Thursday, June 27, 2013

I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream For . . .

No, not ice cream --
Frozen yogurt!
Maddy has found her calling -- froyo!!  She loves it!
And I think the extra calcium is giving her a big growth spurt!
She's gotten a lot taller since we discovered the place
(now, where is the measuring ruler when I need it?).
So, if you're looking for us just about any evening --
you can find us at the local
Cherry On Top frozen yogurt store!
Love the free samples,
the froyo and the yummy toppings. 
She's already planning to work there for
her first job! :) 
Bonus for me - Starbuck*s is right next door
so I can feed my cake pop addiction!  :)


Monday, June 24, 2013

More Father's Day

I'm just a week (or more) behind in blogging --
Sorry about that.  I hope to catch up soon!!
So, on Father's Day, we made the trek to Panera
again for a souffle! 
 Learning our lesson from Mother's Day,
we arrived even earlier and yes, we scored!! 
 SO. Very. Yummy!
If you have not had one yet,
run - do not walk - do not pass go -
run to Panera in the morning and try one! 
Yes, Mr. Tennis wants me to attempt to make them myself.
However, I have only recently mastered the home version
of egg mcmuffin, so do not plan to attempt a souffle any time soon!
Maddy and I had already planned a mini-golf outing for Father's Day
so we went right after Panera and were some of the first golfers there.
So nice as it was not crowded at all!
Maddy made her first hole-in-one! 
After golf, we went to a favorite hangout for Mr. Tennis-
Walmart!!  Yes, seriously!
Muffy got him a bag of her favorite doggie treats!
Later, we showered him with gifts! 
Hershey kisses that I may or may not have already eaten,
a Blue-ray dvd player, a movie and a new shirt!
Look -- we recyled grocery bags for wrapping paper
 and a
starbucks frappucino bottle (Hershey kisses inside)
 -- aren't we green! :)
It was a fabulous day celebrating a very fabulous Dad,
Mr. Tennis!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

My Dad and Me - Favorite Photo Friday!

As usual, I am a wee bit late posting a photo of
 me and my Dad, Al,
in honor of Father's Day!
As you may have guessed, this photo is a
few [many]
years old!

Guess I am making this post about me instead of
Al -- who will turn 90 in August!
Seeing this photo really made me smile!
Al (he loves it when I call him Al, which is most of the time!). 
used to sneak me little juice glasses of beer when
I was young and sitting with him in the kitchen while my Mom made dinner!  :)
He worked so hard for our family --
we love him so!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Grand Time!

Earlier this month, I was able to spend some special time with
 the littles, aka my grandkids, Janie and Walt! 
My son and his wife went on a little getaway for a few days and left me in charge!!
Bring out the Hershey kisses-- Mimi's in the house! :)
Me --  What?  You're Leaving? 
In case you're wondering,
Janie is 3 already and Walt is 2 -- such fun and busy ages!
I was a little nervous to be left on my own -- but my daughter-in-law
is super organized, efficient and left home-made meals for us!
Plus the kiddos are on a great schedule and routine.

Don't tell his parents -- I only finger-combed his hair for 3 days!

We went to the park, played outside on the slide, did loads of paints,
watched a few Thomas the Train episodes and . . .
Miss Janie learned how to go potty!! 
Yay Janie!! 
 She did fabulous and earned lots of little incentive rewards along the way.
I attempted to show Walt the potty too,
but he said NO in a very big voice. 
Your turn next time Buddy!
Artist Janie at Work

Probably one of the reasons Janie was so excited to go potty was to
see me do the "Elaine" dance! :)
That put a big smile on her face!
I admit that I did have a Billy Crystal "Parental Guidance" moment
when I couldn't get Walt's car seat unbuckled and almost had to hoist the seat out. 
Instead, I pulled the poor little guy out through the top of the straps. 
And then we never got in the car again!
So happy to have been able to help Philip and Catherine
have a little break before their new baby arrives in August. 
If it's a girl, they promised to let me name her in payment for working with Janie! 
Kidding --
but that's a good idea, isn't it! 
Being in Omaha for a few days with the littles,
you know who I really missed 
(besides Mr. Tennis and Maddy, of course)
 was my Mom. 
I just know she would love to be around the littles. 
She was so proud of all of her grandkids and would adore her great-grands too!
I think of her and miss her every single day.
Love you Mom.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Pool is Open!

We have had one, count 'em, one -- hot and sunny day since school got out
 and . . .
luckily, it just happened to be a day we spent at the pool!

the lifeguards told me the glare off my white legs was so blinding,
 I won't be allowed back until I get a spray tan!!

Making that appointment soon!!
At least one of us looks good at the pool! :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

We Went to the Zoo!

I don't know how it happened    . . .
but I seem to be a bit behind schedule and
so, am finally just now posting
about our celebration of little Walt's
2nd birthday and Mother's Day!
Actually -- let's blame the stormy weather.
The month of May and early June
was thundery, rainy and even tornadic
around here, so we had to reschedule.
Peek-a-boo Mr. Gorilla!
Anyway, little
Mr. Adorable Walt
turned 2 on May 19!!
Almost everyone is looking at the camera!
Oh my word, he is simply the spitting image of
his Dad as a kiddo!! 
Couldn't you just pinch those little cheeks!
We started our celebration at the Omaha
Henry Doorly Zoo -- one of the top
zoos in the country!!
The male lion roared at us!!
And wow -- what a roar!!
Then his wife came over and gave him a nudge as if
to say:
"Dear, we have company,
please stop the roaring!"
And then he stopped and just paced!
Loved the bears and monkeys and
gorillas and we must go back
to see more and ride
the fun Skyfari!!
It's so nice to have a big sister to help open gifts!
More partying at Walt's place with
pizza, cake and cookies!
Have a wonderful year Walt --
isn't it fun being 2!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Deja Vu -- Tennis Again!

It's time for some summer sports and activities,
don't you agree!

Starting tennis in 2009!
Maddy has been learning/playing tennis on and off since 2009.
Oh my word - cuteness overload
with those missing front teeth!

2013 - Taller and more teeth- but still with that sweet big smile!

She just started tennis again -- every morning from 9 - 10 am.
It's been loads of fun . . . except for numerous rain-outs --
seriously -- what IS with the weather lately?
First one on the courts!
We're hoping for another State Tennis Champ! :)
Not really -- but that would be nice!
We just want her to have a sport for life
besides bicycle-riding that she enjoys.
Tennis may be just the thing . . .
or maybe hula hooping! :)