Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Friday Night Lights Report!

I know you've all been waiting for the cheer
report for the first Friday Nights football game, haven't you???
It happened last Friday and it was not only the first home
football game, but it was also Homecoming!
The freshie cheerleaders cheered along with the JV and Varsity
for the first half of the game!
Can I be the first to report
they were . . . 
Fabulous! Adorable! Spirited! Incredibly Cute!
I'm not biased, at all! :)

Back row - 2nd from left
Prior to the game, the school had a "tailgate" 
(sorry, no beer or alcohol, of course!)
with  food and bouncy houses and cotton candy
for littler fans!

My sons and Philip's family both came to the game and my 
cousin's daughter did too!  
She recently moved to our fair city after she graduated
from law school and is clerking
for the Supreme Court Justice.  
We are so happy to get to know her better!

So, cheering at various sports has started!
This week she's cheering at softball and volleyball; next week tennis and football!
Miss M has a very busy schedule as does her driver!  
It's all good -- we are having so much fun!


P.S.  The Bolts won that first home game - 31-13!


Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

OK, Maddy looks adorable! I love that bow. So grown up...I swear, when you only see kids through the blogging lens, it makes it all the more striking to see how they're changing. I prefer to pretend my kids aren't growing up at all, and that I can make time stand still. :)

Jenny Leong said...

Maddy is growing up too fast! She exudes a joyful exuberance. Cheering you on, Maddy!!

Billie Jo said...

How wonderful!!!
She looks like she had soooo much fun!
Enjoy this time, my friend. : j

Madison Marie said...

Hi, Janet! Just checked out your blog - it is so nice :) Maddy is a beautiful girl! What an exciting time in her life - starting high school and cheerleading! I was a football cheerleader for several years. It seems just like yesterday :) xoxo

Jodee said...

What a fun year for Maddy! I love cheer!