Thursday, August 3, 2017

What a Character!

When we first began visiting Disney World,
our main goal was seeing Princesses!
We had breakfast with Cinderella in the castle
the first year Maddy and I went to DisneyWorld!
[Wish I could find a photo - I think she was only 4 that year!]

Beautiful Mulan with Maddy - May 2011

While we still love seeing a Princess when we can,
we get so excited to see some other 
characters as well!

Yikes -- it's Chewy!!
One year, we caught sight of Chip and Dale and
we both took off in a sprint to get in
line for a quick autograph and photo!
My sister and her daughter were with us and just rolled their eyes!
We were serious - we had to meet Chip and Dale!

We saw Chip again this year at breakfast at Garden Grove --
best breakfast with characters ever!
Chip and Maddy at breakfast!

Characters are definitely part of the magic of Disney!
Am I right?!!!  Of course, I am!  :)

Love Pluto's dog tag, don't you!
If you can't read it, it says:
"If found, please return to Mickey Mouse"

We simply cannot go to Disney without meeting Mickey
somewhere -- this year, it was Farmer Mickey!

And we even saw one of our favorite characters from Maddy's
toddler days -- Doc McStuffins!!

We definitely were feeling the magic with the characters!
Most were characters
 we had never seen or been able to get a photo with on other trips!

Yes, we are goofballs, and we do love Disney!!!


Billie Jo said...

One MUST meet as many Disney characters as possible when in DisneyWorld!
It's a rule, right?!
Love the photos, my friend. : )

PattyK said...

Just LOVE your blog, Janet!!

Jodee said...

We loved meeting the characters too. However, most were too busy to chat! LOL

Lisa said...

great memories and photos!