Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The AG Experience

When I first saw the letters "AG"  I thought . . .
Attorney General?
Ha ha ha -- that's what a legal background does to a person!
But no, I'm talking about American Girl!
And really, we could not go to Chicago without a
visit to the AG store! 
We actually visited the store
several times. 
I tagged this visit to Chicago as
 "Our Shopping Tour"!
 Mickey Mouse also attended the AG lunch
Months ago, I booked a lunch there for us as I figured it might the
last time she wanted to go to lunch there with me. 
Being 11-1/2, her AG years may be numbered,
so had to take advantage of her continuing love for American Girl!
Oh my goodness --
they do know how to do lunch at American Girl!
It was so fun and sweet! 
Maddy took along her "looks like me" doll
aka "Little Maddy." 
Both Maddys really enjoyed the lunch
and shopping a bit.
We were tempted to get a new doll, but
 the thought of getting the
box and all onto the crowded airplane made us re-think it,
so we opted for a t-shirt for big and little Maddy.
Maddy says it was one of her favorite things about Chicago!
Mine too!!


Love Letters To China said...

I remember the first time Natalie visited an AG store. What a magical experience. I wish those days didn't end so quickly. I think our days are numbered too. She now wants clothes for xmas not toys. :-(

So glad you had such an amazing visit to Chicago. It really one of my favorites.


Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

I hate it when the days are numbered and the kiddy experiences go away! Looks like you guys had a fun shopping trip.

Gail said...

I know what you mean about days being numbered as far as AG dolls. Grace still plays with them but she isn't asking for any new ones, even as her birthday is fast approaching.

Chicago is my favorite city ever, so happy you love it. I can tell you enjoyed your visit!

Courtney said...

What a fun day. We just had a new AG store open in Columbus, but Madison is still too young to really soak up the experience. It makes me sad that kids grow up so fast.

Musings from Kim K. said...

Emma adored her American Girl doll...sigh. She recently packed away all her accessories and dolls for her daughter one day. Makes me tear-up thinking about it. I don't see any AG in Josie's future. She's still all legos and superheros. The boys love her.

Lisa said...

what a good mom. hope mickey wasn't mad he didn't get a shirt

Jodee said...

We love the American Girl Store too and I must hear all about the lunch! What a fun vacation!