we've had some great adventures and some scary times (his heart attack -- being the scariest), but there's no one I'd rather be sharing this life and our wonderful children with than the guy I lovingly call Mr. Tennis! Yeah, we're still having fun and you're still the one! Happy Anniversary Hon!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Swimming with Maddy and Mickey

We're roasting here in the Midwest and have been trying to go swimming a bit more lately even though I do hate getting into a swimsuit. I almost feel like I should wear my Spanx under my suit to keep that tummy under control! And speaking of Spanx (I'm not kidding here), but Maddy and I saw one woman putting her Spanx on before she changed into her swimsuit - ouch! Now I admit, I did have one of those "Miraclesuits" one year. I actually think the miracle was squeezing into that suit and that I was somehow able to peel it off after wearing it! Yikes -- it was so snug -- guess that's how it performed the miracle of holding my flabby tummy in -- but it was NOT comfortable. However, my sister did point out that she thought I was looking a bit voluptuous -- so, oh yeah that's what it did -- pushed the flab upward -- not a bad idea I guess.

Another one of my phobias about swimming besides sharks and frizzy hair -- my white legs. The Rickster always makes me feel so good and not self-conscious at all when he says "wow, haven't seen that much white meat since Thanksgiving." Sweet, eh!

Anyway, back to the point of this post . . . I know you're wondering if there is one. We've been going swimming a bit more this summer and I seemed to conquered at least some of my fears -- the white legs, the flabby tummy, etc. Maddy loves to swim and splash about, so that makes it all worthwhile! And if you know Maddy, you know she doesn't go anywhere without at least one stuffed animal. Maddy swimming and Mickey watching, how fun!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Confession

Well, I didn't think it would happen, but it did. Yes, I have a confession to make . . . I really missed those eyelash extensions I had put on for my son's wedding after they fell out!! I thought I could get along without them and I really tried, but I just can't!! Feel like I look so tired, old, worn out, haggard (hmmm- any other words that mean tired???) without them. So, I'm having them put on again. I know, I know, I admit it -- I guess I'm kind of vain -- but really, they make me feel so much better -- like having a great new outfit, losing 10 pounds or getting a fabulous haircut. Seriously, I am not one of those "high maintenance" women -- I get a couple pedicures during the summer sandal season; rarely, if ever, get manicures or facials or massages, so I think it's ok if I have this one little expense since it makes me feel so good. Plus, think of how much I am saving by not having to use mascara!!! Yes, there's my reasoning -- I won't be spending so much on mascara since I won't really need mascara with my long, full gorgeous eyelashes! Just had them put on and already am feeling so much better. See, aren't they lovely!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Walking Into Spiderwebs

Seems as if we've been walking into spiderwebs in more ways than one! There are spiderwebs all over the place lately. I hate it when I walk into or near one and can feel the web, but can't really see it! Aren't spiders quite the little creatures??

Our local Children's Zoo has this cool spiderweb for kids to climb on. It used to hang upright and I was always standing close-by in case Maddy would fall - she never did. The zoo moved it this year to a new space and it is located on the ground. Still loads of fun to climb and can be a little tricky in flip-flops and a dress. Climbing it is one of Maddy's favorite things to do, after pony rides, feeding the goats and the camels, having a snack herself and visiting the gift shop -- which is her all-time fav thing at the zoo! She's never met a stuffed animal that she didn't like or want!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Calling All Readers!

Every single summer when I was a little girl, my Mom would take us kids (and there were 6 of us, and yes, my mother was a saint!) to the library and we joined the summer reading club. Did you too? Wasn't that fun? Really, I loved it! It was such a treat to go to our city's big downtown library, find some books, check them out and get a sticker or pencil or whatever they gave out at that time for reading 10 books during the summertime. I still love reading. . . though I don't do near enough of it just for me. I'm generally reading to or with Maddy. Last night we read Amelia Bedelia -- what a fun book! Though I don't think that Maddy really got it and thought it was funny (and it does lose a bit when you have to explain it). Now, I've got Maddy in the summer reading club and she loves it too -- maybe more for the stickers and stuff, but someday I hope she'll remember it fondly like I do.

Anyway, the real reason for this post is this bookmark that I found recently . . . on the sale rack, no less!! Don't you love it!! It's a Brighton bookmark. My Mom and I chat every day (and I don't think that's excessive, do you??), I immediately thought of her when I saw these bookmarks since we often talk about what book we're reading, if it's any good, etc. So, even though her birthday isn't until November -- I bought her a bookmark, had it wrapped and sent to her. Of course, I bought myself one too. It is just too darn cute to not have one. Don't you love it?? I think it's time to use some cool bookmarks instead of dog-earring pages, using post-its or random scraps of paper -- don't you agree??

Monday, July 14, 2008

Bye Bye Bunny

This morning a tiny baby bunny rabbit living in the jungle of weeds/shrub rose bushes next to our garage met its maker. I spied a neighborhood cat in the yard this morning peering into the flowers (I mean overgrown weeds) very carefully, tail a-twitching. My first thought was, oh yay -- that cat is probably watching a mouse -- hope he gets it! Yes, it's true I do have a very big fear of mice. Maybe there are no mice in the summer -- who knows? I guess the cat was being neighborly as it dropped the dead baby bunny at the bottom of the stairs as a little gift for me before I went to work! Anyway, I just about stepped on that baby bunny on the way to the garage. I gave a little scream and ran back in the house to alert the Rickster so he could dispose of it before he and Maddy went out to the car. Evidently, he didn't get that accomplished before she saw it. It didn't scare her or freak her out at all. She just wondered . . . how did that cat kill the bunny (maybe scared it to death??).

So, this evening we had a little funeral for the bunny. Maddy donated one of her shoe boxes to lay the bunny to rest . . . and she's a little attached to her shoe boxes lately --we make leprechaun houses out of them (that's another story). We took her Webkinz bunny and Webkinz mouse along with us so that they could also pay their respects, said a prayer and buried the little bunny under the Russian sage.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sick in the Summer

Isn't summer about the worst time to be sick . . . well, I guess maybe Christmas would be worse. Poor little Maddy has a nasty summer virus which came with a very high fever and sore throat. It started a couple days ago and finally today, the fever is gone, but her throat still hurts. Being the sometimes neurotic mother that I am, I ran her to the doc yesterday because I thought she had strep throat. Evidently not -- as the strep test came back negative. She has just been so worn out and not eating much as her throat hurts. I can tell she's starting to feel a bit better as she asked for a McD's happy meal today and was able to eat some fries.

And the Rickster had to go in for an upper GI yesterday. Evidently they give you some pretty good drugs ahead of time for that procedure. He came home in the best mood, remembers nothing of the test which involved swallowing a camera and had the nicest, longest nap yesterday afternoon. Am not sure what all the results of that test mean, as I am not a doctor and do not play one on TV! But, the docs are still trying to figure out his blood work issues before rescheduling the new hip, so we will wait and see.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Me vs. Laundry

Is anyone else out there feeling a tad bit overwhelmed with laundry lately??? Ayiyi -- it seems that I am either: (a) constantly doing laundry; (b) folding clothes or have baskets full of clean clothes to fold; or (c) trying to put the clean stuff away. And, it seems like we have an awful lot of laundry for not that many people. I'm blaming it on summertime -- pool time = more wet towels and swimsuits. Hot, humid weather (and it's here now, believe me) = more changes of clothes and then there's the work clothes and "other clothes" -- something always either needs to be washed or ironed --[does anybody iron anymore?] ugh! Here it is getting late on Sunday evening, and I'm taking a little bloggy break before folding a couple baskets of clean clothes. Then the baskets will sit around for a day or two before it gets put away . . . which may not happen until I need the baskets for more dirty clothes. Such fun! Ok, break over -- back to the laundry. More exciting posts to follow --- stay tuned.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dear Pool Moms and Dads,

How are you? Say, you're looking fab in your swimsuit and cover-up! I know you were at the pool so that your kids could enjoy it on such a hot day which is a super good idea!! I had the very same plan! And here's another suggestion --- watch and/or (and I know this is a shocking thought) -- play with your kid at the pool! I like kids, I really do . . . or I wouldn't have had 3 myself. But, I really don't want to watch and play with your kid. I have my own little darling to keep an eye on, and I want to play with her. Oh sure, I'll play a little and encourage your child who keeps telling me to "watch this" and "throw that to me", but wouldn't YOU rather be the one having fun at the pool with YOUR kid!

And hey, you parents [Moms] standing there in the big pool, is a little splashing going to make you disappear or wreck your "do??" I can so relate as I have about the worst hair imaginable. If it gets wet -- watch out -- it's scary!! So, guess what -- I wear a hat at the pool and hide it (yes, I am brilliant, aren't I!). I am sorry that Maddy splashed you a little bit when she was practicing her swimming!! But excuse me, if you don't expect to get a little wet, get out of the pool. And please don't give my sweet girl a dirty look for splashing a teensy bit of water. She's doing what you're supposed to do in a swimming pool . . . swimming!!! Listen, when I got wacked on the side of the head with a pool diving stick thingy that was flying a bit erratically, did I get all pissy with the little girl that did it???? No, I did not. It didn't hurt, it just surprised me and she didn't mean to hit me with it (at least I don't think she did). Her Mom apologized up and down and I told her to forget about it, it was no big deal at all. So, the lesson to be learned today is -- have fun at the pool, expect to get wet and wear a hat if needed!! That's all now, let's go enjoy some lovely pool time, shall we!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

An Ode to Mr. Tennis

Update -- well, he didn't have the surgery after all -- little issue with his blood work, so he will be re-scheduling it at some point in the future. Thank you all for your prayers and concern.

On Tuesday, July 1st, my sweet hub a/k/a Mr. Tennis, will become somewhat of a bionic man. Yep, that's right .. . he's having right hip replacement surgery. He's such a great guy and wonderful father -- I hate for him to have been in such pain from that darn bad hip! He told me last week that he's "excited" (yes, he said excited) about the surgery. Wow -- you know he's been feeling bad to be excited about having his hip replaced. It's actually been really bothering him for at least the last four years.

Up until recently, just the last year or so, he ignored it and kept up with his tennis, golf, gardening and household projects. But, it became too painful and he quit playing tennis and golf --his fav sports. And, the pain and discomfort has kept him from doing some of the fun stuff with the fam. He can't wait to feel better so that he can go bike-riding on the bicycle built for two with Maddy, take her swimming again or for a walk, teach the boys how to do home-improvement projects. He's really young to have a hip replaced, but he has a congenital problem contributing to it along with degenerative arthritis. We're looking forward to a speedy recovery! Here's some photos of the great guy in our house that we call Mr. Tennis!! And isn't he handsome!?!! If you're so inclined, please say a prayer for him and send all healing thoughts our way. Love you honey -- feel better soon!

Showing Maddy how to ride a pony at the zoo! Look at what a little bug she was then!