Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

[Our zoo director and the cutest ladybug ever!]

Whoa --we've been having the most fabulous fall weather ever!!
The entire month of October has been so lovely -- cool in the mornings, warm during the day - not too much rain, though a bit windy at times, but I'm not complaining!
Last year, Halloween was nearly cancelled due to the cold weather,
so we are really enjoying this reprieve . . . and hope it continues! :)

On Friday, Maddy and I ventured out to our local "Boo at the ZOO" for some trick or treating fun with lots of friends that we just haven't met yet -- i.e., it was crowded!
Luckily, we went early and are members, so sailed through!
The costumes on the candy-givers were so cool!

[Husker cheerleaders -- so pretty and sweet!]

It was a blast! What could possibly be more fun? Well, the parking lot was packed, so we parked at an alternate location and got to take a shuttle bus!!!! Oh my -- it reminded someone of Disney** and made her (and me) wish we had a trip planned there too!

[Do you recognize the Nescafe bunny? He gave out chocolate milk!]

Happy Halloween! Beware - Ladybugs can be scary!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Calling All Squirrels!

I didn't really mean to call every squirrel in the neighborhood to a feast at my house, but that's just what happened yesterday. Maddy and I collected some adorable little gourds and pumpkins at a recent trip to the pumpkin patch. Since our flower pots were empty, we decided to fill them up with the pumpkins and gourds. Don't they look so cute?

Yes?! Well, that lasted less than a day! The squirrels are evidently starving!

So, I refilled and put the larger pumpkin in there. Looked so cute and fallish! You could see the touch of fall colors even from the street! While I was patting myself on the back for such great work, more squirrels evidently invited themselves over and absolutely demolished my hard work! I would show you a photo of the desecration, but it was too horrible and gross to even photograph! Time to buy the fake stuff and put that out, though in the past, squirrels have eaten that too. Have no idea why they are so hungry, there are only about 5,000,000 acorns in the yard that they are welcome to chomp on and haul away!

[What a great little raker -- I hated to tell her that it would be the first of many times we will be raking!]

Maddy has wondered why we don't put pumpkins out early -- now she knows!! We are enjoying the trees turning color. We love this tree and visit it daily so Maddy can pick up leaves it has dropped. Soon, they will all be on the ground!

We love fall -- it's what comes after that we don't like so much!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Missing Mojo!

I seem to have misplaced my blogging mojo lately. Please forgive me if I haven't read or commented on your blog. For one thing, my computer is from the dark ages and so incredibly SLOW!

Plus, to tell the truth, I've been feeling a wee bit stressssed lately [see, I couldn't even spell stressed right!]. I'm a worrier!! Worry about this and that and so many things right now. My head aches, my neck and shoulders are tense and hurt and I can't sleep past 3 or 4 am nearly every day. Well, I usually do fall back asleep finally around 5:15 am and then the alarm goes off at 5:45! Time to get up -- ugh!

I really need to remember and repeat daily, no . . . make that hourly, one of my favorite Chinese proverbs: "Worry doesn't empty tomorrow of its problems. It empties today of its strength."

Already I feel better [thanks for listening] and in attempt to get my mojo back, I thought, how about a post about nothing really? Wow -- that sounds interesting, doesn't it? :) Hmmm -- wasn't there a slightly successful tv show in the past about nothing!
So, here goes with some things I've really been liking lately:

Love this hat, but don't have the guts to wear it though
I totally need it to hide my hair and dark circles under my eyes!
I think you have to be a bit younger than me to pull off a cool hat like this!

These are Maddy's school shoes! Aren't they the most adorable ever? Little Nike Mary Jane's!! I searched for my size. But, bummer -- they don't come in adult sizes.

I love love love this rolled-paper wreath. I saw it on some blogs last year. Please forgive me if you're the blogger whose photo I borrowed. It's my inspiration!

I hope to make one myself this year!

Ready for storms and power outages with all these lovely candlesticks and candles!

Isn't that chunky little mercury glass candle holder cute?

How about those little bottles? Adorable!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Husker Kind of Day

[These two cuties had other commitments and couldn't
help with our volunteer work this time.]

Last Saturday, the town was hopping!
It was a Husker Football "Wear Red Around the World" Saturday!

[Carson & Kamree]

Some time ago, my friend Jodee and I were chatting about doing some volunteer work with our kiddos. Just so happens that in addition to it being a Husker football Saturday, it was "Huskers Helping the Homeless" Saturday. Maddy was going to do it along with us, but a birthday party changed her plans and she couldn't make it this year.

[Jodee and Carson]

We found our assigned location close to campus and thought it was kind of tough spot -- away from most of the pedestrian traffic going to the game. However, little Miss Kamree was such a cutie-pie holding out the money jugs and using her itty-bitty voice, that we pulled in some cash fairly quickly!! She was so funny and everyone loved her!

No one could resist that cute little face!

And, we were happy to be able to help the Matt Talbot Kitchen with their very worthwhile cause and assist their important work in our community.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Fun!

Whoa -- fall is such a busy time of year, isn't it!

I know we're trying to fit every little thing in, especially outside activities, before the wind turns really cold and the snow falls. Funny -- last year at this time, we had snow! Yes, snow! That was the start of a really long, cold and snowy winter.
We are hoping that history does not repeat itself and, so far, so good!

We live in a great neighborhood and every year, we have a fall block party.
It is so fun to see the neighbors and chat with the ones from down the block
that we don't get to see very often.
Everyone brings a dish and we all chip in for burgers, dogs and brats.
The desserts are always my favorite -- yeah, you're surprised by that, right!?!
Anyway, the get-together was last Sunday and, once again, a blast!

[Hamburger Cake - YUM!]

There was a sidewalk chalk contest and a giant pinata too! Holy smokes --
it took forever to beat that thing open!
Truly, it was almost too cute to subject to the beating,
but the kids wanted the candy, so after many, many tries, it finally broke open.

[Sweet pinata -- loads and loads of candy in there!]

And, of course, we have been really busy studying!
Math and timed tests are really trying to beat Maddy down this year.
But, we know that she will conquer it!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Not Your Average Pumpkin

I like doing crafts, I really do, but I don't have a lot of time to devote to them. Also, I am a bit of a messy crafter (there -- I admitted it). Plus, I often already have enough stuff around without adding crafting paraphernalia to the mix!

Anywhoo, I recently saw a ribbon pumpkin on another blog -- sorry, I'm not sure which one. Theirs was a bit different as I generally take the easy way on craft projects. Get a little ribbon, terrifically tacky tape, a scissors and a fake pumpkin and you're all set for this project!

Maddy and I are making one for each of her teachers. Nothing like a little brown-nosing of the teachers, eh?!! Oh stop, I'm kidding -- we like to do nice things and give surprises out -- esp. to teachers!

I love how it turned out. Guess what -- pumpkins and ribbon are currently on sale at your local favorite hobby store! Ribbon pumpkins for everyone!!