Friday, September 30, 2016

Purple is Not Really My Fave Color

Although I like the color purple, it's not a color
I wear very often!
But . . . 
it is currently featured big on my left eye and face!
Shortly after the accident
Holy smokes -- I've got a shiner!
Some of you have already seen it on FB, but for those
who haven't, I thought I'd share on the blog too.

Really getting purple!
It happened due to a weird little accident!
I had a run-in with a ladder!
Yes, I actually ran into a ladder sticking out of the
flatbed of a truck that was parked in a place it
shouldn't have been.  I wasn't watching where I was 
walking and walked right into the bottom of the ladder!
It hit both sides of my face, but the left side much harder!
It immediately swelled up so much that my eye nearly swelled shut,
so I went to an Urgent Care
to make sure I didn't break a facial bone.
I didn't break anything and luckily I didn't poke my eye out!
So, here's your PSA for this week -- 
watch where you're walking!

Guess what -- parent/teacher conferences at high school
were on the schedule for the day after the accident!
I scared every teacher and all the other parents at school with
my black eye!
At least Maddy's teachers and the school principal will remember me!
Yes, I made quite the impression!

Have a great weekend and
be careful out there!


Jenny Leong said...

Ouch~~looks painful. Trusting the area will heal quickly! Take it easy.

Laurie said...

I think the PSA should be to park where you're supposed to park! :( You poor thing- but hey, at least you're memorable at school- ha! :) No more wearing purple for you! :(

Billie Jo said...

Bless your soul!!!!
Hope it's healing quickly!

Kelli said...

Oh my goodness! Praying for quick healing.

Jill said...

Oh my that sure looks painful! Hope you are feeling better soon!!! Take care.


Jodee said...

What a crazy accident! I am wishing you a super speedy recovery!

P.S. The teachers probably thought you were a few days early for Halloween! LOL

Lisa said...

tell the were texting and walking??? LOL. Poor you. Hope it is fading by now