Monday, July 17, 2017

Always Be Yourself . . . or Be a Unicorn!

As Maddy says -- 
"Always be Yourself unless you can be a 
Unicorn, then
Always be a Unicorn!"
Words of wisdom from my favorite teenager!
Pretty magical, right! :)

We've been loving the rather large
floatys that are around this year
and the unicorn is definitely our favorite 
. . . 
so far! :)

With the extreme heat and humidity we've 
been enjoying,
the pool is the place to be with a floaty
and maybe a root beer float too!


Lisa said...

enjoy the summer! It goes by too fast

Jodee said...

I love that floaty and we can't wait to join you this weekend too! Bring on the fun and sun!

Billie Jo said...

This post is the embodiment of summer!!!

PattyK said...

Love the floaty and the float!! :)