Thursday, May 31, 2018

Brunch for Mother's Day!

One of my favorite ways to celebrate 
Mother's Day is to have brunch 
with the family!
No cooking for this Momma!
This year, we ended up having two brunches . . . 
am I lucky or what!

Connor, moi and Maddie

Philip and his family couldn't make it to the first
one, so we went to brunch again the next
weekend to celebrate with them.

Mr. Tennis, aka The Rickster, Maddie, me and Connor -
doesn't my hair look good - even with that tree growing out of my head!

I know I'm not the best cook -- but really -- doesn't
brunch prepared by someone else always taste fabulous!

And don't even get me started on Mimosas!
Love, Love, Love!
Why yes, I do believe I had 3 Mimosas at Mother's Day Brunch.
One to celebrate each child, of course!

And later, another favorite way to celebrate
a visit to the zoo with Maddie and a wee little nap!
Could it be that the 3 Mimosas made me a little sleepy???

Philip, Jane, Harry, Walt, Catherine and Dorothy

It was a fabulous Mother's Day and
wonderful celebrations.
I am blessed to have such a wonderful

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Bye Bye Sophomore Year!

Soooo, sophomore year in high school is finito -- finished, all done, bye bye!
Her big smile says it all - doesn't it!
She's ready for summer!

And What a Year it's Been!
A few of the highlights . . . 

Cheering at all the Reserve and JV Games!
Doing tons and tons of homework.
Figuring out Quizlet and how to use it to help
prepare for tests!
Using the MathElf app!
Getting a driver's license!
Driving to School!
Celebrating at Scooters!
Easter at DisneyWorld!
Being my No. 1 Sweet Daughter!

Here she was in 2010 after finishing 2nd grade!


Sleepy mornings, summer schedules, pool time
here she comes!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Another Milestone - Driving!!

We hit another milestone recently!
Maddie got her driver's license and is driving back
and forth to school . . .
all by herself!!

Her first car - handed down from her brothers.
Oh my word - that first day she left home to 
drive to school, I wanted to jump in the car
and follow her to make sure she got there ok.
Actually, I wanted Mr. Tennis to drive in front of her 
and me behind her to provide a somewhat
protective bubble of safety!
Every day, I say a prayer to keep her safe as she drives away.

After school on that first day (well, every day to tell the truth),
I wait outside in front of the house to see her driving 
up our street. 
 The first day it seemed that her
drive home was taking longer than I thought it would.
I was checking my watch and iPhone for any messages and
then I saw the Big Red Jeep headed down our street.
She had stopped at Scooter's to buy a celebratory Frap!  :)

2015 Jeep Patriot
Yes, she is driving the Big Red Jeep (we love that car)
and I'm driving a new/used Jeep Patriot.
Love the Jeep brand.  I tried a few others,
but felt most comfortable in a jeep!
She's doing great!
Happy Driving!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Fun Fotos on a Friday!

Happy Friday!!

I'm interrupting my own series of posts about WDW to
post a couple of FUN FRIDAY FOTOS!

Yesterday when the weather was perfect, 
Maddie and I headed out to a fave foto location.
Sometimes we just like to take pictures!
So, I had her imitate Gaston 
(from Beauty and the Beast, you know)
so we could compare it with the one we took at WDW!

We got some funny looks when we took that one at WDW!
But, I guess it was a sort of a clever idea as other park visitors
immediately started imitating us and doing the exact same photo!

And a laughing photo  because . . . obviously, we crack ourselves up!  :)

Happy Mother's Day friends!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Where We Stayed at WDW and My Hair!

More on the spring break trip to Orlando!

Isn't it so pretty!
I know you've all been waiting on a report on how my hair fared 
in hot and usually humid Florida!
Guess what -- it wasn't too humid when we were there!
What a shocker!
Stay tuned for a photo at the end of this post!

We haven't stayed at this resort before - 
Port Orleans Riverside. 
 It's a BIG resort.  
My great planning (and pure luck)
resulted in our getting a room not too far from the main 
buildings and food court, close to a quiet pool AND
close to a bus stop (very, very important) for rides
to the park and back again.

Horse drawn carriage rides!
Of course, my worries about my hair were mostly unfounded!
My hair was not perfect, it never is -- but it was
way better than I ever imagined it would be for Florida!
And you know - I'm always thinking about and/or worried about my hair.

Yes, I did wear a Minnie Mouse headband
I am a goofball, after all! :)

Look at how perfect my hair looks!!!