Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This and That -- Update

Oh my -- I seem to have a bit of blogger's block lately.
I have lots of little posts swimming around in my head,
but haven't had a chance to actually write any, so . . .
how about a bullet-point update!?

  • A Move Will Do You Good! Connor has moved into an apt now. While we loved having him at home, I knew that he wanted to be out on his own. We are barrels of laughs, but after living away from home, it's hard to move back to the family house again. He found a great apt and is really enjoying being in our downtown/Haymarket area. Maddy asked him when she and I could have a sleepover at his apt?!!! He laughed -- somehow, I don't think that will happen any time soon!

  • Change of Name! Mr. Tennis has now become Mr. Candidate!! Woohoo -- yes! He is running for Lancaster County Attorney. If you live in Lancaster County, please remember to vote on Nov. 2nd and vote for the Rickster. I can vouch for his honesty, hard work ethic, legal knowledge and his all-around "good guyness" not to mention, he is very handsome! Yard sign anyone??

  • School Report! Third grade is harder than second grade! Oh yes, we are finding that out very fast! Homework is every single night -- well, except Friday, that is. I pick her up from school on Mon/Wed/Fri and had thought she probably didn't want me to wait at the door for her since she's in 3rd grade and all. But, she told me she'd really like me to meet her there so we can walk together to the car! So sweet AND she still holds my hand! It's the little things that make this Mom's heart jump for joy!

  • Muffy News! Miss Muffy, our little Scottie girl, is doing great. She LOVES being the boss at puppy daycare. I'm not sure how the other puppies feel about that, but she's the boss, so they better just get used to it. Gotta love terriers and their feisty personalities. She sleeps in her little kennel at night (yay) and enjoys chomping on rawhide chews when she's not hiding them in the yard.


Kim K. said...

I love all the updates. We found 3rd grade was the year of "homework" at our house too. How sweet that Maddie still lets you hold her hand and is excited to see you at school. I love that about Josie. I hope it never ever goes away. I swear I cant' let Emma see this post. Your scottie dog is just too darn cute and I'm constantly reminded that I'm the "mean" one because I keep saying "no" to the dog request.

Gail said...

Love your post Janet, I've had a bit of a blogging block too. Best of luck to Mr. Tennis aka Mr. Candidate and hope he wins the election. I'd take a yard sign, but don't think that would help him much.

I've 'heard' that 3rd grade does have more homework too. So far this year, Miss Grace hasn't had too much thankfully. She actually enjoys doing it.

Muffy is adorable!!!

Laurie said...

I love the bullet point updates- I do them all the time! Good luck to your hubby in the election- that's pretty exciting! :)

Laura L. said...

A great update! Oh, Miss Muffy is too cute. Her fur looks so fluffy. It's really kind of funny that she's pretty feisty at daycare. :)

Good luck to your husband! I hope he wins. Of course we'd take a sign, but well it wouldn't be a big help. My husband loves helping out candidates with signs. He'd be only too happy to help.

That's really great that Maddy still wants you to hold her hand and walk her to the car. Sweet!

Missy said...

Good luck to Mr. Tennis!!! I hope he wins! I would proudly display a yard sign if I lived close. Keep us posted! I know your son is happy to have his own pad. Many days, I wish I had mine :) As for more homework in 3rd grade, well, yes I agree. I am finding my students aren't finishing their daily work and have to take it home. It's an adjustment. I love that Maddy still wants to hold your hand!!! I miss those days :(
Love your pup!

Courtney said...

Loved hearing all the updates. Third grade is a big change from second grade. Good luck with the election.

Jodee Leader said...

I enjoyed your bullet point update and, of course, we will take a yard sign! Go Mr. Tennis!

Lucy said...

So fun to catch up with you, I've been out of the loop lately on the blogs. Good luck to Mr. Tennis, sure hope he wins! Love your house by the way, very pretty! :)
Maddy sure is a cute 3rd grader. I'm not sure how I'm going to feel about all that homework. On Magnolia's first day we got an assignment...among so many things we have to do throughout the year. I never expected this in preschool!!! :)
Take care and happy fall!

Love Letters To China said...

I too have heard 3rd grade is quite a change from the previous years. My daughter has homework every night (2nd grade), but I've been told it will really be quite a bit more next year.

Good luck on the election! What crazy yet exciting times going on in your world.

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Love that Miss Muffy! so cute. Blair is getting his scottie on October 1st. He is very excited.

I wish Mr. Candidate the best!

You are your girl are adorable.


Lisa said...

good luck Mr. Candidate!! And yes, 3rd grade is much harder than second, I can vouch for that!!

Kim said...

Hello! I enjoyed catching up. I LOVE the picture of you and Maddy you are both beautiful! Happy Connor found a place and GO RICKSTER! Have a great weekend!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Well if I lived in Lancaster County, I would definitely vote for Mr. Tennis:) I hope he wins the big election.....keep us posted!

Yep..third grade was a tough year for us....not quite as easy as first or second grade. I am sure Miss Maddy will have a great year....it is just tough that first quarter to get in the swing of things.

LOL...somehow I have a hard time believing that sweet little Muffy could boss other pups around.

enjoy your weekend~



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Seattlemom said...

Did Mr. Tennis win?? The puppy...oh my so sweet. Hubs isn't buying any pleas from anyone around here about any more children, puppies, rabbits or horses....and not necessarily in that order (altho' I"ll admit the kid-plea is no longer a topic ! ha).... such a lovely lovely family.