Wednesday, February 26, 2014



Sounds crazy, right?
But wait . . . 

"From a fossil bed 60 million years old comes the largest
snake in the world -- Titanoboa!  Measuring 48 feet long and weighing up to 2,500 pounds,
this massive predator could crush and devour a crocodile!!!"

Seriously people -- this Smithsonian exhibit 
(yes, I am name-dropping here)
 is in Lincoln, Nebraska!
Get out your maps or GPS and head out here!
It is amazing!

Maddy and I went to Morrill Hall 
(one of Lincoln's secret treasures) last Sunday
to see the Titanoba reptile and
also visit the "Sunday With a Scientist" exhibit.

It was cold, but there was a line out the door, down the stairs
and down the block!

And when you went inside, you found out why --
What an incredible massive creature!
You know how they said it could eat a crocodile (see above),
they stuffed a crocodile in its mouth to show how Titany did it.

And Sunday with a Scientist (a monthly program)
- how cool is that?
I know, now you all want to move to Nebraska, right??
Holy cow -- we saw and touched a 50-pound, 12-foot yellow python (alive)
and a 40-pound, 12-foot red-tailed boa (also alive)!

We love that museum -- it is so fun
to go there and see the animal exhibits and Nebraksy stuff.

Maddy with some foxes

Just as I feared,
after seeing that gigantic snake, I had a nightmare
the other night that Titanoboa moved into my backyard!!  


Musings from Kim K. said...

I think I'd have nightmares after seeing the size of that snake! That's creepy and fascinating all at the same time!!! Cool pics. Josie and I are looking at these together this morning before school.

starnes family said...

That is so awesome. I'd be all over it!

Lisa said...


Lisa said...