Wednesday, May 24, 2017

School's Out -- Freshman Year is in the Books!

Let's have a hip-hip-hooray for the end of the
school year!  Yippee!

It was a busy year for Miss Mads and as you all know, freshman year is
a huge adjustment!
Managing classes, homework, studying and cheerleading all
kept her very busy.
Add to that her new love of tap dancing (once a week lessons), guitar (weekly lessons) 
and her burgeoning sewing business -- that girl had it going on!
As she would say about homework -- the struggle is/was real! 
And she made it through!
Finals ended this morning!

Her summer looks bright with cheer practices starting
in full gear in July again.
So, the month of June will most likely be devoted to having her wisdom teeth removed, 
working on an online PE walking class and  her
sewing business.
Her sewing skills are exploding!  She is improving and trying new projects.
She watched a you-tube tutorial and sewed up
the infinity scarf in the photo for me
for Mother's Day and promptly borrowed it for photos! :)

Of course, her main sewing business remains doggie bandanas!
I'm so proud of all her hard work -- she's sold around 280 bandanas
since the end of January!
There are some stylin pups out there!  :)

Mr. Tennis and I are super proud of her and all her determination
and hard work during freshman year!
Way to go Miss M!


Billie Jo said...

Congratulations to your lovely daughter!!!!
So many accomplishments!
Can't wait to join you all for cheer again in the Fall!

Saimi said...

You do have a beautiful daughter and a talented one at that! Such a wonderful scarf and a great gift now every time you wear it it will be like she's giving you a hug. Love when the school year comes to an end, vacations and holidays are my favorite, have you guessed I work in a school district haha.

Have a great weekend saw you over at Billie Jo's and thought I stop by and say HI!

Jodee said...

Wow! You both made it! That was a wild and crazy, but fun, year! Hope you have a great summer!